Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why Are Rabbis Helping Out The Vatican in Issa's Contraceptive 'Dog and Pony' Show?

The image in today's New York Times were perplexing to say the least. There was California Gooper Darryl Issa flaunting his House investigation of the Obama adminstration's contraceptive compromise and with a host of toadies (all male, btw) to profess on why and how women didn't merit: a) free access to birth control methods that work (we are obviously excluding the "rhythm method" of Catholics, and b) autonomy over their own bodies.....with the implicit inference that they were owned by the all male patriarchy of the Catholic church. And to make it even more odious, offering that these aims were valid ones in order to "protect religious liberty"!

And who was sitting there to help these patriarchal RC miscreants out? Jews! Rabbis! HOW does this compute? Do these Rabbis possess any recollection of their own recent history? Why are they assisting in this Obama witch hunt and kangaroo tribunal against American women, when the Vatican no less, aided more than 10,000 of the worst S.S. butchers and vermin to escape alone "ratlines" during and after World War II. Much of this is documented in the book, Unholy Trinity- The Vatican, The Nazis, And the Swiss Banks, by Mark Aarons and John Loftus (St. Martins Press, 1998) This is documented also in Clive Poynting's 'Armageddon' as well as Christopher Simpson's 'Blowback: America's recruitment of Nazis, and its disastrous effect on our domestic and foreign policy' for which readers can obtain an excerpted segment here: Ratlines-Blowback

One of the most vile S.S. butchers of all, that every living breathing Jew ought to remember (and put into memory, especially the ones participating in Issa's 3-ring circus) is Franz Stangl, the Kommandant of Treblinka....where 935,000 Jews were dispatched to the gas chambers ('Totenlager') and ovens.

The details of this scum's post-war life were evidently unearthed over a period of years by a German journalist, Gitta Sereny - published in two separate books, 'Into That Darkness' and 'The Healing Wound' with the first most concerned with Stangl and summarized in John Kekes' excellent book, The Roots of Evil, Cornell University Press, 2005, pp. 48-63.

The key information is on page 54 of Keke's book, to do with Stangl's post war escape:

"After the war he was briefly interned by the American forces. He as released, made his way to Rome and from there - with the help of the escape route the Vatican had arranged for many fleeing Nazis, he went into Syria. He got a job first in a textile mill, and later as a mechanical engineer.....he did well, earned an excellent salary and got his family to join him."

Note how this bastard prospered, even as the ashes of 6 million Jews lay in assorted places from Chelmno to Mauthausen to Treblinka to Auschwitz! And who helped thousands of the vermin to escape? THE VATICAN!!

But neither did Stangl remain in Syria, ultimately escaping along the main ratlines to Brazil (p. 60) where he quickly landed a planning position for Volkswagen and enjoyed the high life!

Now true, this slime was arrested by Brazilian police and extradited to West Germany in 1968 (p. 55) where he remained in prison until he died of a heart attack in 1971, but for more than 22 years after the war he lived the good life - while those he sent to their deaths (including tens of thousands of children) never got to see one more day of sunlight, green grass or warmth!

My point is, knowing how the Vatican helped such slime, and how the Union of Catholic Bishops now attempting to undermine American women are in league with the Vatican, how can any right thinking Jew assist in this "investigation" - - which has more in common (including the exclusion of key witnesses for the other side) with Hitler's Reich Courts than anything else.

Jews, especially Rabbis, need to take a good hard look at their own consciences, and ask if they are really helping to protect "religious liberty" or helping a bunch that already assisted the worst butchers on the planet to escape their just fates - even as they now seek to help the RC Bishops speciously justify the abandonment of American women to backroom butchery, coathangers (the result of births they never wanted) and horrific achieve what the simple birth control they now seek would safely permit- if only they could get it without going broke!

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