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Advice For Biden Admin: Ignore All Subpoena & Doc Requests From The New MAGA-Corrupted GOP House

       "Just think, we'll be able to go after the bums that jailed these patriots!"

"Two years after Donald Trump incited an insurrection at the Capitol in a desperate bid to remain in power, the Republican-controlled House is making moves that read strongly as winking encouragement not just to the people who rioted that day, but to anyone who would follow in their footsteps." - Amanda Marcotte, Two Years After January 6, the House Speaker Fight May Be Encouraging More Domestic Terrorism

LA Times,  McCarthy Speaker in Name Only, p. A2, today

Following the gob smacking chaos of the past week in the House and McCarthy's capitulation to the MAGA, pro-insurrection extremists, it is now clear what the Biden Administration must do:  Blow off every single subpoena issued by this band of renegades, misfits and traitors.  That includes any demands for members of the administration to appear before their clown circus Judiciary Committee run by insurrectionist collaborator and Trump 'bestie' Jim Jordan.

Don't get me wrong. I am generally all for following the rule of law and abiding by settled norms. But not when it comes to giving in to traitor sympathizers - as the MAGA GOP House tribe is - or cooperating in the atrocity of undermining governance and national security. Or in this case submitting to the whacked out demands of an insurrectionist-supporting cult that has just succeeded in gaining control over the House of Representatives thanks to the cowardice of the new Speaker.  

Thanks to the weak weasel McCarthy, the MAGA election denying, insurrectionist cult has gained de facto control of the House. This is via McCarthy's concessions for MAGA cult members to be on key committees. These reprobates also made it clear they intend to take down the January 6th committee, rejecting its findings and holding its own witch hunt predicated on a bogus investigation of "weaponization of government".  Transl.   The DOJ making those who carried out the January 6th insurrection accountable for their traitorous, seditious actions.

All of that in order to try to recast the  Final Report of the Jan. 6 Select Committee  as spurious or fictitious. For all these reasons, the Biden Administration needs to give the middle finger to any GOP House requests, because, well...we do not comply to the demands of traitor rats, insurrectionist enablers and seditious liars and propagandists.  That includes surrendering any documents that the J 6 committee has compiled.

Justification?  Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank provides all you need, nailing the situation exactly (e.g. 'To save himself, McCarthy just destroyed the House')

 "This is insurrection by other means: Two years to the day since the Jan. 6 invasion of the Capitol, Republicans are still attacking the functioning of government. McCarthy opened the door to the chaos by excusing Donald Trump’s fomenting of the attack and welcoming a new class of election deniers to his caucus. Now he’s trying to save his own political ambitions by agreeing to institutionalize the chaos — not just for the next two years but for future congresses as well."

Amanda Marcotte, in a post from last week already reported the initial precedent action for blowing off these assholes in their documents request:

"On Thursday, White House lawyer Richard Sauber metaphorically crumpled up Republican requests for materials on various fake scandals, telling them they don't have the authority yet and will have to redo all the paperwork in the new year.".

I totally agree but also would go much further.  This is given House control has been ceded to a band of surly traitors, many of whom tried to block the certification of Biden 2 yars ago even while the insurrection was being put down. My advice: Provide these swine with nothing, nada, effectively blowing off all subpoenas the way a core of them (e.g. Mark Meadows, Steve Bannon) did with the J6 Committee.   Giving these mutts what they want will only energize them to want more to continue their agitprop campaign against the J6 Committee's findings while sustaining their Shit show for the FOX rabble.   

Dems, do not feed this treacherous, rabid beast! 

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I’d wondered how Republicans would mark the anniversary of the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. Then untarnishable Florida Man Matt Gaetz and his freedom contras reenacted it by other means this week. 

This insurrection is from within. It’s just starting.

Kevin McCarthy, the wobbliest amoeba to be elected Speaker and stand third in line for the presidency, got his prize by sacrificing it. There is no Speakership anymore except in name. McCarthy surrendered gavel for grovel.


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