Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Ryan Budget: A Blueprint to Destroy This Country

Ryan and his latest budget incarnation, recently proposed. His plan will surely destroy what's left of this country!

As ever more security nets become more entrenched and widespread in our land, to attempt to expose them thar t'errists (including a new NSA 'Cloud' center costing $2b to be located at Bluffdale, UT with one million square feet devoted to parsing all your blogs, googling, emails, phone calls etc. - see 'The Black Box' by James Bamford, in WIRED, April, 2012, p. 78) there are more sinister deficit-austerity terrorists afoot on whom no spotlight is trained but whose strategies - if ever implemented- will render this nation as destroyed as any robed lunatics might attempt to do.

I am referring, of course, to congressman Paul Ryan, who evidently has now revived his insane budget and put it on steroids. According to a Wall Street Journal article ('Ryan Plan Revives Deficit Duel', March 21, p. A5):

"Ryan said his plan would put the U.S. on a sound economic path by spending $5.3 trillion less than Mr. Obama recommends over ten years, resulting in budget deficits that would be $3.3 trillion lower."

But this is absolute, patently insane bollocks and bullshit because his plan, like the previous incarnation, does NOTHING to increase revenues, and everything to increase future debt on generations yet unborn. In effect, he not only keeps the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest, but doubles down by lowering their top marginal tax rates to 25% from the current 33.5% (and 39.5% from the Clinton years when the last steady run of 20 million jobs were created.) Thus, if we now know that the effect of the Bush tax cuts over ten years were a solid $2.7 trillion lost in revenues, one can project at least $5 trillion lost by Ryan extending an even more vicious and imbalanced variant.

Thus, in order to come up with being $5.3 trillion in the black, as opposed to $5 trillion in the red, he'd have to slice every and anything - from Medicaid, to Medicare, to Social Security, and all "formula- based mandatory programs" - from agriculture to transportation to allowing even more infrastructure such as bridges, roads, water mains and sewer lines to come a cropper.

Are Americans really prepared to live in a Third World Banana Republic? Because this is what happens if this moron's budget ever gets passed. (Not that it will this year, but the main Gooper candidate Romney appears quite enthralled with it).

The most disgustingly anti-American aspect is how this vile budget spits on the vulnerable and poor, for example, leaving Medicare as basically only a shell of itself with mainly the sick and the poor in the government operated program, while private insurers rush to cover the wealthiest in semi-Cadillac . private plans. Is this what our nation is based on - growing even more inequality?

People on Medicaid, such as families with severely disabled kids, or with autism and MS would essentially be kicked to the curb and be at the mercy of charities. Ryan, like Romney, wants to gut this program and cap limited grants to the states.

Ryan's other budget plan aspects, according to the article, include:

- Eliminating all deductions for home mortgages as well as for dependent children

- Eliminating all deductions made for any charitable contributions, so people that need to turn to charities after he kills Medicaid will now see their hands doubly tied.

- No further deductions for state and local taxes, or property taxes

- Terminating all employer -based health care plans so workers will have to find a high deductible plan on their own..

Well, good luck with that, pallies!

Meanwhile, the richest fuckers will all be laughing their asses off as they cart even more shit loads of money to their respective banks or into their rentier accounts. Oh, they might have pity on some of us drones and hire us as their servants or yard slaves, who knows? They might even, in that employment scenario, help pay for a bit of health care after people collapse from laundering their clothes for 12 hours a day, or weeding the dandelions from their 15 acre yards.

Yes, there are debt-austerity terrorists, and Ryan is one. People determined to sink us into such a morass of debt and despair that the only "solution" will be to cut the entire basis of our civilization from out under our feet. And btw, I'm ashamed to admit this turd even comes from the same state, Wisconsin, that I do.

If you dispute it, check out the graphs attached comparing what Ryan's budget will realistically do, in terms of its total costs the next two years, and Obama's current policy trajectory including the implementation of his Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. (Hint to Dems: Get out the old TV ads with a Paul Ryan actor lookalike pushing multiple grannies off steep cliffs (you can even use cgi effects to insert hundreds of grannies being pushed off!))

Maybe the NSA ought to spend more of its time training its electronic snooper eyes and ears on these terrorist Repukes as opposed to the amorous phone calls between ordinary average Americans!

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