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Frequently Asked Questions on the JFK Assassination (Pt. 5):The Bullets, Wounds

What is the single bullet  theory'?

The single bullet theory, of which the 'magic bullet' is the centerpiece, was the brainchild of (then) Warren Commission Assistant Counsel Arlen Specter. It is the  logical outcome if one has constrained the number of bullets to  three, and only three, as the Warren Commission did.

Thus, by process of elimination:

 - The bullet that sprayed bystander James Tague is eliminated forthwith

  - The fatal head shot, is eliminated

That leaves one bullet to make the remaining wounds in both Kennedy and John Connally, to wit[1]

"this one bullet  hit the President in the back, exited through his throat, passed through  Connally's body, breaking a rib, then shattered a bone in his wrist, and finally entered his left thigh".

The problem is that it doesn't add up, and any critical thinker examining the placement and geometry can see that. Let's begin by examining the sleight of hand by which the  back wound bullet was altered to a base of neck wound, thereby also creating the basis for the "magic bullet" fiction. The Warren Commission diagram is shown below:

The upper inclined blue arrow shows the trajectory of the bullet that would be needed in order to account for BOTH the JFK neck wound AND the back wound. The problem here is twofold: first, the throat wound was described by Parkland surgeon Malcolm Perry (who should know his business given having to deal with multiple Dallasites' gunshot wounds at Parkland) as an ENTRY wound..

The neck wound placement (from Perry) is shown in the collage below along with the JFK back wound.  Also included is the Zapruder film frame showing the instant JFK grabs at his neck, signifying the bullet impact.

Second, the Warrenites realized that the placement wouldn't work to account for all 7 wounds in JFK  and John Connally (the angle wasn't right- shooter would've had to have been firing from street level) so had to reset the placement higher - changing it to the light yellow trajectory. This was compliments of Gerald Ford as indicated in the notes below, wherein he altered the wording from the original autopsy report.

The initial draft of the report had  stated:

"A bullet had entered his back at a point slightly above the shoulder to the right of the spine."

Ford altered it to read:

"A bullet had entered the back of his neck slightly to the right of the spine."

Clearly, Ford wanted the document to conform with the single bullet myth and would stoop to altering a document on record to attain the goal.  The problem for Ford and the Warrenites is one of basic anatomy. The original autopsy sheet, including the placement and description of the back wound, was signed and verified by Admiral George Gregory Burkley, personal physician to the president who directed the autopsy at Bethesda. He verified the back wound placement on November 24th (as shown on the right side of Fig.2). That death certificate revealed the back wound to be, in the Admiral's own words, at the president's "third thoracic vertebra.”  The neck has seven CERVICAL vertebrae, and this observed and verified wound was described as three THORACIC vertebrae lower than the neck itself.

The final report then read: "A bullet had entered the base of the back of his neck slightly to the right of his spine." Ford insisted this was “a small change, …intended to clarify meaning, not alter history”. But alter history is exactly what it did! For by altering the original autopsy report, Ford and his cohorts succeeded in conferring a measure of validity on Specter’s single bullet theory. This is despite the fact that analysis of the resulting trajectory doesn’t even conform to basic laws of Newtonian dynamics!

Anyway, after negotiating this tortuous passage as described earlier - including hitting a number of bones, the bullet (designated Commission Exhibit 399, or 'CE399' for short) is alleged to have emerged on John Connally's stretcher (ibid.).  The key to the success of the "theory",  has been the 'success' in explaining away the near pristine condition of the bullet. (And incidentally, it did not even have microscopic traces of blood on it, though it was very slightly deformed.) The array of images shown below of several bullets will help to fix ideas:

WC Exhibit CE 399, or "the magic bullet" is shown as Entry (A)  which purportedly did all this damage.  (B) is a test bullet, one of several fired by Joseph Dolce into the wrists of cadavers to compare the degree of damage sustained with that of the WC Exhibit. The bullet (C) is the one actually taken off the floor at Parkland. What gives here? Answer: too many bullets for too many wounds!

Dolce, consultant in wound ballistics to the Army, has stated he was given one hundred,  6.5mm bullets, by the Warren Commission, to fire at cadavers. (Documentary, 'The Single Bullet Theory' video). In no case,  he went on, did any of the bullets come out pristine. In fact, all showed  significant deformity. In his own words (ibid.):

"No, it (CE399) could NOT have caused all the wounds. Our experiments here show beyond any doubt that merely shooting a wrist deforms the  bullet drastically. In every instance, the front or tip of the bullet was smashed. It's impossible for a bullet to strike a bone, even at low  velocity and still come out with a perfectly normal tip."

So, in fraudulently altering the bullet placement in the record, neither Ford or Specter gained a thing, though they did manage to hoodwink millions of Americans for decades because few people actually looked into the matter, and next, Ford's chicanery wasn't exposed until decades later after the JFK Records Act was passed in 1992. (The Ford editing documents, on which the Times snippet was based, were made public by the Assassination Records Review Board.)

So why is the "magic bullet" still accepted despite its obvious fallacious basis? Probably because it's the only meager thread the Warrenites have to hang their BS  on, and they still hope most Americans will just accept their word (argument from authority - a major fallacy) as opposed to investigating it themselves. (They're betting most people don't have the energy or skill to independently investigate)

What about the kill shot?

The Warrenite version of the head shot - the kill shot - is that it entered from the rear, because, of course, they have the assassin to the rear (in the Texas School Book Depository).  The image is shown below along with the frame from the Zapruder film showing the head shot (Z-313):
The noticeable backward motion of JFK's head in the film is attributed to the reaction of a forward spray out - in what has been called the 'jet effect". (Similar to the well known rocket effect, where fuel leaves the exhaust under pressure and the rocket moves in the opposite direction).

The problem, of course, is that this doesn't comport with Jackie's motion over the limo trunk - as shown in the lower left graphic. The fact she is moving over the limo trunk to the REAR, and her WC testimony (supported by recently released audiotape testimony from 1964) was she was attempting to retrieve a skull fragment (likely the missing occipital bone reported by the Parkland drs.) means that  the shot had to have come from the FRONT. This would be in the grassy knoll area.  This is further supported by the actual autopsy photos which belie the corrupted Warren versions, e.g.

Photo specialist Robert Groden ('The Killing of a President') has indicated that the fake photo image was likely taken after the rear of the head was reconstructed using mortician' plaster.

Again, we are confronted by blatant efforts to conceal the actual wound so as not to diverge from the dogma and presumption that Oswald did it, firing from the rear. Under no circumstances could the c-word be allowed to rear its head. The American people had to be mollified and quieted that it was just a lone deranged nut, and god forbid they know their own government had a hand in it!

Can all bullets and fragments be linked to the Mannlicher-Carcano?

Clearly, they cannot - and even CE399 is in doubt, and as shown above, the 'heritage' of that bullet is very much in doubt. On the assumption that CE399 is from the alleged Oswald rifle, the key is whether the fragments recovered (e.g. in the limo) could be matched to CE399 by composition.  By incredibly favorable happenstance, a test  was actually performed  (Neutron Activation Analysis) which has the capacity to make such distinctions in chemical composition to within 2 or 3 parts per billion.

But in NAA, any deviation, no matter how minute – confirms a difference in composition. That’s because the Neutron Activation Analysis results is an 'all or nothing' test result proposition. Thus, Hoover's reference to 'minor variations' was in an unwitting declaration that there were conclusive variations hence fragments found and tested disclosed different bullets, by composition. This may have been one reason why the NAA test results were suppressed so long.

So how many bullets were fired in all, or can be accounted for?

What we've already exposed is that there had to have been at least four different shots and putatively from 3 different locations (The Dal-Tex building provides a better angle for the back shot than the TSBD). Let's enumerate them thus far:

1) The upper back wound - fired from the Dal-Tex bldg.?

2) Throat wound - fired from the front (GK)

3) Head wound - fired from the GK.

4) Connally wounds (rib, wrist)  - fired from the TSBD

In fact, if we add the shot that chipped off a piece of pavement, and sprayed James Tague - we reach five bullets. If we also add the bullet that left a dent in the frame of the limo we get to six. See e.g.

Of course, the pavement that had been pock marked was painted over, then removed and taken to FBI HQ while the limo itself was ordered dispatched to Ohio and disassembled.

Anyone smell any rats here?
And yet the Warren Commission poppycock is all you can be expected to hear for the next week - as we approach the 50th anniversary of this sad and tragic event.
Go to any media presentation, say like CBS' "As It Happened" tomorrow night, as well as their 60 Minutes special Sunday, and all you will see and hear is Bob Schieffer or other tools-fools  trotting out the "Oswald did it" , pro-Warren bunkum. Ditto for ABC, NBC and the other corporate mouthpieces of propaganda.
But savvy, critical thinking Americans know better, and after fifty years of this BS they aren't buying any more.
Next: The Warren Commission Rifle Tests and Oswald's Marksmanship.

[1] J.P. Duffy and V.L. Ricci: 1992, ' The Assassination of John F. Kennedy', Thunder's Mouth Press, p. 434.


Unknown said...

I just want you to know, that you don't know the real truth about Kennedy and Oswald did not shoot the president.I am 53 and was not there and I know everything that happened step by step.And the person that confessed everything to me was my dad, the FBI covered a lot of my dad's involvement. And Oswald had my Dad's check stubs in he's pocket and a box top that Oswald had in pocket was found in my dad's house we lived on 214 WNeedly st. And they lived by us before we all lived on W Needly st anf oswald lived right next door.Amd thst is when Marina had her second child anf they moved but Oswald put a box in the garage behind the duplexs and me and my brother went through it anf there was a gun and a lot of papers.And the FBI covered up do information on my dad snd the socisl security office told my dad to go and get a new social card, he had a fake one where he turned the twonmiddle numbers around, and the FBI made Mary Ferrell close her data base down due to info she found on my dad. My dad was in the Mifia, and was a hitman, in the army he had awards for or being the best sharp shooter the army had. In 2012 the CIA started contacting him about a job, but couldn't due to old age and health problems, he had already told my brothers what really happen but he started calling me on he's pre paid phone and wanted me th o know the truth, he was very detailed to everything.My dad told me that the Cia had pictures of me of me growing up.And that they was wanting somrthing done in Alaska, and when I told him about being followed by a white SUV he told me to get a watch dog and a gun.My step granfather was a police officer back then, and my mother dated jack ruby and I remember him when she kidnapped me and my brother to Chicago and he was checking me out and some strange things happened to me that I don't understand.But about three half weeks of the CIA started contacting my dad he was died.My dad taught me about codes and he gave me a code that he had a meeting the mexican mifia due to the CIA.And I have more informstion I am trying to make since of it all, plus my dad was a big time drug dealer and had a black book everyone wanted with names of very important people.I found out my mother was not born in Chicago but was born in the UK.But when all this went down my parents got divorced, and she had three kids before me one kid killed himself on drugs, and I think I found one kid she would never talk about and got the name of the of third sibling before me and my brother.But my Dad don't make up crab , he only told me the truth about things,and when he had never knowledge me as he's daughter.When he was in court about custody he told the judge he just wanted my brother and the judge said that he was not going to slit me and my brother up.Why did the FBI try and hide information on my dad, there are CD's and pages on my dad on mary ferrells database before the FBI made her close the database.My dad had contacts every where, and told of storys that hr made to do in the army, and things that happen. So a lot of these books about Oswald, ARE not true the FBI and CIA just told things to throw people off.I am ashamed of my dad, because him and oswald were very good friends. If you want to talk eith me call 9122899801 ask for carolyn

Copernicus said...

Carolyn Jackson wrote:

"So a lot of these books about Oswald, ARE not true the FBI and CIA just told things to throw people off"

I think we can agree a priori that all the anti-conspiracy books, including from Posner, and Vince Bugliosi, are based on lies and only designed to 'throw people off' - which also seems to be the main objective of the govt. (Since it did not release any of the Joannides files for the 50th anniv. year.)

Thanks for you own perspective and input based on your experiences.

Copernicus said...

Btw, though not in the position of direct experience as you are, I have spent over 38 years amassing the evidence in the JFK assassination and know to the degree anything can be known apart from direct experience, that Oswald didn't do it. All the signs point to the CIA using the Staff D program under William Harvey.

Sherry Fiester said...

YOu stated "the shot had to have come from the FRONT. This would be in the grassy knoll area."

You are correct, the shot did originate from the front. However, front is NOT the grassy knoll.

Thomas N. Canning was an engineer with
the Space Project Division of NASA engaged by the House Select Committee
on Assassinations to determine Kennedy’s location within Dealey Plaza.
Photogrammetric analysis conducted by HSCA's established placement of Kennedy and the Presidential limousine within Dealey Plaza at the time of the shooting. Photographic evidence allowed precise placement and orientation of Kennedy’s head within Dealey Plaza.The Civil Aeromedical Institute of the FAA’s Aeronautical Center prepared a series of calibrated photographs of replicas of Kennedy’s head. Comparing facial features in the calibrated photographs generated a three dimensional positioning of Kennedy’s head. Kennedy’s line of sight is the direction he would be facing if he looked forward relative to his body and head position.

Based upon the assessment by the HSCA, Axis Corporation, and the Myers computer recreation the actual orientation of JFK’s head and therefore the direction Kennedy would face had he lifted his head is determined to be a 115-degree turn from Zapruder.

Obviously, “front” of Kennedy is not the Grassy Knoll, but toward the south end of the triple overpass on the opposite side of Dealey Plaza.

Copernicus said...

Yes, I've seen Cannning's excellent work - but it still doesn't convince me that's where the kill shot originated from. The picket fence at the GK would have provided the perfect cover, and cigarette butts were found there in the aftermath. Lee Bowers (one of the witnesses found dead) testified concerning cars in the area - namely a 57-58 Chevy.

The angle would have also worked according to the 1978 test firings documented by D.B. Thomas in his echo correlation analysis published in 'Science and Justice'.

Thomas' H{M..N, n, i} sets (for the hypergeometric p-function) also pretty well nails down the GK -fence area as the most probable location. Thomas found that for a given configuration for 2 motorcycles at designated locations, 1 for (GK) shooter location and one for alignment of muzzle blasts with one pair of echoes, the p -value is 0.000012 or about 1 in 100,000 against the null hypothesis, i.e. that the impulses were from random noise. An alternative way to put this is that the odds are 100.000 to 1 in favor of the impulses comprising actual rifle shots.

I do admit that when it comes to high -tech models and re-configurations I am a skeptic - having seen at least a half dozen since 1988 - all of them claiming to the "using the latest, best technology".

Canning's work, as I recall, was also featured on the BBC series 'The Men Who Killed Kennedy' and got my attention when I first saw it. But given the totality of other evidence I just don't think it convincingly alters the kill shot location as much as claimed.

Let's also bear in mind James Tague was standing near the triple overpass location you describe and surely should have heard shots if that's where they originated from.

Copernicus said...

Correction: Tague ought to have heard the kill shot clearly - if that is where it was fired from. Of course, you could argue his being sprayed with pavement bits owing to a shot from the TSBD (or Dallas Records Bldg.) took his mind off anything like that!

Anonymous said...

The autopsy photo showing the back of the head intact is not fake. The Drs testified there were 3 flaps of scalp and skull and they are holding the back flap up and in place just like you put a puzzle together. You are totally wrong about the picture being fake!

Copernicus said...

Sorry, it is YOU that is wrong! Even Parkland surgeon Dr. Charles Crenshaw confirmed that it was faked. This was after being shown the autopsy photo in question by Gary Shaw of the Sixth Floor Museum and being asked whether it matched what he observed when attending to JFK.  Dr. Crenshaw was incredulous, immediately spotting the fake and ascertaining  that the head had been "manipulated". Details are provided in Dr. Crenshaw's excellent book, 'JFK - Conspiracy of Silence' .  This link to a .pdf version of Dr. Crenshaw's book can be found below:

The Drs. "testified" to the fake's validity only after being pressured by the WC. But their original take conformed with that of Dr. Crenshaw.

So if you are insisting that the intact rear head photo is NOT fake - how do you account for the image clearly showing the rear blown out? Are you then claiming THAT is the fake? If so, by whom? How? Further, the claim of the intact rear head does not oonform to basic physics and Newtonian laws of motion, which dictates a shot from the right front. Get out your physics books and check those laws again!

Copernicus said...

Look carefully also at the Zapruder photo of Jackie moving back across the limo trunk. In her secret WC testimony she maintained she was trying to retrieve a fragment of JFK's skull. HOW do you explain a skull fragment moving back across the limo trunk? The only possible explanation is from a frontal shot, in accord with the Newtonian law of linear momentum transfer! Examination of lab tech Paul O'Connor's sketch of JFK's head at the autopsy (at Bethesda Naval Hospital) shows clearly this fragment had to be a dislodged occipital bone.

Copernicus said...

Addendum: ALL the drs. cited in 'The Killing Of A President" contradict your claim as they are all shown with hands to the rear of their heads showing the location of the massive REAR head wound. They include (pp. 86-87)

-Dr. Robert McClelland

- Dr. Paul Peters

- Dr. Kenneth Salyer

- Dr. Charles Crenshaw

- Dr. Ronald Jones

- Dr. Charles Carrico

- Dr. Richard Dulaney

GET the book and examine their photos and WHERE they're indicating.

Anonymous said...

Copernicus what does Newton law say about a vehicle moving forward as the brain matter is rocketed 10 yards high and then starts to come down as the limo moves foward? What would Newton's law say about the fact the witnesses testified the brain matter was in heaps in front of jfk in the limo?

Copernicus said...

The occipital bone was hurled backward, Nutler, which is why Jackie is seen 'chasing' it across the limo trunk. Or do you think she was suddenly seized by a brain embolism inducing a mirage to move in that direction. Yes, some blood was blown up and outward as would be expeted from a frangible bullet, but the key issue was the backward momentum of the dislodged occipital bone fragment. Btw, the WC witnesses who made the claim you reference had been coached or coerced by the fraudulent WC to make that claim. I would rather accept objective on the spot witnesses like Jackie (in her sequestered testimony) and Dr. Charles Crenshaw - who is assuredly NO crackpot. On that note, this debate is closed. You can subscribe to the WC bunkum if you wish, but it will be given no further attention here. I suggest you vent your bollocks at a pro- WC website, maybe a Reddit sub forum?

Copernicus said...

P.S., Butler, nothing you've posted has contradicted the formal observations of the Parkland drs. cited earlier. all shown with hands to the rear of their heads showing the location of the massive REAR head wound. Those drs. again were:

Dr. Robert McClelland

- Dr. Paul Peters

- Dr. Kenneth Salyer

- Dr. Charles Crenshaw

- Dr. Ronald Jones

- Dr. Charles Carrico

- Dr. Richard Dulaney

GET the book and examine their photos and WHERE they're indicating.

Hast la vista and enjoy your Warrenite delusions!