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CBS' Nancy Cordes Proves She's A Gullible Idiot By Comparing QAnon Conspiracy Manure to Oliver Stone's 'JFK'

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Jackie lurches over the rear of the limo trying to snatch a dislodged fragment of JFK's skull. As Oliver Stone showed in his film 'JFK' the kill shot clearly came from the front, not the rear (where Oswald was alleged to be.)  Thus, one expects the momentum from GK rifle shot to propel blood, skull fragments backwards over trunk, which Jackie's motion supports.

Many in the Beltway- New York Media axis still harbor a grudge at Oliver Stone for his movie 'JFK'. They hysterically assert he "defiled history", "lied about the assassination" and "misled moviegovers".   If any of these clueless morons actually had clue one, they'd see Stone was closer to the truth of what happened that day in November, 1963, than anything the Warren Commission's puppets and tools claim today.

But when I saw and heard CBS' correspondent Nancy Cordes  this morning,  parroting a "professor's" words analogizing  'JFK' to the QAnon conspiracy,  it left me speechless, and dumbfounded.  It also signaled again the corporate media's inability to do critical thinking on the fly, which is worrisome given their inability to cover Trump in the 2016 fiasco election.

Cordes spouted:

"The QAnon conspiracy theories -  as nutty as they sound -  are not even that new.  Some of the theories resemble the plot of Oliver Stone's movie 'JFK' thirty years ago."

Of course, Cordes didn't expatiate on this balderdash. Why? Because there are NO points of comparison, analogy or likeness!    She proves it in her next remark, i.e.

"And yet the professor's polling finds that five to ten percent of Americans actually believe this stuff. That President Trump is this secret crusader working to take down a cannibalistic cabal within government"

But Stone made no reference   to any "cannibalistic" cabal or conspiracy, i.e. which accuses one party of worshipping Satan,  eating babies and committing sex acts on children - as the loopy QAnon nuts believe.  So where is Cordes and her prof getting this baloney? 

Let's also get it very clear from the get go that the assorted horse shit being peddled by these ignoramuses do not qualify as conspiracy theories, they are conspiracy ideations, claptrap or refuse. In  previous blog posts I noted Barbadian psychologist Pat Bannister's categorization of those who invoke conspiracies and how she differentiated them. As part of her construction of a theory of mind, specifically showing the role of lying in young children, she also noted adeptness at detecting lies was linked to accurate detection of real conspiracies.

Dr. Bannister's classification was simple:

1- Conspiracy analysts

2- Conspiracy theorists

3- Conspiracy crackpots or cultists

At the top of the hierarchy were conspiracy analysts, such as Mark Lane, Peter Dale Scott, Harold Weisberg, Richard Charnin and others (like yours truly).  These comprised serious people possessing some measure of intellect who brought their scientific, mathematical and other aptitudes to the investigation of multiple aspects of a putative real conspiracies like Iran-Contra and the JFK assassination.  These people put in real man hours and actually published their work in authoritative media (e.g. BOOKS - real books!) and respected forums as opposed to spreading bunkum through half-assed posts in the lowest dreg regions of the net, like 4chan and 8chan.

All of which latter garbage spawned the nascent QAnon conspiracy psychosis some three years ago, which mind virus left the dregs of 4chan for Youtube, and Facebook, where the virus infected millions more febrile brains.

By contrast, Stone was spot on in his presentation of 'JFK',  for example, the portrayal of the frontal head shot that actually killed the 35th president, which had to come from the grassy knoll.  The proof of the frontal shot was delivered by Parkland surgeon Charles Crenshaw in his book,  Conspiracy of Silence', a pdf version of which is given below.

Excerpt from Preface:

'"Through the years, there have been a thousand instances when I have wanted to shout to the world that the wounds to Kennedy's head and throat that I examined were caused by bullets that struck him from the front, not the back, as the public has been led to believe. Instinctively, I have reached for the telephone many times to call a television station to set the story straight when I heard someone confidently claim that Oswald was the lone gunman from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book De­pository, only to restrain myself-until now."

Stone's depiction of a clandestine CIA operation mounted against Kennedy was also spot on.   What most infuriated the CIA was Kennedy's willingness - after the Bay of Pigs debacle  (planned and orchestrated by the CIA) -  to exclude them from critical roles,  oversight and assignments as well as reorganizing the agency, e.g.  from the available archive files on Kennedy's response:

"Kennedy went further, creating a Defense Intelligence Agency, responsible to him, and soon mandating all overflights of Cuba be done by the Strategic Air Command, not the CIA. He also defined a list of directives on what the CIA could and could not, do. By the end of 1961, JFK's 'Special Group' had no less than 17 recommendations for the "reorganization and redirection of the CIA"."

Stone's portrayal of Oswald as the patsy in the conspiracy was also spot on.  Most researchers who've delved into this in much more depth than superficial 'buffs' come away with the conviction Oswald was set up as part of ZR/Rifle. A classic decoy.  However,  with the plot now turned against Kennedy. Oswald was likely used as the dupe or decoy so the actual perps (likely Cuban exiles, and trained assassins - from the Army's Ft. Benning Assassin school) could escape .   We also know these assigned mechanics would have used the CIA Assassinations Handbook, available since Operation PBSuccess in 1954, see e.g.

As noted in 
Document 1:

"The idea of forming assassination teams ('K' groups) apparently originated with Castillo Arenas in 1952.  Adopting Castillo Arenas' concept the [  ] chief routinely included two assassination specialists in his training plans.  CIA training for sabotage teams in early 1954 also included creating a 'K' group trained to perform assassinations."

There is no doubt such a 'K' group was set to target Castro under ZR/Rifle (in 1962), but could easily be redirected to target Kennedy in late 1963.  The proof in the pudding was the letter ‘D’ – on the cover sheet of Oswald’s 201 file – indicating a  CIA Staff D  SIGINT or signals intelligence operation run in concert with the National Security Agency or NSA. As pointed out by Peter Dale Scott (Deep Politics Quarterly, Jan. 1994): 

In 1961, when William Harvey headed Staff D, he was assigned the task of developing the CIA Assassinations Project, ZR/Rifle.

When ZR/Rifle was turned from targeting Castro to JFK- probably in late 1962 or mid 1963 -  it was all over except for the triangulation of gunfire that took the 35th president out.  Far from being a case of: 'Oh the JFK conspiracy theorists just couldn't handle a nobody taking out Kennedy' - it was instead a case of  'My God! What have we come to as a nation when a sitting president can be dispatched in a veritable coup d'etat?'  The latter was based on intelligent, energized researchers having the guts and will to dig deep into those earlier assassination templates and files. 

For example, the (1975) Church Committee hearings and testimony were critical in establishing the existence of ZR/ Rifle.  Former CIA Director Richard Helms -in one session - spoke to the Committee at length about ZR/Rifle.  When pressed he even identified two hit team members by their code names: WI/ROGUE and QJ/WIN.  He described the former as "a stateless soldier of fortune and a criminal" (Church Committee Report, pp. 43-44) .

He summarized the second in these terse terms (ibid.):

"If you need somebody to carry out murder I guess you had a man who might be prepared to carry it out.”

More compelling still, a direct link of Richards Helms to William Harvey and QJ/WIN appears in a February 19, 1962 memorandum from Helms to Harvey obtained from the Assassination Archives in Washington, D.C.

Since the Assassination "K-Group" for ZR/Rifle would have had multiple members ('mechanics') it would perfectly fit Oliver Stone's portrayal of assassination using three teams in a triangulated crossfire. 

Further,  Stone's  key Pentagon character (played by Donald Sutherland) telling Jim Garrison (played by Kevin Costner) that the origin of the Vietnam War lay in LBJ's National Security Action Memorandum 273 is also dead on.    

Again, for more on the backstory of LBJ's NSAM -273 check out the information in the link below:

 As Michael Parenti aptly put it (Dirty Truths, p. 156):

“To know the truth about the assassination of John Kennedy is to call into question the state security system and the entire politico-economic order it protects. This is why for over thirty years the corporate-owned press and numerous political leaders have suppressed or attacked the many revelations about the murder unearthed by independent investigators like Mark Lane, Peter Dale Scott, Carl Oglesby, Harold Weisberg, Anthony Summers."

None of the backup docs and sources (including Dr. Charles Crenshaw's book)  I've provided here, i.e. showing Stone's 'JFK' was on target in outlining  that conspiracy's major aspects,  has any remote resemblance to the QAnon horse manure.   Why?  Because there are NO legitimate documents that exist to support QAnon's wild, psychotic claims.  Something Nancy Cordes ought to have known before mindlessly parroting nonsense in her opening CBS News segment.  

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