Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kudos to a Courageous Woman - Caught in the "Culture wars"

Sandra Fluke, testifying before House Democrats when the House GOP turned her down. They couldn't tolerate one woman's voice!

I am referring, of course, to 3rd year Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke, an eminently articulate warrior on behalf of all women in this country. Ms. Fluke, some readers may recall, originally volunteered to be the only female voice to testify (on behalf of President Obama’s mandated contraception coverage) at Rep. Darrell Issa’s All-Male Committee hearing... errrr....Inquisition. See, e.g.:

As I noted therein, even Jewish Rabbis (who ought to have known better given the way the Vatican assisted S.S. butchers to escape on ratlines) agreed to participate in this travesty and kangaroo-clown PR court (made even more degenerate by the fact Issa had the balls to hang an image of JFK in the background - when JFK would have vomited at any such display!)

And yet Issa and his clown brigade couldn't even find it in themselves to allow the voice of one lone courageous female to represent the other side. So, Ms. Fluke then agreed (after the GOP congress critter shut her down) to appear in separate testimony to a sub-Committee sponsored by House Democrats as well as journalists.

Ms. Fluke related the enormous costs imposed on students and other employees because of Georgetown University's practices re: withholding contraception or making it prohibitively expensive (which we will see across the board if any of the Repuke clown candidates get elected). She related how a friend needed contraceptives to treat an ovarian cyst, and when the cost became unaffordable was no longer able to avail herself and had to have her ovary removed.

This simply provoked derision and laughter from ├╝ber-swine and idiot Rush Limbaugh in a recent talk show. Limbaugh - with his usual bombast and more venom this time (evoking the misogyny emblematic of all Repukes) castigated Ms. Fluke for spending "$3,000 a year" on contraceptives, then derided her as a “slut” and a “prostitute,” and promised to buy Fluke and Georgetown women “as much aspirin to put between their knees as they want".

This fat slobbering pig clearly doesn't grasp the biology of women in conjunction with the use of contraceptives, and that unlike the Viagra El Rushbo is on (and which he was busted with carrying into a Dominican Republic airport some years ago) contraceptives must be taken every day if they are to have their desired effect. One doesn't just pop them before sex, like El Rushbo does his Viagra! But what do you expect? Of course these Gooper Anti-woman swine don't comprehend female reproductive biology and related health issues any more than the Catholic Bishop swine do. (Though yes, I guess the latter did comprehend pederasty when they moved all the padres that molested altar boys from parish to parish!)

The "aspirin between the knees" jabber was echoing the earlier remark of Santorum's Sugar Daddy Foster Freeze, who made a joke of contraceptive practices used in his heyday - which the GOP would like to uniformly return to, if they could. (Yes, there are a number of the Gooper punks issuing feeble reprimands of Rush, but you can be sure that secretly they 100% side with his fulminations and believe his crappola).

Another thing here is Rushbo crossed into new Slimeball territory with his attacks on Sandra, who is not and never has been a politician but is a private citizen working toward a Georgetown University law degree. That was until the Union of Catholic bishops meddled in American politics and in her personal life, and she decided to tell her story.

For telling her story, and showing the importance of this mandate, I nominate Sandra as Cultural warrior heroine of the year. Let us hope her voice continues to speak out and not be intimidated. Kudos also for President Barack Obama for his show of support by phoning her after the Limbaugh incident. I do hope this fires him up even more to maintain his stance in the face of further Gooper fury - which as we all know, the pigs can be expected to unleash (accompanied by squeals) when stuck.

Again, Bravo, Ms. Fluke! You are a model citizen which one hopes all young women would aspire to!

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