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Trump Has Now Admitted He's A "Nationalist" - Like Hitler - Even As Explosives Sent To Soros, Obama, Clinton

What we always suspected Trump admitted yesterday, baldly and boldly: "I am a nationalist".  In other words a vermin rat no different from Hitler, including the rambling lies.

The news this morning out of The Financial Times that  Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Time Warner Center were targeted by explosive devices ,  e.g.

follows close on the heels of the news yesterday that an explosive device was discovered in the mailbox outside the home of billionaire financier and philanthropist George Soros.  Each of these deplorable incidents ought to send chills down the spines of all decent citizens.  Soros, a political activist and major donor to liberal causes, has been a favorite target for rightwing groups and conspiracy theories, and a magnet for criticism from Donald Trump. 

Fortunately, an alert staff member found the parcel and removed it to a nearby area with trees and undergrowth, then alerted law enforcement.  Bomb squad technicians subsequently detonated the package in the wooded area, police told the New York Times. Soros was not home at the time.

It now appears that at the beck and call of dog whistling one or more Trump cultists bit and deliberately tried to take out HRC, Obama and George Soros for their  "liberal crimes".  Those who've been paying attention could see incidents like these brewing for some time as we've beheld anti-Soros hate piling up just like anti -Hillary ("Lock her up!"), anti-Obama and anti-Pelosi hate (with the latter threatened in S. Florida mere days ago by a whacknut right wing bunch of crazies, called "the Proud Boys".  See e.g.

This was especially germane as Dotard has sought to paint the Dems as inciting mobs. Well, look again folks and at every turn you will behold Hitler Junior, aka Dotard Trump, churning out dog whistles to his demented cult.  His rallies are nothing other than virulent appeals to fear and loathing, often resembling the screeching hate mongering my late German friend (and former Hitler youth) Kurt Braun showed me on a visit to Frankfurt in 1978, e.g.
Image may contain: 1 person
Kurt showing archival film of Hitler speaking to German youth.

 Never wishing to forget Germany's ill-advised bout of nationalism,  Kurt archived dozens of films from the 1930s.  See e.g. a segment of one we viewed here:

Hitler youth rally
speech -
Nuremberg 1935

Now compare that to a recent Trump rally spiel:

 A la Hitler this filth has even insisted he will question the results of the midterms should the Dems win back the House, according to former Watergate reporter, Carl Bernstein. I would not put it past this degenerate because he knows he and his diseased party cannot win in any normal way - only by inciting fear in an ignorant base, voter suppression and gerrymandering

Like Hitler also, Trump has amped up his vile lies at every Brown shirt rally he's held. The maggot has claimed there've been "riots breaking out in California", even as he's claimed the caravan heading to the U.S. bears "criminals and unknown  Middle Easterners mixed in". He's also claimed the DEMS - not his Repukes - want to disallow preexisting conditions for health care.  All this shows his desperation but also the dangers of gaslighting and dog whistling to a segment of the low IQ population.

Regarding Soros, the blatant lies about him even appeared in print in the letters section of yesterday's WSJ (p. A14) despite the fact that Laura Silber, of his Open Society Foundation, made it plain a previous, column by Asra Nomani had totally misrepresented Soros' contributions and influence.   Despite that clarification letter (leading the set), one found in the very next letter the sort of distortions and lies that likely twisted the brain of the right wing nut who tried to bomb Soros.  The letter writer, a Scott S. Powell, babbled: inverted facts, i.e.

"The Koch brothers are supporters of pluralism and constitutional law and Mr. Soros is not. He wants to transform the U.S. and its Constitution, downsize American influence in the world  and curtail national sovereignty with open borders."

In fact, the Koch brothers have been infamous enemies of  pluralism and the constitution, seeking to create a U.S. oligopoly  even as their fossil fuel agenda wrecks what's left of the planet.  Relevant here is the Financial Times piece 'The Price Of Populism' which  noted yesterday  how the rise of authoritarian populist movements -  now affecting the transatlantic world -  have their source in the economic  greed of the elites. But interestingly, no single duo more embodies such economic greed than the Kochs. So why are so many like our illustrious WSJ letter writer Powell, so enamored of them and believe they are superior to George Soros who's relentlessly fought for less income inequality?  One can only conclude the Koch worshippers have ingested the same brain poison as the right wing Trumpie cult nuts that tried to bomb Soros, or who heckled Pelosi.

Most appalling, is how the Koch aficionados don't comprehend that single duo has been almost single handedly responsible for all the ills they rail against, from the collapse of trade unions, to worker insecurity, financial instability,  and soaring inequality.

Most ironic is how the right wing cliques that adulate the Kochs - and also portray Soros as a "Nazi" (his family was actually killed by the Nazis )-    seem not to be aware the the Koch brothers - were raised by a Nazi nanny imported from the Reich-  and were thereby influenced by her thinking and ideology.

But the attack on Soros is typical of ultra-nationalists of the Nazi stripe, and we shouldn't be surprised these white nationalist spawn are now crawling out of their rotting woodwork - such as in Florida where they are dispatching racist robocalls to attack gubernatorial candidate  Andrew Gillum.

From where does this putrescent flow of loathsome mental pus emanate?  Well, from the original source of white nationalism,  Trump, who's now admitted that's what he is. e.g.

But the most appalling aspect is how Trump now has so many so-called "superior" minds defending his antics such as one Yale computer science Prof. , David Gelertner in a recent WSJ travesty:

The Real Reason They Hate Trump - WSJ
This deranged, over achieving Trump toady actually claimed the Left and media elites hate Trump because he is so much like ordinary, salt of the Earth Americans, with his brash 'take what you get' manner. Of course, this is imbecilic.  I've known dozens of "ordinary" Americans, including in my own family, and none have acted with the utter degenerate manner of Trump - from caging infants as he splinters families, to lying as regularly as he breathes.

Fortunately, robust articles have emerged to take down this fulsome nonsense, e.g.

As pointed out therein, before the takedown:

"Gelernter does not argue that Trump is secretly intelligent, or that the voters are clever to grasp his innate reservoir of knowledge that the intellectuals fail to see. Instead he argues that Trump “is a typical American,” and therefore “what the left hates about Donald Trump is precisely what it hates about America.” This defense of Trump is the logical endpoint and the moral nadir of decades of right-wing anti-intellectualism."
As my late friend Kurt also made clear German right wing anti-intellectualism as spawned by the Nazi Reich, also directly led to its own moral nadir. And we know how that unfolded thanks to so many millions of unthinking, "good Germans".
Fortunately, another Yale prof -Jason Stanley, a professor of philosophy and the author of  How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them  has his head screwed on straight, enough to offer a vastly more percipient take on Trump.

 It is worth your time here to watch the video below:

As Prof. Stanley explains:

"For fascist politics to take hold, we have to have a failure of our democratic culture, Fascism is ultranationalism, where the nation is defined in racial, ethnic, religious or perhaps cultural identity, and the nation is identified with one person: the leader, who is its voice. Fascist politics is tactics that exploit this kind of us/them distinction. Fascist politics might not result ultimately in a fascist state. But it's important to be attendant to the dangers because in and of itself, it breaks down the democratic culture."

Make no mistake that what we have beheld, especially with Trump's heated,  Hitlerite rhetoric over the past week,  is Fascist politics at its ugliest.  Politics based on stoking fear and rage that's already resulted, one can say with confidence, in the attacks on George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.  And we are now warned it will get worse, much worse, as the walking filth and fungus appears at 11 more rabble -rousing rallies in the 2 weeks before November 6th.

This is why Prof. Stanley's words now bear special import:

"We should be very worried. We already have a long history of racial divisiveness in this country. And we've expanded those techniques to other groups, to immigrant groups And we can slip back very quickly — we have slipped back very quickly"

He also noted features of the Trump cult Republican party that are key indicators of fascist tactics: "When conspiracy theories become the coin of politics; rallies where the leader is one with his supporters; diviiding people into the enemy versus the leader's supporters."

Will the politics of fear, retrenchment of norms, resentment, and loathing prevail after November 6th? The answer lies in how we respond to the current fascist incarnation occupying the highest seat of power.  In our case, fortunately, there is still time to check him. As Kurt told me in Frankfurt in 1978, by the time of Hitler's appointment as Chancellor it was too late. We need to learn from history and  not run from its lessons, or as George Santayana once put it: "Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it". (My paraphrase)

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