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Senate Intel Conclusion Proves House Investigation Is Bogus And Nunes Is A Traitor

"This conclusion is bittersweet for the country because unity is the best antidote against Russian interference or interference from any country. ..So the House Republicans are now isolated. Isolated from the bipartisan report from Senate Democrats and Republicans, isolated from the intelligence community assessment and just isolated from the facts."     - Rep. Eric Swalwell, last night on 'The Last Word'

 Now that the Senate Intelligence Committee has issued its conclusion - that Russia interfered in the 2016 election and this was to help Trump - it stands in stark contrast to the  conclusion of the House Intel Committee led by chairman Devin Nunes.  Which of these is bogus, and which is the conclusion you can trust? The answer boils down to one of essential character of the prime actors and in the case of the House Committee, we have a traitor - Devin Nunes - leading the charge. This was to offer political cover for Donnie Dotard. Hence the House investigation's conclusion isn't worth any more than that of the Warren Commission confected by LBJ, about an ounce of doggie lickspittle. See e.g.

As I observed in that post:

"Who would ever have believed another abominable "investigation"  like the politically motivated Warren Commission's could ever be resurrected again? For those who need a memory jog, this charade was conceived by LBJ to provide protective cover for himself by launching into a pseudo-investigation of the assassination of JFK.   Like the just concluded House Intelligence Committee - largely run as a charade to protect Trump by his water boy Devin Nunes- the Warren Commission was designed as an elaborate foil to protect Johnson."

And  quoting former Justice Dept. specialist and spokesperson Matt Miller:

"This Intelligence Committee Report is a farce in so many ways. It's a farce in view of what happened - allowing witnesses to come in and refuse to answer questions and then no follow up, no subpoenas, no attempt to hold anyone in contempt. And it's a farce in claiming Putin wasn't  trying to elect Trump. Not just because the intelligence agencies have concluded otherwise, but a grand jury of 23 average Americans returned an indictment that explicitly said the Russians were trying to elect Donald Trump. They're ignoring that evidence completely ." 

And as for Devin Nunes, we know he's a traitor and consummate bad actor with deplorable character from his actual actions which those of us who've paid attention have tracked from last year's antics, e.g.



That Nunes is a bad actor and purposefully disruptive agent became obvious in the midst of another records dispute last month. Then the little wretch threatened to hold Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein in contempt, or impeach him. This was if the DOJ did not grant access to a nearly complete document (including FISA warrant) used to open the Russia investigation. The sleazebag rat attempted to exercise power far beyond his warp and woof. Fortunately, Rosenstein rebuffed him and the other GOP Toads with a rate media appearance that he wold not give in to "extortion".

All of which has pointed to the House Intelligence Committee as a smokescreen and political disinformation unit to protect Trump, as opposed to adhering to the  Constitution and getting at the truth. This is why the House Intel Committee found "no evidence of coordination between Russia and Trump's campaign."   This in 180 degree opposition to the Senate Committee, which has been left to act the part of the sole adults and show the House investigation for the clown act it is, and who Nunes really is. A transparent vermin - perhaps 2-legged roach- who professes not to want to hurt any source, merely to "get documents related to his investigation".  Absurd when one considers he has refused to even question all key parties in the investigation, including Steve Bannon, Hope Hicks,  George Papadopoulos -  who had admitted contacts with the Russians long before Christoper Steele's dossier emerged. Also:

-  Carter Page, deemed a key Russian agent, implicated from 2013 via intel intercepts and other communications, and:

- Wilbur Ross, who had become head of a Cyprus bank that helped Russian oligarchs launder money e.g.

Taken in context and all his actions (since last year)  in concert, Nunes M.O. is clear: to sow discord and court endless conflict to provide cover for the traitor Trump.  There is no issue or ambiguity on that. And by providing cover for a traitor, Nunes has shown himself to be of the same breed.

In Nunes' most recent encore, he's issued increasingly bold demands for access to some of the Justice Department's most sensitive case files.  As former DOJ spokesman Matt Miller has pointed out, the release of such files into Nunes' hands would disclose highly confidential methods and sources, including intercepts from foreign agents who would then be compromised. In other words, Nunes has reprised his M.O. as an infamous traitor in the sordid series of continuing escalations, confrontations.  As I said in an earlier blog post, this bastard needs to be hung, drawn and quartered. (Janice has suggested burning in a dumpster fire after.)

In the latest episode, reported in the NY Times four days ago ('Wielding Threats, Nunes Attack Justice Dept'.) we learn this deranged punk "demanded more documents and related materials for his investigation into allegations of surveillance abuse by federal law enforcement officials".  His reckless mission pitted this miscreant not only against the DOJ, but the FBI and intelligence community and intel -linked sources inside Trump's WH itself - all of whom warned "the disclosure could endanger a long time source who is aiding the special counsel's investigation."

A normal and honorable citizen would respect such warnings, understanding that exposing this source is no more justified than how Valerie Plame was exposed in the Bush Jr. era..  But Devin Nunes is no normal, honorable citizen, he's a traitorous rat who's dedicated himself to butt kissing Trump and put what little reputation he has on the line for that primo traitor,
Image result for Trump as Traitor
Not to be outdone, WSJ harpy and  long time Trump stooge Kimberley Strassel tried to come to Nunes' rescue in her last disinfo piece,

Bloviating and blurtating that:

"I believe I know the name of the informant, but my intelligence sources did not provide it and refuse to confirm it. It would therefore be irresponsible to publish it."

Not to mention, putting your own neck into Robert Mueller's noose!  But the rest of her screed merely regurgitates all of the House Intel conspiracy theories and Nunes' own psychotic ideations, e.g. "the FBI played dirty in its surveillance warrant against Carter Page."  No, they did not!  It was totally justified given Page had met with Russkie FSB agents and the meetings documented by foreign (e.g. German, UK, Dutch) intercepts. But I guess Strassel has no problem betraying the trust of foreign sources.

In the end, the Senate Intelligence report puts the kibosh not only on Strassel's outlandish ruminations but on Nunes' and his collaborators' perfidy and treachery.  To see more details of its report, go to:

Update (5/20):  Trump Proves He's A Damned Traitor With Tweet "Order" to DOJI

Barely days after I wrote this post, Trump has come out and hung himself as a damned traitor with his own words.

As per a NY Times front page article ('Trump Demands Inquiry Into Whether Justice Dept. Infiltrated or Surveilled His Campaign') Trump tweeted earlier today:

"I hereby demand, and will do so officially tomorrow, that the Department of Justice look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes,  and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama Administration!”

Demand all you want you psychotic,  SOB clown boy.  What you have proven here is express,  undeniable intent to block an existing investigation by trying to confect a bogus counter investigation.  Obstruction of justice on steroids, you MOFO turd. Enjoy your games while you can, with the buffoon Giuliani helping you - along with the other fool Nunes. You won't be around much longer, Dotard..

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