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More on the NAT GEO Explorer "Lost Bullet" Bunkum

On this 48th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, I again pondered the woeful propaganda on offer from the National Geographic channel on Sunday night. My conclusion is that in future they'd be best served by sticking to polar bears in the Arctic, or the antics of Emperor Penguins in the Antarctic, as opposed to dallying in blatant propaganda efforts to prop up a discredited pseudo-investigation by the Warren Commission.

In this blog I examine key evidence and aspects that the National Geographic special chose to ignore, and by the end, hope to convince readers of the extent of this whole charade and why no sane or rational person in this country should ever give any credence to the Warren Commission Report.

We now focus on the Nat Geo's "Bullet B" or what they claim is the single bullet that entered JFK's back then made a throat wound before entering Gov. Connally and making several more wounds. I aim to skewer this horse shit one step at a time.

Using laser firing rifles and an Oswald stand-in, firing from the Book depository, Warren groupie Max Holland (who also professes to be a "physicist") attempts to show that the same bullet that passed through Kennedy's back - near the third thoracic vertebra (according to one Parkland surgeon) also passed into his throat and then into Connally. This is patently impossible, violating all known principles of geometry, trigonometry, physics and biology!

First, examine Fig. 1 which is the Warren Commission (WC) rendition of how the back and throat wounds occurred and essentially what Holland attempted to confirm with his toy laser rifle. The argument being that angles defined by something as precise as a laser beam can't lie. Well, they can, if one isn't faithful to the specific replication! According to Fig. 1, the WC version shows the bullet entering at the base of the neck (bland yellow streak) and exiting near the throat.

The problem here is the wound placement is too high! The next graphic image (right side) shows the actual placement of the back wound during the autopsy. Note it's much further down than the Warren version claimed (and one reason Bethesda autopsist Humes burned his notes and diagrams, to conform to the WC!) In order to have the throat placement where it was (center lower image of graphic) one would need a trajectory such as shown in blue, in Fig. 1. This would allow a congruence between the actual back wound placement and the throat wound but it could not have been fired from the Book Depository! Indeed, one would literally have had to have someone shooting from a manhole cover somewhere to actuate that!

Worse, Parkland surgeon Malcolm Perry (who should know his business given having to deal with multiple Dallasites' gunshot wounds at Parkland) was adamant in declaring the throat wound an ENTRY wound. This means necessarily that another bullet (besides the head shot dealt with in the last blog for 'Bullet C') had to have come from the front. Thus, Holland's demonstration could not be valid IF he was seeking to replicate the actual wound positions, and not spurious ones.

Holland then proceeds to show the same purported "magic bullet" made more wounds in Connally and was the same as WC Exhibit CE 399, or "the magic bullet". This bullet is shown in the second set of graphics, or Fig. 3. Entry (A) is the "magic bullet" which purportedly did all this damage, while (B) is a test bullet, one of several fired by Joseph Dolcet into the wrists of cadavers to compare the degree of damage sustained with that of the WC Exhibit. Readers can see for themselves how the magic bullet, claimed to have made 7 different wounds in two people, stretches credulity to the breaking point!

Lastly, bullet (C) was one of the actual bullets found on the treatment room floor at Parkland, by one of the doctors in attendance. Note immediately the pointed head, compared with the rounded one for the claimed Oswald rifle. As I showed in the last blog, Oswald's Mannlicher -Carcano could not have fired the shots, given the echo patterns.

Now, what we've already exposed is that there have been at least four different shots and putatively from 3 different locations (The Dal-Tex building provides a better angle for the back shot than the TSBD). Let's enumerate them thus far:

1) The Back wound - fired from the Dal-Tex bldg.?

2) Throat wound - fired from the front (GK?)

3) Head wound - fired from the GK.

4) Connally wounds - fired from the TSBD ?

Note also that another reason the magic bullet is bollocks is the fact that, had Gov. Connally been hit at Z-frame 230 (as single bullet adherents posit), he would have had to continue holding his heavy white Stetson for about another second and a half, AFTER being shot in the right wrist. Anatomically this is nonsense. Close examination of the key frames discloses he firmly retains his grip on his Stetson between right thumb and forefinger. It is the ulnar nerve which permits this apposition. But any bullet fired into the wrist (i.e. at Z-230) would have severed that nerve, making any grasp of his Stetson totally impossible!

We now come to "Bullet A" or the alleged, "lost bullet". Of course, the presumption of a lost bullet is also the presumption (erroneous as we've established) there were only three shots in toto- with two bullets identified (B and C) and the third unaccounted for. In fact as I will show, the "lost bullet" (the one that sprayed pavement up and hit witness James Tague standing just beneath the Triple Underpass) is merely one of several more!

Reference is made here to the 4th set of graphics shown which indicates the location where Tague was standing, and the curb where the bullet actually struck - but since paved over and removed. The late, long time researcher Harold Weisberg documented how – when he inquired for the spectrographic evidence associated with the original curb struck by a bullet near witness James Tague- he was told by the FBI that it was “destroyed”. Earlier, the curb itself was paved over - see upper left image- then subsequently removed (by another Fed agency). It was then sent back to FBI HQ in D.C. Why is this so critical? Because it constitutes evidence for a clear and separate shot. This then is Holland's and Nat Geo's "lost bullet" for their purposes.

Not yet reckoned into the mix, is a bullet that struck the limo's windshield frame, with the indentation shown in the lower right image of the "lost bullets" graphic set. Of course, when the limo was sent for re-building, that evidence was destroyed, probably with a lot more!

So we now have this tally of two additional shots:

5) Bullet that struck a curb and sprayed James Tague with metal and concrete (fired from TSBD or the Dal-Tex Bldg.)

6) Bullet that struck the limo windshield frame.

That is SIX bullets in all, which clearly can't be accounted for by one man, even firing over 11 seconds, as Holland insists. In fact since Holland demands "Bullet A" as the first bullet, and no others for 6.4 secs, it would have compressed at least five shots into the remaining 4.6 seconds, impossible with Oswald's alleged Italian rifle which was limited to a 2.33 sec bolt action recycling time. Three shots would have been about the most Oswald could have made in that time marking shot two at 'zero' starting the stopwatch at the 4.6 second mark. Even then it would have been damned near impossible - given the aiming and other flaws of the actual weapon disclosed by the Army marksmen that attempted to replicate it.

In trying to trace the origin of his "lost bullet A" Holland devises another test with his toy laser rifle: this time picking the west end window of the Texas School Book Depository to fire from, and theorizing from his trial runs that - to get near the pavement or curb where Tague stood- the bullet had to have struck a traffic pole extending from the building. This is an interesting hypothesis to make, but essentially useless if one is only using a mock rifle that bears zero similarity to the one actually used by Oswald (which, incidentally, the National Archives evidently won't allow anyone to handle any more!

Even worse, the Archives has evidently refused the calls by some to actually confirm the internal control number on the rifle. According to author H.E. Livingston ('Killing the Truth', 1993, p. 204, Carroll & Graf Publ.)

"The National Archives will not let anyone actually examine the rifle. They wrote Patricia Dumais, who was suspicious that it was a stage prop and wanted to see the 'internal control' number supposedly placed on it by Klein's: 'We cannot disassemble Lee Harvey Oswald's rifle because this action might be destructive to the object.'"

So given this, I suppose we can at least let Holland and his collaborators off the hook for demanding they use the actual rifle (which again, Army experts had to have sights, shims adjusted before they even attempted replication - then had to abandon it for a similar model). But at the very least, Holland - to test his hypothesis - ought to have been able to secure an actual, working 6.5 mm Mannlicher Carcano, had Dallas PD clear the area, then get off at least 2-3 test shots to track the REAL trajectory of real bullets - as opposed to laser beams issuing from toy rifles.

The last graphic set shows a blow up view of the controversial west side of the Book Depository on the 6th floor, and the specific window from which a young African-American boy at the time (Amos Euins) claimed to have observed a moving figure. But, was it really Oswald? Let's leave out for the moment the annoying little fact that the actual sniper's nest found (photographed by Tom Alyea, who was never called by the WC as a witness) was situated at the EAST end window of the Depository not the west end which is visible as one drives up Houston St. (And depicted by me with a circle around it in the last graphic, and in a blown up view.) Let's also leave out the other annoying little fact that as of 12.31 p.m. Oswald was identified by several co-workers on the 2nd floor lunch room and nowhere near the 6th floor. Further, none of his witnesses reported him the least bit fatigued or out of breath - as one might expect- after engaging in a shooting barely a minute earlier on the 6th floor, and racing down 4 flights of stairs to sit quietly in the lunch room!

However, a blown up view of the west end window - with images taken about 10-15 secs apart, clearly shows the empty window then a heavy set person (see lower right inset image). He's clearly in a white t-shirt but the size of his head is definitely not narrow like Oswald's. Also, do we really imagine Oswald to have taken a pot shot out of this west end window- bullet spraying James Tague with concrete, then rapidly racing to the other side of the sixth floor (where the sniper's nest ws found) and taken further shots at JFK and Connally? Give me a break!

One plausible surmise is that the character in the 6th floor window, and the putative actual 6th floor shooter (one of at least three for triangulated gunfire in Dealey Plaza) was actually the heavy set fake Oswald the CIA recorded in Mexico City. (See his inset image, taken with a CIA camera from Mexico City). This was actually the beginning of the other urban assassination legend promoted by the lone nut buffs, i.e. that Oswald had gone to Mexico City and carried on in front of a consulate officer, Silvia Duran. But when other CIA officers on the scene examined the image further, they probably had a shit fit concerning the subject's blatantly divergent appearance from the real Oswald.

Of course, the CIA regularly monitored the Cuban and Soviet embassy compounds in Mexico City, and had photographs of anyone coming or going. A cable dated Oct. 10, 1963 referred to (John Newman, Oswald and the CIA, p. 399)

"..an American male, who identified himself as Lee OSWALD, contacted the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City inquiring whether the Embassy had received any news concerning a telegram which had been sent to Washington. The American was described as approximately 35 years old, with an athletic build, about six feet tall, with a receding hairline."

It was certainly not Oswald, who at only 5'9" (at most) and slight of build (160 lbs.) possessed a decidedly un-athletic physique. Univ. of Maryland Military Science Professor Newman also makes reference (ibid.) to a note scribbled in the margin of the above cable by a CIA employee with the words:

"Not Oswald! WRONG!"

Subsequently, Duran was arrested by Mexican authorities under CIA instigation[1] and coercively interrogated for eight hours until she broke[2] and gave the testimony they wanted to hear: that the person at the Embassy was Lee Harvey Oswald.

For its part, the CIA withheld original cables and documents from the Warren Commission (probably under Allen Dulles' orders, and recall he'd been fired by JFK as the CIA chief after the Bay of Pigs, and appointed one of the Warren Commissioners by LBJ), offering instead the bogus, coerced statement Duran made, in a desperate attempt to prove Lee Harvey Oswald - the person arrested in Dallas for assassinating JFK - was the same person creating a scene at the Cuban Consul in Mexico City, Sept. 1963 .

But anyone with eyes and ears, and not totally deluded, WC- kool aid drunk (like WC- recyclers Joel Grant and Vince Bugliosi) or batshit crazy, would realize the guy imaged in that graphics set could not be the slim 5' 9", 160 lb. Oswald! Similarly, it was not Oswald seen in the TSBD window by Amos Euins, or Howard Leslie Brennan.

[1] Fonzi, The Last Investigation, Thunders Mouth Press., p. 289.
[2] Fonzi, ibid.; and Newman, op. cit. p. 409.

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