Monday, April 9, 2018

Yes, Slimeball Scott Pruitt Needs To Be Tossed Under The Bus - Then Rolled Over

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I am not going to mince words, given I am not given to doing so, or as Janice puts it "talking through the flowers."  Scott Pruitt, current head of the EPA,  is a degenerate termite emblematic of everything now wrong with the reprehensible Trump administration - including rolling back numerous citizen protections (called "regulations")  and the tax payer waste of sending thousands of troops to the southern border. (We were informed via the news last night, they will be there to "advise"  the Border Patrol. Presumably they will be playing tiddly winks or checkers in between.)

As I've written in previous posts, these wretched despicables  Trump has appointed are wrecking everything it's taken decades to put into place, including civil rights, voter rights, food quality as well as undermining air and water protections. At the root of much of this, especially the latter, is the arsonist Pruitt -  put in charge of the EPA.  He needs to have his ass tossed now under the nearest bus, and the faster the better. Also, let it roll over him so he isn't "reincarnated" for any other posts, such as AG.

As it is, even if the Trump "America First"  nationalist, fascist virus is finally extinguished by 2020, it will likely take decades to rebuild what's been ravaged. That's how it is with human termites - such as Scott Pruitt, Ben Carson, Betsy DeVos, Ryan Zinke, John Bolton   and the rest of the motley crew of simpletons, sociopaths and grifters -  who've been unleashed on a vulnerable nation.   By "the lower half of the I.Q. range" in the words of one WSJ reviewer last week.

Pruitt's ravaging of the EPA and the quality of our air, water would be bad enough. To recount for those who forget:

1) He plans to eliminate the emission standards put into place by Obama, leaving us to deal with megatons more yearly carbon deposition and greenhouse warming. This misbegotten stance puts Pruitt at odds with the actual scientists of the EPA, who have clearly stated on its original  website  (before Pruitt had it removed to "edit") that carbon dioxide is the “primary greenhouse gas that is contributing to recent climate change”. This finding is backed by NASA, which calls CO2 “the most important long-lived ‘forcing’ of climate change”

2)In addition, he plans to nix another Obama era rule that limits power plant emissions, mainly mercury from coal -fired plants.  Coal  combustion is the single biggest contributor for mercury emission responsible for nearly 50 percent of atmospheric effluent in the U.S.  Pruitt's elimination of this rule will also allow much more SO2 (Sulphur dioxide) to be expelled resulting in much more respiratory distress for asthmatics and others.

3) Pruitt only recently rejected a proposed ban on chloropyrifos, a harmful pesticide already associated with cancers.   The EPA banned the chemical in 2000 on the basis that it was traced to brain defects in children.  One study by researchers at UC- Berkeley found that children born in proximity to a farm where the stuff has been used have lower IQs.

Don't forget this is the same maggot who back in March, 2017,  boasted openly on his linked-in page of "being a leading advocate against the EPA's activist agenda". Transl.:  He is quite happy to see your grand kids choke to death on fracking fumes, nitrogen oxides or mercury pumped from coal fired utilities, or the toxic residue left behind in a place because there aren't enough EPA personnel to do clean ups.   

The preceding predations on our national environmental integrity would be bad enough, but it's now been exposed that Pruitt the Parasite is exhausting millions of taxpayer dollars for his own benefit. While we can't necessarily kick his ass out, or demand Doturd do so  for destroying our national environment, we can demand he be kicked out for waste of our tax dollars.  What do I mean, specifically?

1) He's spent six months in D.C. using a condo co-owned by a lobbyist. In a  veritable sweetheart deal, he paid only 50 bucks a night when a typical rental for the same unit would run $5,000- 6,000 a month. Even at that, the little termite paid only for the days he actually crashed there. (Including one when first responders had to crash the door down, suspecting an emergency, but finding him "napping")

2) He's run up a taxpayer tab estimated at MILLIONS for an extravagant "security detail" that on occasion has run up to 30 personnel. Evidently, this putz is terrified of random tree huggers getting in his face  and yelling f-bombs at him for his destructive EPA policies. But rather than suck it up like a man he wants a phalanx of highly paid protectors.

3) He's also run up more than $100,000 of taxpayer money on first and second class travel everywhere from Italy to New York City. He actually had the temerity to  defend these trips as a "security measure".  He clarified by saying the one time he tried to take coach he was set upon by  'evil' passengers who hurled f-bombs and other epithets at him.  Sticks and stones might break our bones, but so do bad words in Scotty's case. So, to protect himself, he's chosen top of the line travel accommodations where he can feel safe among the "elites" who won't curse or cast  nasty glares.

4) He's splurged on favored aides sometimes giving raises up to $55,000 each - presumably to whomever kisses his butt the best.  The one aide who complained about the waste and sliminess of the tactic, was demoted to a 'go-fer'.  

The sooner this slimy maggot vermin toad is kicked out, with nowhere else to go in this misbegotten administration, the better.   This is why we need to keep the pressure on him and Trump. Eventually, the latter - who's proclaimed himself a "stable genius" - will see that the Pruitt media circus is dwarfing his own, and act to boot him. One thing the Dotard can't tolerate is a competing ego sucking up all the media attention and oxygen.

Yes, the Trumpkin buffoons who love Pruitt will pout, but  then we instill in their fat heads we are doing it for them too. After all, once their food stamps and Medicaid are cut - compliments of Paul Ryan's new "clawback" plan - they will thank us for sparing them many more cases of leukemia, brain cancer,  liver failure and respiratory distress, not to mention cryptosporidium  infections. 

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