Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Biggest Fools of ALL – But They Don’t Know It!

As I came across yet another sad story of the decline of American intelligence, I was reminded of what a chemistry teacher told me at the Catholic High School I attended in the early 60s:

“Remember, all of you, that part of your job in the future will be to address the ignorance of your fellow citizens. Those to whom much is given, much is expected – and that includes alleviating ignorance!”

Those stirring words moved me at the time but they don’t any longer, not in the age of the net when any idiot can spew any nonsense he wants, and facts, knowledge no longer matter- or are up for subjective grabs. Throw out physics, toss out chemistry – and don’t you dare show me a single math equation, or I will call you a GEEK!!


Now we see Texas is paving the road toward more Ignorance Hell as the Tex-ASS "school board" approves idiotic textbooks that question Darwinian evolution, place the Confederate Traitor Jefferson Davis up along side Lincoln for historical review, give equal gravitas to Ronnie ("Can we recall cruise missiles?") Reagan and FDR- even as it commits thousands of other academic and intellectual atrocities. Much of this obviously is religiously driven, which again shows – even as one tries to leave religion out of the issues, it repeatedly rears its deformed, ugly head to undermine integrity, education and morals. (Yes, you read that right – since religious morality is about the worst and most haphazard).

This brings up the matter of why religious fools, blustering blowhards that they are –remain amongst the most obdurate, inveterate dumpkopfs ever to breathe air and occupy space. They never learn, even when you try to educate them – but keep repeating the same crap over and over like a broken record.

Why are they so deplorably dense, dumb and foolish? I’d like to summarize in ten points below:

1.They are incapable of reasoning, opting always to commit the logical fallacy of “appeal to authority”. By that I mean, within ten minutes of any debate they invariably run out of thoughts or logic, and have to grab their bibles (usually a tattered old KJV) from which they spout quotations which they take to be actual answers. Never realizing they are letting someone else (who may not even have existed as a single individual) do their thinking for them.

2. They read(more likely - cherry pick) some science but don’t comprehend it. Thus, when they argue science or about scientific issues or topics, they end up looking like idiots. Many argue against evolution, but they’ve never even read the central book on it, ‘The Origin of Species’.

3. These people are so stupid that they can’t distinguish a subatomic particle from a singularity, or the literal “nothing” (e.g. saying the universe came from nothing) from not-THAT -thing. While astrophysicists understand what a subatomic particle is, e.g. pi meson, they know that such a thing couldn’t have given rise to the whole universe! Thus, when one approaches quantum gravity as the basis for the spontaneous inception of the cosmos – we know that a singularity must be invoked. That is, a point with zero volume and infinite density. THIS is the actual point of origin of the Big Bang and universe. Before that, however, a quantum-sized region of space time existed which cannot be approached by standard physics. Modeling is accomplished by using as a time coordinate, hyperboloids of constant distance inside the light cone of a point in de Sitter space. The point itself, and its light cone, are the Big Bang of the Friedmann model, where the scale factor goes to zero. But they are not singular. Thus, TWO different spaces are being modeled and not one!

4. These religious morons consistently over extend the power and purview of “common sense” even into domains where it is inadequate to the task. For example, in quantum mechanics. Thus, with only their pathetic common sense to go by they will never ever understand how one electron can pass through two slits (diffraction slits) at one time, or how a particle that flips its spin at point x affects another particle twenty light years distant, at the same time. No wonder they will never ever grasp the spontaneous inception of the cosmos.

5. They're so foolish that they conflate and confuse atheists with astrophysicists, or with evolutionists. They don’t grasp that atheism is a philosophical position, NOT a scientific one. However, it employs the latest findings of science – whether in astrophysics (describing quantum bootstrapping of the cosmos) or evolutionary biology (describing the origin of humans and apes from a common descendent). Thus, accepting that the universe could have incepted itself spontaneously is NOT an “atheistic” belief, but an ASTROPHYSICAL hypothesis!

6. They continually mix up and confuse (deliberately?....nawww.....they aren't that bright) the theory of life origin (Ontogenesis) with Darwinian Evolution. While the latter has met most all of its falsification tests and passed them, Ontogenesis has not. Thus, life may not have originally arisen on Earth, but been transported here (as single celled organisms) via space debris – such as asteroids or meteoroids.

7. They continually misuse the words “order” and “orderly” to apply to the universe, when no such thing is validated by the evidence and FACTS. The discovery of dark matter and dark energy and the computation that both occupy 93% of the universe, and most of the remaining 7% is hot PLASMA – with only 0.0001% of that it any kind of organized form, shows these people are either stupid or have pre-Alzhemier’s. There ARE local examples of order, e.g. in cells, but both physicists and biologists, for example, now recognize many systems in which order and complex activity can emerge spontaneously. A biological example, based on in-vitro experimental studies of cancer tumors, is the individual tumor cell

8. The religious dopes are so hopeless they don’t even update their knowledge – little wonder since they accept words written from 1000-2200 years ago! Thus, they accept “order” in the universe because the ancient Greeks used the word ‘Kosmos’ – not realizing those ancients had NO: radio telescopes, Hubble telescopes, spectrographs, photometers, or other instruments by which to really LEARN anything and actually DISCERN order (or chaos)!

9. These fools conflate and confuse material agents with physical agents and fields, thus explaining why they are unable to see how consciousness could arise in a physical system. Thus, their understanding is also halted at the materialism of the ancient Greek Demokritos – who believed there were only hard atoms. However, today’s probabilistic quantum-based atom can allow for the very waves that can be the stuff of thought and consciousness. PHYSICAL agents, e.g. electromagnetic fields, go beyond mere material constructs since they can be invisible while also affecting neighboring matter. (E.g. a powerful electromagnetic field can cause a galvanometer needle to move- something the bible blowhards would've seen if they'd ever taken a physics course!)

10. The religulous loons and dummies constantly harp on morality and how it has to be religiously based, not aware that the evidence shows it developed via evolution. As Michael Shermer shows (The Science of Good & Evil, ‘The Evolution of Morality’, p. 31) morality actually evolved from 10- 35,000 years ago in the transition from a Paleolithic hunting culture to an agrarian exchange based culture. Thus, did a wide array of personal behaviors come under scrutiny and attention by the respective clans and communities which realized that if certain actions (e.g. rape, murder, theft) were allowed, their community or tribe survival would be undermined. The link of morality to a god or gods didn’t occur until much more recently when the first bibles were written as ancient legends. Interestingly, not until religious based morality entered were the worst atrocities in human history committed, beginning with the Crusades and the Inquisition. Mass murders on a grand scale all dignified by "God". A check of all the major serial killers will also show a goodly proportion have invoked "God" as ordering them to kill, or to rape and torture. By contrast, NO atheist says .."God told me to kill them!"....(Hmmmm....wonder why?)

When a 74 year old granny nearly burned her 11 year old grandson to death by holding him in scalding water some years ago, she was asked why by Colorado Springs Police.

She replied: "My Lord and Savior ordered me to do it, to release the demon inside the boy!"

SO much for religious morality! You can keep it, or better...flush it down the nearest sewer, with the insanity that governs it. Like insisting that 'Thou shalt not kill' really means 'thou shalt not murder' - so it's okey dokey for the state to off criminals via execution ("killing" not murder), but not for a terminally ill cancer patient to mercifully terminate his life (self-murder, not killing). Then people wonder why the U.S. now is nearly ungovernable!

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