Thursday, August 19, 2010

"I TRIED to warn you atheists - but you won't listen!"

Left: Another image from Pastor Poop's "Hell" collection. He'd do better to study Matthew, 7:1-5, about "judging others" before he tries this stunt again. Or maybe he longs to be judged "measure for measure".

Here he comes again: Wannabe Pastor Mikey M0use, aka Elmer Gantry, Junior, shaking his idiot Hell stick at us again. WHEN will this deluded, fool, halfwit moron ever learn? Moreover,WHEN will he get it that until he solves the "Infinite Deity- Hell" Paradox we will regard him as a looney tune, 52 cards short of a full deck and badly in need of serious therapy (preferably directed at his necrophilous-Oedipal overtones) or electro-convulsive treatments.

He believes if he posts enough "Hell" cartoons on his blog (see above) he will scare us into conforming to his idiotic dictates and screeching - but his IQ is too low to process that we alone are not singled out by him. Heck, just months ago, he effectively sent his own dad to the ultimate hot spot because he hadn't "believed in the Lord Jesus Christ" as his personal Savior. (What dad did tell me, in the last email he shared, was that he hoped Mike's son wouldn't turn out to be crazy like him - dumping on his parents' faith as well as others' beliefs. He also expressed being ashamed to even have a son that would express so much hate and vitriol against his parents' religious beliefs - after I sent copies of Pastor Pudwhacker's "False Doctrines" exhibit from his I-net church site).

Let's look at some of the latest snark from this holier than thou blowhard, who never processed the phrase of his Savior: "Judge not lest ye be judged". Adding that as to what these rascals (fundie idiots) judge shall be meted to them "measure for measure".

He sniffs:

"Brothers and Sisters , sometimes I believe that atheists , as well as ALL non-believers , are like an ignorant serial killer who thinks the electric chair is just a place to sit back and kick up your feet . That is , of course , until they go "snap,crackle,and POP" !

Right, asshole, except for one little item you evidently ignored: we aren't "serial killers"! Neither are the CATHOLICS (like your DAD!) you also condemn to the infernal fires of your pathetic sick mind. All that we do, is profess to seek and find our OWN way without some know it all, pompous windbag purporting to threaten us if we choose not to do it HIS way. And no, we won't be stampeded into purchasing a fraudulent afterlife insurance policy merely to save our hides. (And let us recall here, as I already showed, all the "quotes" attributed to Christ -Yeshua concerning "Hell" were later syncretic additions, with about as much historical integrity or reliabiity as a Disney cartoon like "The Lion King" describes lion habitat and behavior in Africa.)

And, of course, as usual, he makes the false analogy pseudo- argument - mixing up actual, real implements or punishments (like the electric chair) with his phantasmagorical "Hell". But never mind, unlike the state of Florida- which sent Ted Bundy to the chair for his part in over 45 murders of young women, this asinine bigot would send us to his "chair" merely for choosing not to think, and believe as HE does.

But here is where he really shows his unfathomable stupidity as well as ignorance:

"So , why does hell even exist and why does God send some people there ? The Bible tells us that God “prepared” hell for the devil and the fallen angels after they rebelled against Him (Matthew 25:41). Those who refuse God’s offer of forgiveness will suffer the same eternal destiny of the devil and the fallen angels. Why is hell necessary ? All sin is ultimately against God (Psalm 51:4), and since God is an infinite and eternal being, only an infinite and eternal penalty is sufficient"

Except for one thing, moron, "Hell" is totally inconsistent with ANY "INFINITE and eternal entity". Or are you just too damned stupid to process that? Are you retarded, or just a congenital idiot? Let me once again set the table for you to resolve this paradox, or else call your bluff:

IF GOD is infinite, then that means absolutely all -encompassing (to the effect there is only ONE Being) and indeed, to such an ultimate extent that his Infinite Being cannot be shared with anything outside Himself. Either he-she -it is infinite, or not. It can't be both. Get it? DUH!

But, if "Hell" is indeed an "infinite and eternal" penalty as you claim, then that means ANOTHER INFINITY shares Being with God. That means either:

1) Hell is PART of GOD


2) Hell is apart from God, in which case God cannot be all-encompassing, and hence not "infinite" - it is only your stupid words which make him so, but then you contradict yourself when you interject an equal infinite. One can have ONE infinite or the other, but not both sharing the same Being! This is what we call CONTRADICTION, numbskull!

So, either God is infinite and there is NO Hell, or there is a Hell but God is not infinite.

Now, pastor porky, either resolve the paradox or admit your "Hell" is made up and you're full of horse manure!

Finally, he allows us the magic way out of perdition:

"Lastly , God does NOT want ANYONE ( atheists INCLUDED ) , to go to hell (2 Peter 3:9). That is why God made the ultimate, perfect, and sufficient sacrifice on our behalf. If you want to not go to hell, "BELIEVE" in Him - i.e., receive Jesus as your Savior. It is as simple as that. Tell God that you recognize that you are a sinner and that you deserve to go to hell"

Why don't YOU tell him, you arrogant, self-righteous moron. And while you're at it, beg him pretty please not to barbecue your fat ass at too high a temperature, since as Jesus said (Matthew 7: 1-5):

"Do not judge that YOU be not judged"

(Remark: and note ANYONE who claims atheists, OR Catholics, are 'Hell bound' is JUDGING!)


"For with what judgement YOU judge, YOU shall be judged, and with what measure YOU measure, it shall be measured unto you.

And why do YOU look at the splinter which is in your brother's eye but the BEAM in YOUR eye you do not consider.

How can you say to your brother, 'oh let me remove the splinter in your eye' and behold, the BEAM is in YOUR eye.

HYPOCRITE! First remove the beam from your eye then you will see clearly to remove the splinter from your brother's eye"

Good advice, there, Pastor Huff and Puff. You might want to consider it and re-read it before you go tossing out your hell threats at any others again. And - oh by the way- solve that Hell-infinite paradox if you have the brains and IQ to do so. I personally doubt you can given you can't even do a ten question basic test on evolution!


Caleb Shay said...

"and since God is an infinite and eternal being, only an infinite and eternal penalty is sufficient"

Is this guy born stupid or does he just pretend to be? Anyone with two brain cells to rub together would see that the statement is a non-sequitur. In fact it makes no sense at all.

For one thing, as you pointed out, IF God was this infinite and eternal being there'd be no place or room for Hell. God's infinity and being would take up everything leaving no room for it!

Second, it is ignorant to claim "only an eternal and infinite penalty is sufficient". For NON BELIEF! Are you f*cking kiddig me?

If this is his conception of an infinite deity I am sorry for him, as his mind is too puny by half. In my mind, a truly infinite being would also have infinite capacity for compassion and forgiveness including unconditional love, and it certainly wouldn't condemn someone (allegedly one of its creations) to an infinite and eternal punishment merely for expressing unbelief in its existence!

But, he contradicts himself again, since as you also noted he condemns all other religious believers who don't see things his way. So he condemns your dad as he does you, because he was a Catholic and he believes all Catholics are following a false, ungodly religion. (I notice he even put up a photo showinng Pope Pius XII shaking hands with Hitler. He probably did that with Photoshop too)

He's really sick, a truly pathological character. If all he knows how to focus on is Hell he really hasn't much to offer as far as his whole stupid evangelical system.

It looks like it's based more on hate than love which Christ demanded and taught far more than any Hell. As you said, most of the alleged "Hell" quotes attributed to Christ were added later, usually by the same Church authorities he now hates.

Caleb Shay said...

Just to prove my point about how miserable this guy must be, so preoccupied with damnation (most likely his). In his new blog he writes:

"THAT , my friends , is the reason why we Christians should NEVER stop letting the unbelievers know about the REALITY of hell via God's Word ! I , for one , SHALL continue to do so , and make NO apologies for it !"

But you already proved that Hell has NO reality, both using text analysis and logic. That is the beauty of logic in that it exposes sloppy reasoning even about things only imagined and never seen. Your tight logic showed you can't have two co-existing eternal and infinite realities: Hell and God. You can only have one or the other. The fact he can't disprove your logic and has to resort to continually going back to saying there's a "reality of Hell" shows he doesn't get it and is like a dog barking at his own shadow.

He also keeps saying how he has to "keep letting the unbelievers know about it" but WHY - when he condemns all other believers TOO! He condemns Mormons, Jews, Catholics, Anglicans, Eckists, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims....EVERYONE! So what's the big deal about unbelievers?

I don't think he knows whether he's coming or going and it sounds to me like he probably does need some kind of psychotherapy as you suggested.

He's not only dumb, dense and dishonest, but truly a bigot in this life. If there is a Hell, HE is the one certainly destined for it! (I loved the quote of text you gave from Matthew 7:1-5!)

But he's so dense and arrogant he'll likely not see the passage applies to him at all.

Copernicus said...

Caleb Shay wrote:

He also keeps saying how he has to "keep letting the unbelievers know about it" but WHY - when he condemns all other believers TOO! He condemns Mormons, Jews, Catholics, Anglicans, Eckists, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims....EVERYONE! So what's the big deal about unbelievers?

I don't think he knows whether he's coming or going and it sounds to me like he probably does need some kind of psychotherapy as you suggested.

I suspect you're correct, and have now decided he's mentally ill, or if not definitely so (say borderline, or with borderline personality disorder) at least on the threshold. The inability to reason or think is definitely part of the condition, as well as the inability to perceive irony in one's remarks even when they're screaming.

His fetishism over "unbelievers" when he condemns ALL religious BELIEVERS as well, is a sure indication of detachment from reality and that is one of the more standard criteria for diagnosing at least a schizoid personality disorder.

His obsession with death also squares with being a necrophilous character and that bodes other mental illness, possibly schizophrenia.

Now, since we need to have compassion for the mentally ill, and not take personally what they say or write, I am not going to pick on him any more -which includes referencing any of his blogs. At least until he gets the help he badly needs and shows he is genuinely a stable, mentally healthy person - with whom one can debate.

All he's shown is many of the symptoms I've observed over the years from people who've actually been institutionalized.

So we shall leave him to his own devices and wish him all the best, whatever that may now be in his limited and disturbed frame of perception!

Ahab said...

Fundies! Ugh! Can't stand 'em.