Friday, November 7, 2014

Don't Buy the BS: Maddow Shows GOOPs Only Want to "Stop Obama'- AGAIN!

Rachel Maddow: Showed an RNC News Conference proving these turds have no interest working with Obama.

All across the corpora-media the refrain is being heard that the Reepos intend to meet Obama "half way" and do compromise, because well, their long term interests dictate this sane path. The media loves the word "bipartisanship" but we already know to the Repukes it's considered "date rape" (Google Grover Norquist and the term together and learn more).

One notable exception has been MSNBC analyst Rachel Maddow two nights ago, who actually televised clips you will never see on most other stations, including FOX. She noted:

 "If the Republicans REALLY want to do something other than 'stop Obama' here's a chance to actually make policy - to fund a response to ISIS and Ebola- as Obama has proposed.. To decide on a response. Day one, did Republicans go to Washington to make any sort of policy? Or did they just go there to destroy the President. This is a test. This is the first test and it arrived early on day one."

She then  referred to a Reepo Press Conference featuring all the usual top dogs of the RNC and there in the background, a glaring red sign: STOP OBAMA - FIRE REID. She also played a clip from Limburger's show in which he referred to a Republican "mandate" (which is more hog shit) and then showed the porker howling:

"It is very clear what that mandate is: It is to stop Barack Obama. It is to stop the Democrat Party. There is no other reason why Republicans were elected yesterday. Republicans were not elected to govern. How can you govern with a President that disobeys the Constitution?  How can you govern with a President that is demonstrably lawless? The Republican Party was not elected to fix a broken system. The Republican Party was not elected to compromise."

If anyone with half a functioning brain had any doubts that this was how things would play out, they got their wake up call. And it makes total sense. Why the fuck should the GOOPrs change a damned thing when it's already worked so well for them? Why change one tune in their retread, sick obstruction song when it even led them to win likely 54 seats in the Senate when all the dust clears? There is absolutely no reason to change!

So this is how these assholes intend to work with Obama to get something done? STOP Obama, a mild variant of their original pig call from Obama's term one?  Block him at ever turn- no stimulus votes (think of the Depression we'd be in now if that's happened and no Dem majority existed), no energy or infrastructure repair legislation, no food stamps, no nothing!

Look, any sensible person understands, as if Maddow even had to show the evidence, that these mutants intend no compromise and no working with the President on ANYTHING! It will be their way or the highway, including passing the odious Keystone XL Pipeline, lowering all regulations on the banks so they can spread credit default swaps again in bonds to create another financial meltdown, no working on immigration, and hold your breath- REPEALING Obamacare!

The news conference with Boehner was especially laughable when he referred to Obama "playing with matches" if he intends any executive actions to get things done. But the long and short of it, from a strategic perspective, is that this will be the only way for him to get things done because Boehner and his Reepo crazies (some of whom were quoted in the press as saying Hillary was "the antichrist" and "women need to obey their husbands") have no intent to work seriously with him anyway.

Also, as Chris Hayes noted in his own show ('UP'), Obama playing the executive action card is guaranteed to incite the unhinged GOP factions, i.e.  the rabid Tea Party  ("Constitutionalist")  nuts and their ilk, and show Americans again why these fools aren't fit to have the Presidency in 2016. Why the fuck should they be rewarded with the presidency when they can't even cooperate to bring one single positive bit of legislation through? And we know this, in advance, never mind what much of the bought and sold whore media says.

One of the most insightful takes on it all was offered in a piece by Jim Newell yesterday from which I quote a segment:

"Let’s do a thought experiment. Say Barack Obama dropped his plan to take executive action on immigration in order to foster cooperation with Republicans on passing comprehensive immigration reform. What would happen? He’d be denounced by a significant portion of the Democratic base, perhaps irreparably. And then the Republican leaders in the House and Senate would proceed to do exactly nothing on immigration, because it’s not in their members’ interests to cut a comprehensive immigration reform deal with Barack Obama. And then Obama, because he is the president, would get the blame for nothing “getting done” in Washington. What possible reason is there for him to delay executive action on immigration? He can either improve the lives of millions of people, excite the members of his party, and have Republicans hate him or improve the lives of no one, depress the members of his party, and have Republicans hate him."

Read it carefully, and if you're a Dem especially, or even independent, tell me with a straight face that you disagree with that assessment. If you do, I really want to know what brand of rope you're smoking.  As the author also adds, for good effect:

"the current Republican Party’s identity is forged on being oppositional to Barack Obama. If it were to agree with him on some significant piece of legislation, then that would make Barack Obama something less-than-Satan, which would make the Republican Party … what?"

Read it and weep, my friends, but don't look for anything positive politically to emerge over the next two years. As I said before, Obama needs to have his veto pen at the ready....and now his executive action pen too. Don't give one bloody inch to these rabid refuseniks!

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