Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Again, WSJ Editors Live In Fantasyland As They Pull Up Stats To Try To Prove U.S. Isn't Really A Covid Failure

It's hard to believe that with 40, 041 new cases, an 80 % increase over two weeks, the WSJ editors continue to peddle fairy tales. ('Covid Comparisons, Europe and the U.S.', June 29, p. A14).  Writing:

"Even with the latest outbreaks, the U.S. has recorded fewer deaths per 100,000 people than the United Kingdom (66), Spain (61) and France (44).  Death rates are a lagging indicator, but Arizona (21), Florida (15) and Texas (80), are still well below Europe"

Well, leave it to the WSJ op-ed crew to find one stat which makes it appear the U.S. isn't really in the morass of Covid response failure it is.   But again, the  little Neolib mutts just don't get it.   They don't get that the core issue is preventing our limited medical system (including in terms of supplies, health workers) from being overrun. Already in Arizona, my niece Heidi informs us it's almost impossible to get into any ER - they are all being overrun with sick patients. (She is also a nurse so this is most concerning especially as she has two kids to look out for.)

The Journal's editorial wankers can babble all they want about per capita death rates but they have to know these do not tell the full story, namely whether a nation is truly succeeding in confronting and controlling the virus - as opposed to giving into its depredations. If you glance at all the rate increase curves (e.g. 'Spread Accelerates Across The U.S.', June 26, p. A6) you will see how 29 states and counting bear  the exponential rise in infections that foreshadow overrun medical facilities, ICUs.    The aggregate curve, indeed, is nowhere near flattening for the country, e..g.
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And this is largely due to the pathetic response of the Dotard and his minions, i.e.

 Trump Has Sabotaged America's Coronavirus Response.

Contributing to the ever upward trajectory are red states like Florida, e.g.
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Which like Texas and Arizona also opened way too early, and especially without taking proper mitigation precautions, such as mandating wearing of masks, and social distancing.  I mean, good grief, this stuff isn't rocket science or advanced astrophysics, folks.  This is basic biology of a stealth virus that as many have said "has a long fuse" and because of so many stealth carriers, silent spreader, can wreak havoc.

Again, it is clear the WSJ editors must also know these relevant facts, given their own main news pages, i.e. today ('Coronavirus Cases Are Surging Amid Strains On Hospitals, p. A6), wherein we read that AZ Gov. Doug Ducey is having to reclose gyms, movie theaters, water parks and bars - which he should have done earlier, or at least mandated masks and social distancing if he was hell bent to reopen so early.

Meanwhile, in LA county things aren't much better and Christina Ghaly (Director of LA Country Dept. of Health Services) has warned that the county "could begin running out of hospital beds in the next few weeks."

But this is what happens when you don't take full precautions and treat this virus lightly, or in the case of Repuke males - treat it as if it were nonexistent and you are invincible, so see no need to wear masks.  Which they regard as "slave wear", "shameful" and "signs of submission".

At the end of the day this disease doesn't care whether one is Dem or Repub, or from a red or blue state. It will keep mowing people down, burning through the nation with more infections (especially as there remains 93% of the populace to go) so long as people react in a stupid or ignorant way.  Don't like any mask or social distancing mandates? Then I guess you'd prefer another lengthy lockdown, because those are the only choices. 

If you prefer delusion to reality, keep reading the WSJ daffy editorials how "the America -is-a failure' reporting has a heavy dose of partisanship."  In fact, it has a heavy dose of truth which no amount of per capita mortality stats can obscure.

If you don't believe it, just wait while you disregard the mandates and warning and end up with a severe case of Covid with lungs resembling rotten hamburger, e.g.

Oh, and you need the magic drug remdesivir to survive, for which Gilead plans to charge you $3, 120 for a 5-day course.   Those inclined to line up on the WSJ editors' side might also want to consider why Americans are banned from more than 20 European nations as travel destinations.

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