Monday, April 9, 2018

Could Dotard Get Us Into A Nuclear War With Russia After The FBI Raid On His Scumball Lawyer?

"We haven’t been in a safe space since Nov. 8, 2016, but we’re in especially dangerous territory now. President Trump seems closer than ever to decisions that could plunge the country into crisis. And there’s nothing in his bearing or behavior to suggest that he cares all that much about sparing America that chaos and pain."  Frank Bruni, 'Trump Seethes And The Rest Of Us Should Tremble', NY Times

Many pundits tonight are asking the question posed in the header, given Trump is now feeling the "hangman's noose" tightening ever more snugly around his fat, orange neck. This after the office and home of his scumball lawyer (Michael Cohen) was raided by the FBI earlier today.  After he learned about it he ranted on in the White House for a solid nine minutes even ruminating that he "might have to see about doing something with Mueller".   No, you degenerate turd, that would be a very bad idea, if you recall Nixon trying the same thing (in the "Saturday Night massacre")

Besides, Trump is barking out of his fat ass. It wasn't Mueller who executed the warrants on Cohen, it was the U.S. Attorney of the Southern District of New York, a REPUBLICAN! The warrants were also approved by a federal judge and higher ups in the Dept. Of Justice. (All Republicans.)

But this is how a crazed, cornered rat behaves and speaks including the fulsome, hyper balderdash spouted that the FBI "broke into"  Cohen's office. No they did not, asswipe. They merely fulfilled the execution of a lawful search warrant.  The physical intervention, as opposed to merely issuing a placid subpoena, was because there's either a time limit on the evidence or belief in the possibility of destruction of evidence..

Doturd also yelped - like the fascist authoritarian he is - that this was "an attack on the country". No, again, Mr. Resident, it was a lawful exercise designed to seize key evidence from a single scumball (sharing your degenerate personality) before it could be destroyed.  Do not, I repeat, do not, conflate the country  with you and your lackey rat Cohen.  As NY Times columnist Frank Bruni put it:

"’A lawful raid on his attorney's office and hotel room is what prompted the president to use those immensely weighted words. They’re a signal — make that a siren — of how cornered he feels, how monstrously large his belief in his own persecution has grown and what a dangerous situation America is in.."

Indeed, the talk among panelists appearing on 'All In' this evening is the extent to which the raid on Cohen will impact Trump's decision making in terms of a possible military strike on Assad's or Putin's forces, given a chemical (likely chlorine) attack that killed at least 40 Syrians.   The consensus is that a Dotard under severe pressure will not think the response through and could very well act precipitously.    As one panelist put it: "This is a most dangerous time. I would be very afraid."

As I noted before, a megalomaniacal narcissist  like Trump - to preserve himself - could easily start a war to blow up everything and everyone, to preserve himself, in his own perverted mind.

In the book, 'The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump' clinical psychologist  Michael J. Tansey informs us (p. 121):

"Although there are several areas in which DT's particular version of personality disorder is vital to understand, none is more compelling or terrifying than his control of the nuclear codes.  Surpassing the devastation of climate, health care, education, diplomacy, social services, freedom of speech, and liberty and justice for all, nothing is more incomprehensible than the now plausible prospect of an all -out nuclear war."

Adding (ibid.):

"Because of this very real existential threat, it is absolutely urgent that we comprehend the titanic differences between a president who is merely 'crazy like a fox' versus one I have termed crazy like crazy (possessing core grandiose and paranoid delusions disconnected from factual reality."

The evidence Dotard is literally crazy like crazy is abundant and as Chris Hayes' panelists put it, "never crazier than when he is under pressure" - meaning the risk of compromised decision making is at maximum after the FBI raid on Cohen. While a normal mind might be able to sequester its emotions, e.g.  in reaction to the FBI raids and the Mueller investigation,  from a response to the Syrian chemical attack, this is something of which Trump is incapable.  This is given at such moments he literally has the mentality of a psychopathic toddler- so all emotions become intermixed with potential disastrous results.  Worse, his overwhelming instinct to overreact is now going to be reinforced by another psychopath, John Bolton, recently appointed as national security adviser.

It is true that Trump also launched a cruise missile strike  last year (April 7) after a nerve agent attack by Assad,  But now, one year later, there are hundreds more Russian troops as well as dozens of Russian jet fighters which - if hit, even accidentally- could set off a conflagration.   Given Trump lacks the decision making capacity to respond in any rational and balanced way, every manjack on the planet ought to be afraid. Given the extent to which the FBI raid is clearly messing with his brain, we ought to be damned well terrified- given those raw emotions could well spill over into a Syrian response decision..

This is especially after the departure of the few remaining  adults that had been keeping the giant orange hued toddler's Id at bay. But which now stands to be released under pressure, with even the two remaining generals (Kelly and Mattis)  reduced to  muted stage props.

Let us all hope the asshole in the White House, this illegitimate traitor,  doesn't do anything reckless that could have far greater consequencies than just a few dozen killed.  A most inauspicious sign was one of Trump's first tweets after learning that a Russian Defense Minister vowed counter strikes on U.S. and other aircraft carriers and other "sources of launch":

Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and “smart!” 

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