Monday, November 21, 2011

NAT GEO Continues with the Elites' Kennedy Whitewash Agenda (1)

Below: Sketch of Kennedy's head by Bethesda Lab technician Paul O'Connor, from what he observed at the autopsy at Bethesda Naval Hospital. This gives some idea of how much of the skull had to be replaced by mortician's plaster to achieve the fake autopsy photos used as Warren Commission Exhibits. Ultimately, they were exposed using optical densitometry methods perfected by Dr. Thomas Mantik.

Why is it the Elites are so desperate to whitewash our own history, to make us believe a poor patsy named Lee Harvey Oswald was responsible for assassinating John F. Kennedy? Why, year after year do they try to outdo themselves in techno-babble and techno-baloney to try to trick the minds of the remaining undecided - those not already convinced a conspiracy was afoot that November in 1963?

Who knows, but after watching last night's latest effort on the National Geographic channel: "The Lost Bullet of the Kennedy Assassination" with a purported "high definition" version of the assassination and film analysis by Warrenite groupie Max Holland, I'm convinced the elite power structures and their corporo-media Matrix are more desperate than ever to sweep the actual facts of the JFK assassination under the rug. So, when they try to, it's time to play hardball.

First, let's note that this parade of coverup and bullshit programs to support the "official" (sic) view has been ongoing for over 3 decades now. Each time, the promoters and propagandists present us with some new whizbang techno-baloney or digital what's it, to try to make the gullible accept the case is finally solved and was Lee Harvey Oswald whodunit!

For example, in its 25th anniversary special on the assassination in 1988, CBS already tried the computer ploy. They used computer programmed "simulations" with JFK’s car moving around a reconstructed Dealey Plaza from Houston onto Elm Street, and a virtual “Oswald” firing from a 6th story window.

The late Carl Oglesby, ('The JFK Assassination: The Facts and the Theories', Signet, 1992, p. 90) noted that no less than eleven “experts” were used by CBS to conduct the simulations (obviously to try to confer a bogus gravitas, despite the fact no expert sharpshooters or marksmen were able to duplicate Oswald's alleged feat with his alleged rifle). He adds (ibid.):

"CBS does not pause to say how many total series were fired by these eleven, or how many times the two who did it once could do it again. They were impatient to state their interpretation of this result."

Oglesby neglected to mention an even worse insult. That when the firing tests were conducted, the branches of an obscuring tree were drawn back, to expose the Elm Street 'target' for the simulations. More seriously, all the alleged "alignments" used were rigged to benefit the computer simulations, and to allow direct firing lines to cause the effects observed (see top graphics images for Z-313-314) where there were none.

More recently, in 2003, we beheld the bogus ABC effort, “Peter Jennings Reporting: The Kennedy Assassination – Beyond Conspiracy”, which also employed the ruse of "computer simulations" and which failed for pretty well the same reasons as CBS' earlier try.

So why expect any different tricks with this Nat-Geo effort? Anyway, what I will be doing is exposing this program for the recycled bunkum it is just as I have the other scam efforts - to try to prop up the Warren Commission's version of history. At times, I have to wonder, why these patronizing, patriarchal assholes who continue re-running this shit, keep doing it. Even the current Nat Geo introduction complained that "70% of Americans still believe a conspiracy was behind the Kennedy Assassination".

So? WTF! Then they are living with facts! Get the hell out of their way and cease trying to cram bullshit down their throats! Yet what do we see in the Nat Geo farce? Well, when they do (for about 25 freaking seconds) show "pro-conspiracy" people, they look like they just walked out of insane asylums! One guy's eyes were bulging so much I thought he either had a horrific thyroid condition or his brain was about to pop! Neither representative of the conspiracy case made any sense at all, and both could easily be dismissed as fruitcakes. THIS is precisely what I earlier referred to as "framing", a well-known psy-ops, propaganda technique. Depict the conspiracy side as loose cannons and wackos and you need not do much more.

My analysis will be broken down in two parts: this first blog deals with the Nat Geo "Bullet C" analysis for the head shot, and the second blog will deal with bullets "B" and "A" (the alleged "lost bullet" - but which I will show really wasn't, it was stolen, by the FBI, after it was impacted in a curb).

Moreover, I deem this a worthwhile exercise given tomorrow is the 48th anniversary of the assassination.

The Nat Geo emphasis (for "bullet C") is on the 'Grassy knoll' conspiracy aspect. Let us acknowledge here, by way of reference, that the only valid government investigation, by the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA, 1978-79) concluded that there was a "96% probability of conspiracy in the killing of John F. Kennedy" - based on detailed acoustic analysis which actually traced FOUR bullets to four acoustic impulses and four corresponding actions in the Zapruder film. We will shortly get to more on this, including the relevance of the acoustic echo patterns and their replication in a 1978 HSCA reprise of the kill shot from one end of the Knoll. (Again, detailed geometry placed the putative kill shot from two likely positions, A' and A" - see diagram, Fig. 4- with position A" the most likely to be consonant with all the rifle velocity and wind parameters. This wasn't just a guessing game as Holland tried to portray it.)

The Nat Geo claim by contrast is that only three bullets were fired in all, and likely in a time frame up to 11 seconds. About 6.4 seconds between the first and second shots, and about 4.6 seconds between the second and third. Their proponents, especially Max Holland, insist that the time frame had to be more than 6 seconds and that assumption is falsely based on the belief that Abraham Zapruder captured the whole shot sequence. As I will show, however, it doesn't make any difference in the scheme of things, at least to the claim of a grassy knoll (GK) shooter, whether this was so or not. The shorter time frame places much greater constraints on the necessary conditions, obviously given that the bolt action recycling time for Oswald's alleged rifle (a 6.5 mm Norma Mannlicher Carcano) was 2.33 secs but it isn't essential.

The first point of departure with Holland and his Nat Geo crew is in their claim that the directions don't work for a head shot from the GK. He insists that if the shot entered at the right temple then it had to exit the "left rear of the head" and likely spray Jackie with blood, skull etc. However, the actual Parkland surgeons all pointed or used their fingers to indicate the rear RIGHT of their heads as the exit wound site. Indeed, the actual autopsy photos bear this out, though the Warren Commission employed bogus photos to try to hide the massive rear head wounds. (See attached images of true and false autopsy images). The whole objective was to mislead the public into buying that the kill shot was from the rear (which would cause a small rear entry wound) and not from the front! But the actual autopsy photos, see e.g. the one shown above, expose the Warrenites for the frauds they are once and for all!

Thus, contrary to the Warren Commission Whitewash, the small entry wound was in the right front, the massive exit wound was in the rear. (As the Parkland drs. noted). The path of "cavitation" with the wound width increasing, was toward the REAR of the skull not the front. (See Bethesda lab tech Paul O'Connor's sketch of the massive head wounds above) Also, the way the brain fragments blew out disclosed that a different bullet was responsible, not your garden variety 6.5mm Mannlicher-Carcano fare. To support this, the Parkland doctors all reported and showed a bullet with a pointed head which had been retrieved, not a rounded head bullet with 6 grooves as appropos to the Carcano.

The claim by Holland that the sighting lines don't work is also bogus, because when the trial runs (to match echoes to shots, repeated in 1978) had been completed it was fully evident that a shot location from the corner of the knoll would deliver the requisite head wound - with a cavitation path along the right side of the head. (D.B. Thomas: 2001, ‘Echo Correlation Analysis and the Acoustic Evidence in the JFK Assassination Revisited, in Science and Justice, Vol. 41, p. 21.)

For the (1978) tests conducted by the HSCA the muzzle velocity for a 6.5mm Mannlicher-Carcano was estimated at 600 m/s, to arrive at a 171 msec (millisecond) time – e.g. for the shock wave to take the defined path to the microphone, from a distance of 28.3m (to putative Grassy Knoll or GK shooter). The computations fixed the distance to test microphone at 44.2m and the speed of sound in air was 350 m/s. For the Nov. 22, 1963 event, the distance of JFK to the GK shooter was estimated at 30.5 m, and the speed of sound is 342 m/s is based on a (Dallas) air temperature of 18 C at the time of the assassination.

The distance from the assassin to the nearest motorcycle was 67 m, leading to the muzzle blast arriving at the motorcycle some t = [67m/ 342 m/s] = 196 msec, after the shot. The total time with shock wave added in is 237 msec. (One must add the time taken for the putative bullet to travel the distance and add to that the time for the shock wave). Using this data, and the dimensions of the diagram (see attached) the muzzle velocity could be estimated as 748 m/s +/- 32 m/s. This set a lower limit of 748 m/s - 32 m/s = 716 m/s or significantly higher than the Norma Mannlicher Caracano rifle of Oswald. Meanwhile, attaching the upper limits, to arrive at 748 m/s + 32 m/s = 780 m/s means the rifle actually used would have to be either a German Mauser, or Winchester .30-.30.

Another claim by Holland was that the forward spray image from Zapruder frame 313 (see above) discloses a REAR shot, e.g. driving the blood spray forward. However, this frame and image can't be taken independently of what's happening with Jackie in frame Z-314! Thus, the fact she is moving over the limo trunk to the REAR, and her WT testimony (supported by recently released audiotape testimony from 1964) was she was attempting to retrieve a skull fragment (likely the missing occipital bone reported by the Parkland drs.) means that if the Z-313 image is real, then it must conform to the actions of Jackie in Z-314, not the reverse! (Blood spatter expert Sherry Pool Guitierrez considers the spray to be back spatter from a bullet entering the right temple - which would conform with the autopy findings, the real ones not the bogus ones that seek to put the entry wound at the rear, the exit at the right temple!)

It should be added, however, that there are some who regard Z-313 as having been tampered with. This was done while the Z-film was in control of LIFE-TIME, and the Luce publishing empire (Henry Luce being no friend of Kennedy, as was evident in the wake of the U.S. Steel crisis!) . The technique was elaborated by photo-analyst Mark Crouch, who proposed a subdued forging involving "aerial imaging photography" -which would have been available to certain high circles- mainly in the intelligence community - in 1963.

According to Crouch (Harrison Edward Livingstone: 1995, Killing Kennedy and the Hoax of the Century, Carroll & Graf Publishers, p. 160.)

"They employ a projection frame by frame onto the rear of a glass screen. The corrupted copy is then recorded frame by frame. When they reach the head shot frame they just add a little paint to the glass, shoot the frame, then clean the glass. They then project the next frame, do their little touchups to match perspective, then go on"

This sounds like an awful lot of work to go through to obtain an imperfect film or forgery, but Crouch maintains it was adequate to the task: i.e. in framing Lee Harvey Oswald for the killing.

At the same time, it afforded an excuse for the real perps to get away. Sadly, as James Douglass notes in his JFK and the Unspeakable, there are still those prepared to cover up the actual conspirators' tracks, while trying to get us to buy into the 'Oswald did it' bull pockey. One would have thought they'd quit after all these aborted efforts, since it appears the poll numbers favoring conspiracy rise each time another one of these techno-puff pieces appears. But perhaps the powers-that-be, who are behind these PR efforts, are just too damned full of themselves and arrogant to get it. Unlike the Italians who take conspiracies in stride - given their history with the Borgias, P2, etc. - our own PR meisters, our own intel agencies and government remain convinced we're too childish to handle the truth. Or - perhaps they prefer we not know it! I'd say the polls supporting a JFK assassination conspiracy tell a different story!

Next: My analysis of Bullets A andB.


Izz-laru said...

Wrong. The kill shot did not come from behind. His head did not move forward. Oswald did not kill JFK. The evidence is in various videos and photos that everyone seems to miss.

A roof shooter can be seen on the records building in the Zapruder film (left hand side reflection). His shot exits the throat (seen in the Zapruder film--JFK grabbing his throat).

The Nix film shows the 2 shooters in the Pergola, behind Zapruder (as he testified to the commission--shooters were behind him). The head shot came from the 2nd Pergola window. You can see the muzzle flash.

The Pergola shooters can also be seen in the Moorman photo. 1 peeking around the side with rifle in hand, the other taking aim with his rifle in the 2nd window. These shooters are not imaginary or shadows or any other type of light tricks. The head shot lines up perfectly with the Pergola.

Smoke was seen at the Pergola. Shots were heard from the Pergola. A shell was found near the Pergola. Some years later, a maintenance worker found a shell on the roof of the records building.

Oswald maintained his innocents. He claimed to be in the doorway when the President passed. He was able to name everyone he knew standing in the doorway with him. He could not have known who was there if he was on the 6th floor. One of his workers confirmed he (Oswald) was indeed in the doorway, not Bill Lovelady.

As to who and why... The real evidence points to Israel, over the Dimona Nuclear facility. JFK would not let it go. It was the biggest concern as President, and he was intent on exposing Israel's crimes. The mob theory came about because of Lansky, who also had connections to Mossad. Lansky laundered money for the agency.

Copernicus said...

Absolutely correct! Max Holland and the NAT GEO producers are totally wrong. Re: Israel, it may have had inputs, etc. after JFK's objections to Dimona etc. but most evidence points to a rogue contingent in the CIA.

Unknown said...

Regarding your picture of the "actual" bullet found on the floor at Parkland Hospita ( ) l--can you source this, please? As I recall in Six Seconds in Dallas, Orrin Wright described the bullet as "like" a particular round, but as far as I know, no picture was ever taken. So I would really like to know your source for this image. Thank you.

Copernicus said...

The bullet images were from Robert J. Groden's (1993) book,'The Killing of a President'. Groden had access to many more materials (from the HSCA investigation) than were available before. His fine book is actually one that should be in every serious researcher's library.

Izz-laru said...


Yup. It seems whenever Israel is involved in something, the C.I.A. right there with them.

I don't know if you've examined the Moorman photo, but the shooter in the pergola window that fires the head shot is 1 of the 3 tramps, Charles Harrelson.

If you look at some of the photos taken of the tramps walking with police, you can zoom in on his left shoulder and see the imprint of the rifle butt. His hairline and facial features match those of the rifleman in the pergola window. In one photo you can even see him smiling as he walks by a lady that's crying.

If you use the freeware "GIMP" photo editing software, it has a Lincozs3 image scaling function, which allows you to zoom in a great deal without distorting the pixels too much. You can also line the shot from the pergola window with the head wound. You'll see it's a perfect match. They couldn't have picked a better spot to position themselves, as the pergola has 2 exits (1 back and 1 side).

The man who took credit for that shot, James Files, is full of crap. I have a copy of the head bunter from Remington, for the .222 rounds found by the fence, which he claims were his (1 with his teeth marks). Those shells weren't even made until 7 years after the assassination.

As far as a bullet being found on the floor at Parkland, that's bullshit in my opinion. The kill shot round exited his head. And bullets don't just fall out of people on to hospital floors. Rounds that don't exit the body tend to lodge themselves into muscle & organs. They have to be dug out. The Parkland round was definitely staged.