Monday, April 22, 2019

Diatribes & Digressions - Updates On Recent Events

Okay, so I've been hard at it getting my latest book (no. 14) ready for publication, but I've not been inattentive to events that have transpired since my blog hiatus began.  Below a list of the more major events - there've been many - and my takes on them:

1). Barr's release of redacted Mueller Report:  Another chapter in the Barr-Trump dog and pony show to try to vindicate him from any wrong doing.  Of course, when one reads even this version the damning events, incidents are mind boggling. Including when Mueller's role was announced and Trump bellowed: "This is the end of my presidency! I'm fucked!"   Thereby disclosing the clearest ever consciousness of guilt.

The long and short of it is that Mueller's team laid out 10 clear episodes of obstruction of justice and an unambiguous path or road map for impeachment.  As one CNN commentator put it: "Mueller basically said I'm not the fireman here, but let me show you where the smoke is."     It is clear then that despite an uphill battle owing to a lackadaisical media (too often) and distracted public, the Dems have to do their job, their constitutional duty. As informer Watergate prosecutor said "this is not a popularity contest".  And indeed it is not, so the Dem actions - whether hearings or censure or impeachment - ought not be based on poll numbers.

2) Notre Dame Cathedral fire & Yellow Vest Protests in Wake

The Notre Dame cathedral fire was a sight of horror, affecting many - even atheists.  But it now appears nearly a billion dollars will be raised to restore it, perhaps within 5 years, but more like 8-10.  In the wake of this one beheld the 23rd consecutive week of 'yellow vest' protests - now complaining that the "rich bailed out a cathedral but couldn't help the people.". Sorry, but by now it seems these yellow vests are just on a nonstop grievance parade - espousing some cockeyed populism but which fails to be nuanced in its targets.  The end result may be - as Janice put it - the wealthy pull back on helping rebuild and restore Notre Dame, as well as assisting "les miserables". As they now call themselves.

3) Sri Lanka Terror

The scum terrorists are still in our midst as we beheld with the Easter Sunday carnage in Sri Lanka, that's now claimed nearly 300 lives. Recall the late great science and science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke once called the Southeast Asian island home. He'd be devastated to see what's happened to it now.

4). Earth Day

Earth Day is today and I urge any readers who haven't to read the related posts included in the previous blog hiatus post.

All for now!  As for Dotard Trump and his recent fulminations I try to ignore him as much as I can!

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