Wednesday, May 16, 2018

As I Predicted, Kim Jong Un Has No Intention Of Giving Up His Nukes

"Stick it up your you know what, Dotard! No Nobel For Yew!"

In two previous posts I predicted that all this yap about a N. Korean summit in which Kim Jong Un agrees to give up his nukes was total balderdash. I also stated flatly that Trump, aka Dotard, was counting his bribe money before it was dispersed by anticipating a Nobel Peace Prize like Obama received.  This asshole isn't even fit to lick the bottoms of Obama's wingtips, far less get an award from the Nobel Committee. Besides, why would that august organization tarnish its image and credibility in perpetuity by awarding a peace prize to a criminal traitor?

But the Dodos occupying the rat warrens of Trumpdom can't see beyond their grifter natures and simply couldn't admit that Kim wasn't going to just hand over his nuke and ballistic missile program which he'd invested thirty years building.   Indeed,  these Trumpie morons remain convinced that the North has shown some kind of good faith by tearing down a nuke test site (at Punggye-Ri). They still haven't gotten the memo that this site - based on more recent satellite radar imagery- was kaput anyway,  So the North isn't giving away anything at any cost to them (ditto in releasing the 3 prisoners). See e.g.

As I noted therein:

"The chances of the North "dismantling" its nukes are roughly the same as the Cleveland Browns winning the next two Super Bowls with their latest Boy Wonder QB, Baker Mayfield.  It ain't gonna happen!  You can take that to the bank. The North and Kim have not invested the past 30 years -  including recruiting rocket scientists from the former Soviet Union - to give it all up now on a whim, baseless media speculations, or Trump's braggadocio and threats. No way in hell!"

How could I be so certain Kim wouldn't capitulate to the exorbitant, excessive U.S. demands? Because I knew he wasn't a fucking idiot like Trump - who actually gave Kim every reason not to cooperate by tearing up the Iran nuclear deal. If the U.S. couldn't be trusted to complete a deal with a still non-nuclear power, why the hell would it do so with a nuclear power like the DPRK?  It also didn't help that "Ripper" Bolton got on Face the Nation Sunday and started barking like a rabid dog about how North Korea could be brought to heel using the same template as with Libya, (Recall 8 years after Ghaddafi gave up his weapons program he was overthrown and killed.)  This prompted North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye -Gwan to respond to Bolton's blurtations thusly:

"It is absolutely absurd to compare the DPRK, a nuclear weapon state, to Libya"   adding on Bolton:

"We do not hide our feelings of repugnance toward him".

Lest anyone forget, let's also recall it was the bombastic,  bellicose Bolton who wrote a piece in the WSJ advocating for a pre-emptive war with North Korea. (Feb. 28, The Legal Case For Striking North Korea First' ).   Bolton, screwball that he is, actually tried to invoke a "necessity" based on  an 1837  'test of necessity' formulated by Daniel Webster.  (Webster's test referred to when British forces invaded the U.S.  to destroy the steamboat 'Caroline' in 1837. It had been used by Canadian rebels to transport weapons into Ontario.)

So add it all up: The Bolton WSJ piece, Trump's subsequent appointment of Bolton as national security adviser, then pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal  - with Bolton again barking endless threats including to the Europeans if they don't fall into line and administer further sanctions. In this morass of betrayal and arrogance why wouldn't Kim find any excuse not to partake in some sham show summit for Donnie Dotard's ego?

Now we know North Korea has abruptly cancelled high-level talks with Seoul and threatened to pull out of a planned summit with Donald Trump if the U.S. continues to insist on the regime giving up all of its nuclear weapons. A North Korean official said the country had no interest in a summit with U.S.  if it was based on “one-sided” demands to give up nuclear weapons, according to state media. (I also suspect that Bolton's vow of multiple "on site inspections" , raised the specter of American snoops prowling all over the Hermit Kingdom, which spooked Kim and his defense ministers, Generals.) 

Citing first vice minister of foreign affairs Kim Kye-Gwan, North Korea’s central news agency also said the fate of the US summit as well as bilateral relations “would be clear” if Washington speaks of a Libya-style denuclearization for the North.  Of course, for all intents, after what's transpired, this summit is D.O.A. Put a fork in it. The statement added that Trump would remain as a “failed president” if he followed in the steps of his  predecessors.

Kim Jong Un himself gave the game away by admitting:

 “We are no longer interested in a negotiation that will be all about driving us into a corner and making a one-sided demand for us to give up our nukes and this would force us to reconsider whether we would accept the North Korea-US summit meeting.”

The statement came after North Korea cancelled a meeting with South Korean officials just two hours before it was due to start on Wednesday, in protest at joint U.S. -South Korean military exercises, codenamed Max Thunder.   For North Korea, the presence of bombers in joint US-South Korea drills triggered painful memories of the 1950-53 Korean war.

According to U.S.  Air Force estimates, bombing raids by B-29s caused more damage to North Korea’s urban centers during that conflict than that seen in Germany or Japan during the second world war, with the U.S. dumping 635,000 tons of bombs on Korea compared with 503,000 tons during the entire Pacific war.  No surprise the North still nurses a grudge, or that it went on to develop its own nuclear weapons program as well as long range ballistic missiles which it is never going to give up - contrary to all the hegemonic fantasies of the Trumpies.

Yes, there is a slim chance, perhaps with probability 0.0000000000001, that some form  of talks might yet occur in Singapore. But it will be no more than a show, an optics display. And at the end, there will be nothing to show for it, and certainly no promise or expectation of any Nobel Peace Prize for Donnie Dotard.  The North Koreans and Kim learned only too well of U. S. treachery in deals from how it treated Iran, see e.g.

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