Thursday, November 20, 2014

Obama Displays the Pluck,Courage That Senate Dems Lack

What can I say? President Barack Obama displayed courage and determination tonight in putting forward an executive action for immigration that has all the repukes going batshit crazy.

Obama has shown more than ample pluck in DOING something after the Repugs sat on their asses  for at least a year and a half. Also, Obama presented a welcome image of Democratic strength and cojones in total contrast to the pusillanimity of the Senate Dems (in voting for the Keystone abomination) and especially the timid wimp and weasel Harry REID. 

If you need an alert on Reid's cowardice  see my previous post on how the wussy-ish patsy plans to fully give in to the Reepos no matter what odious legislation they pass. 

At least it looks like we can depend on a re-energized Obama to veto any crap that arrives at his desk - including the Ryan Budget to turn Medicare into a voucher program, drastic Social Security cuts and also the Keystone XL pipeline. We sure can't depend on Reid to prevent R-contaminated laws from leaving Capitol Hill!

Basically, in his 17-odd minute address, Obama announced the extension of protections against deportation for approximately 5 m undocumented immigrants in the United States, many of whom would become eligible for work permits but who would not receive green cards or citizenship.

The measure encompassed migrant parents of children who themselves are citizens or legal residents, as well as an expanded pool of immigrants who arrived in the United States as children.  Obama billed his actions as a step toward “accountability" - which it is obvious they were.   As part of his action he also said hundreds of border agents had been added in the southwest and that the new orders would clear backlogs in immigration courts.

Obama's actions included a program to prioritize deportation of known criminals, individuals believed to pose a national security threat and others. Hillary Clinton and other Democrats welcomed the actions, but Republicans predictably decried the moves as a gross usurpation of power on the part of the president. 

Of course this is balderdash and even former Bush  Jr. AG, Henry Gonzalez- interviewed on CNN last night - was not about to refer to the actions as illegal - given that "the President has lots of discretion on the interpretation of laws."  He was clearly referring to the fact that Obama, contrary to the Repugs' bilge, was not  automatically "legalizing" 5 million immigrants - but only putting them to the very rear of the deportation line. A huge difference!

The Repukes plan to take it to court and some of the more insane are even using the I-word, but let them. They won't get anywhere. Presidents since LBJ have been expanding the warp and woof of executive power and Bush II was the ultimate, with his thousands of signing statements and openly flouting laws (such as the 1978 FISA law,  by using illegal wiretaps) then sitting back while congressional worms made it legit in retrospect.  Obama may not be a beneficiary of the same congressional passivity but at least I am 99 % sure no court will find against him. Even the Roberts' Supremes.

Stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy the spectacle of a Dem Prez not frightened to use his power against the Rs, despite their hysteria about "lawlessness". Harry Reid, take note! The best defense is a bold offense!

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