Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pastor Mikey Redux: He's Gotta Fight SATAN!

Pastor Mike- in his Archangel Michael regalia (part of his ongoing psychotic ideations) now prepared to put on his armor and fight Satan.....errrrr ....atheists!

Well, so much for treating as truthful anything this bloviating “pastor” says. Now we know we can take it all with a grain of salt, including what he says about most anything else - including his Satanic delusions. According to his "reasoning", to justify his speedy return after one day during which his blog was "for private viewing only":

“HOWEVER..after much praying and talking to The LORD .. it was brought to my attention that by “vacating” this blog , as well as CONTINUING to “fight” and speak out against atheism , and all that it implies , as well as the many false religious denominational cults – that I was in essence leaving my “flock” to the “wolves” of atheism , and THEIR leader – SATAN !!”

Which is a pile of horse manure. Atheists, contrary to Mikey’s psychotic delusions, are beholden to neither "Satan", Bigfoot, the Abominable snowman.... or any other figments of his fervid imagination. We write and analyze using our own brains and WORDS – unlike Mikey- who has to copy and paste everything as I showed in a previous blog. (When he attacked 'Science of Mind' )
See, e.g.

In point of fact, Mike is like Don Quixote tilting at the windmills of his own unhinged mind. There is no “Satan” as an objective real entity, any more than there are three foot high aliens heading for Earth in an armada. Or angels dancing on the head of a pin. What he is really warring against are the psychotic embolisms of his own brain.

Think of it: “evil” originates not outside us in some dark spirit, but in certain brain regions associated with the most primitive reticular formation, or the reptilian brain centers. Most humans in the course of their lives finally come to grasp their brains’ delusionary trick leading them to believe that an outside force is making them do things, when it’s their own primitive reptile brain. This is the region embodying unchecked desires, territoriality and AGGRESSION.

In certain brains, the reptile behavior is so magnified – perhaps because of experiences endured in childhood, that it assumes precedence over the rationally-based neocortex. This could also mean seizing the language centers of the latter to do its bidding. One manifestation would be to make constant verbal war on a host of imagined terrors or “enemies”.

Such a dynamic undoubtedly caused Richard M. Nixon to make up his “Enemies List” just as it has led illustrious Pastor Mike to make up his Religious Enemies List, which includes: atheists, Buddhists, Catholics, Jews (unless they cooperate to permit their land to be used for Armageddon), Muslims and Mormons (to name a few)

But that doesn’t mean his list is real, any more than Nixon’s was real. It only means the man has allowed his inner reptile to dictate to him how he will act, and that is – less than a true human being. A true human recognizes his own inner reptile (or demon) and doesn't project this monster (or ID)onto others.

The pompous pastor then squalls like an egotistic infant:

I “polished” up my armor of God , sharpened my sword , and am now ready to do battle again and slay the “wiles of the devil “ !

But in reality he is only doing battle against his own reptile brain. So all that “armor” he thinks he’s put on is for naught. Can Mikey see the wiles of his own inner Reptile? Doubtful! It’s too easy to project all the evils of the world on others rather than look at himself.

He confirms this suspicion when he bloviates:

“Satan and his atheist ilk do not play by the rules my friends. Every method is legal to “the rulers of the darkness of this world” in this spiritual war to subdue the believer in Jesus Christ, and make him of non-effect "

Mikey, Mikey! Satan has no "atheist ilk" since he is a phantasm manufactured in the reptilian innards of your own brain. (Check out- next time you google: 'limbic system' and reticular formation). Also, there is no “spiritual war” that I can see. What there has been is a Blog war between Mike and myself – because I warned him many entries ago to lay off atheists or I’d come after him. Every shot he took at atheism or atheists would be returned measure for measure and with equal force.

So, Mike brought this on himself. He need not look to a fantasy “Satan” but to his own inner demons which have driven him to rupture from his family since our dad’s death last July. At that time, in the weeks after the funeral, we were at least on a steady footing, talking to each other and writing each other via email.

As for “playing by the rules” it was Mike who made his own, which began with deciding in pre-meditated fashion to make war on his own. Some months after a relative harmony had been established, he decided in the dark corners of his Reptile brain that there was some inner “calling” to make war on his own brothers, mother and sister. So he resurrected his attacks on atheists, and atheism – as well as Catholicism.

No one knows why he chose this path, I don’t. I surmise that he somehow got antsy that his fundie beliefs weren’t being adhered to and he needed to make a “stand”. So, instead of continuing our relative friendliness, it was back to the old warfare that had preceded dad’s illness. I imagine that as a pretend pastor he feels more comfortable in this role, who knows?

I offered Mike an olive branch which was based on ceasing and desisting all his attacks on atheism – for which I would cease attacks on him as The attacker of atheism. I warned him too there’d be no innominate, vague reprimands. He would be criticized by name, no hiding.

In his parting shot from his return post he writes:


Don’t worry, Mikey, I think YOUR “Satan” (creation) has better things to do- gnawing a giant psychogenic embolism in your reticular formation - as a viral phantasm. But if you’re conflating Satan with atheists, sorry – we will examine your blog so long as it’s public. And if we see any attacks on us, we will attack YOU – not “some guy who said such and such” but YOU!

Until your slimey, pseudo-religious blog is hurled into at least a metaphorical bonfire.

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janidebar said...

I absolutely can't believe this fool has come back again. What is he a zombie, or maybe Dracula, who keeps emerging from his coffin until the proverbial stake is driven through him.

Orginally, I believed you should just disengage this toad totally but now I believe he deserves no quarter IF he continues to attack atheists.

He has to be made to understand he can't blithely keep using atheism as his personal pastor punching bag or as fodder to fill space on his ridiculous blog.

This guy is a loser without any doubt and isn't fit to even kiss the sandals of the Dalai Lama who he attacked earlier.