Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Trump Learns Free Speech Is A Two-Way Proposition - He Can't Block Critics On His Twitter Feed

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We all know by now the biggest Twitter Troll in the country is Donnie J. Dotard who wastes hours each day firing off blasts on every person he doesn't like (which is just about everyone other than Alt-Right Nazis  like Stephen Miller and fawning 'yes men' like Devin Nunes).   So, if I had Twitter and wanted to fire back: "You stupid, freaking orange- haired baboon!" he could block my tweet based on being a political enemy and harsh critic. Well, no more.  Naomi Reice Buchwald,  Judge for the Southern District of New York - ruled that such blocking is against the first amendment and  violates free speech rights.. So if Dotard can reel off his slimy, attack tweets castigating everyone from James Comey to Rod Rosenstein to Mika Brzezinski we can fire back at him all the epithets we want. After all, isn't that what Twitter is for?

 The case against Dotard emerged from July, 2017,  when Columbia University's Knight First Amendment Institute discovered Trump had a habit of blocking users from his Twitter feed who "disagreed with, criticized or mocked him" (e.g. 'Hey, you orange, butt-faced Orangutan, Comey was right, you're wrong!").  Trump engaged in this one-sided baloney because he believed - as an illegitimately installed puppet pretender-  he was entitled to taunt, disparage, belittle anyone and everyone - but no one could return the

But as the Knights argued, this blockage  violated "the free speech protections of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. "

Judge Buchwald herself  wrote:

"This case requires us to consider whether a public official may, consistent with the First Amendment, block a person from his Twitter account in  response to the political views that person has expressed and whether the analysis differs because that public official is the President of the United States. The answer to both questions is no."

Which is reasonable and logical because Trump is not our king, or a dictator....yet. Indeed, it may be strongly argued that he only serves (even as a pretender president) at  our pleasure - not we at his. We the Peo0le have final say over him, not him over us. And the White House is OUR house, not his, which we shall have to fumigate as soon as we get him and his nest of  vermin and vipers out.

To be more specific here, when a Twitter user blocks another the "blockee" is then unable to view the users' tweets.  This then turns into one-sided speech so the Twitter troll can taunt at will and not be challenged or criticized because the blockee can't see the objectionable fare. Thus, he is disabled from any return speech, hence is denied his free speech rights.

This is one of the basic rights Dotard still has to learn, that rights in this country are not 'one way' and if he continues to troll and bloviate and taunt with his stupid tweets he is going to have to expect return fire.

The Judge opted not to issue an injunction against Trump blocking Twitter users....yet. But that could change if this buffoon continues his one-sided antics.  Sadly, the overgrown brat and clown still hasn't learned that one does not govern by tweet.  But basically, we know the Twitter Troll in chief does this because he needs to keep his base of deplorables stoked and in high dudgeon against the rest of the nation, especially the "elites".

Will Trump ever quit his brash disrespect for norms and laws as well as the amendments of the Bill of Rights? Nope, not until we get rid of him. The sooner the better.

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