Thursday, April 5, 2018

After Rebecca Dallet's WI Win, Is The "Far Left" Still Driven By Anger? You Bet!

The most odious, noisome swine ever elected to the presidency - and with the help of Russkies- is Donald Trump. But the coming Blue wave will smash his snowflakes in November. And yeah, it is driven by anger and hate - for many of us, if not all.

"Tonight we proved that when the people rise up and stand together we can beat the special interests. We beat the NRA and the millions of dollars flooding into our state..."  -  Rebecca Dallet in victory speech last night.

The news of the 12 point  state supreme court victory in Wisconsin - by Rebecca Dallet - a confirmed liberal, has the Repuke snowflakes in a major meltdown.  This was prompted by the first time ever a liberal Dem has won an open seat in Wisconsin in 23 years. Yes, even in their sleep they are now mumbling "Fear the wave! Fear the wave! BWAHHAHAA!" referring to what will be coming at them in the November midterm elections. And the Dallet victory even prompted WI  Reeptard Guv  Scott Walker to tweet last night in near hysterics:

"Tonight's results show we are at risk of a #Bluewave in WI. The Far Left is driven by anger and hatred - we must counter it with optimism and organization."

Yeah, you mean like the NRA helping to organize and throw money at your little GOP hack pawn, Michael Screnock?  The toad who was endorsed by the NRA within 24 hours of the Parkland FL shooting?  The cretin who lost by 12 points in what was supposed to be a slam dunk election?

As for anger and hate, you better believe it- well for many of us - maybe not all. (Wifey and I are in competition to claim who hates Trump more. So far I have the edge based on my numerous anti-Trump blog posts.)  Those emotions have been driven by the spectacle of  the gross abomination in office and his multiple travesties inflicting untold damage on our nation, including its civil fabric.  These range from his incessant lies and disruption to appointing sociopaths, criminals and misfits to important agency positions - like Scott Pruitt in the EPA, and Betsy DeVos at Education. Oh, also appointing the loser, swamp rat and Uncle Tom Ben Carson at HUD - just busted for spending $31,000 on a dining table. (Oh wait, my bad. He blamed that purchase on his wife.)

The resulting corruption not to mention the efforts to undermine laws such as pertaining to due process, civil rights, voting rights, as well as protection of our food and water supply, have indeed incited the righteous anger of millions of citizens - mainly on the Left. If you want to call them (certainly wifey and me)  "angry Far Left" be my guest, but they will be coming at the GOOPrs in 7 months.

Screnock himself, clueless whack job that he is,  made both forced and unforced errors, including sending out NRA mailers to voters still appalled by the Parkland massacre, and also bragging how he would "defend the gun rights of the NRA".   So all the money the gun promoters tossed into the state didn't do any good and arguably made the loss even bigger than it might have been.

Meanwhile,  delusional Trumpkins have been ruminating about "the Lefties having the uncanny ability to get sudden heroes like Stormy Daniels and David Hogg" - obviously referring to how these two have recently taken over the 24/7 news cycle.  Daniels with her exposure of "unprotected sex" with Dotard (and spanking him with a  Forbes magazine) and David Hogg embodying moral outrage in his crusade to control some of the most lethal weapons in the nation.

But the Right's bloggers give us too much credit. We didn't "create" -  or by serendipity -  get  "sudden heroes" falling into our laps to siphon some of Trump's media oxygen.  No, Trump did that to himself, as well as his FOX -ite pawns - like Laura Ingraham-  who made the mistake of attacking a 17 year old kid for his gun control stance.   Now, having lost the last of her advertisers, she's evidently "gone on vacation" a la Bill O'Reilly (Remember that?)

As for Trump, we on the Left didn't put him in bed with Stormy or pay her to spank him, he did that himself. Just like he colluded with the Russians,  for which Mueller is building an airtight case right now.

As I warned in an earlier blog post, the Righties can joke all they want about "snowflakes" or "Trump derangement syndrome" or even mock "far left hate" but whatever the name, there is a rising energy field right now . This "field" is largely in the form of  angry blowback to Trump and his litany of crimes and hired criminals, and will be manifested in a massive voting turnout in November.

The Left has been massively organizing by the millions  - especially the women who backed Hillary Clinton- and are now enraged an admitted pussy grabber stole (with Russian help)  her job of destiny. Not only organizing but fielding candidates and winning in state elections.  As a recent TIME article on 'The Avengers' pointed out (Jan. 29, pp. 27-33):

"Progressive women described undergoing a metamorphosis. In 2016 they were ordinary voters . In 2017, they became activists, spurred by the bitter defeat of the first female presidential candidate at the hands of a self-described pussy grabber. Now, in 2018, these doctors and mothers and teachers are jumping into the arena and bringing new energy to a Democratic Party sorely in need of fresh faces."


"Call it payback, call it a revolution, call it the Pink Wave inspired by marchers in their magenta pussy hats and the activism that followed. There is an unprecedented surge of first time female candidates....running for offices big and small - from the U.S. Senate to local school boards."

This ought to worry the Repukes and their groupies given "women candidates energize women voters". This, combined with potential depressed turnout on the Right,  holds the potential for a 'blue tsunami",  not just a blue wave in November.

The Right's minions are correct that their little swine Doturd got in despite the Access Hollywood tape, i.e. with him bragging about "grabbing pussies".   But they also need to know that when the moral payment comes due in seven months, it will be millions of  former Hillary supporters and others who will exact their pound of flesh. What's that old saying? "Payback is always a bitch".

Today's WSJ editorial ('The Wisconsin Canary', p. A16)  nailed it:

"Trump's chaotic and polarizing governance has motivated the left to turn out it big numbers while turning off some Republicans, especially in the suburbs."

While it is certainly true that anger and hate of Trump isn't a necessary condition for a motivated voter turnout, it definitely helps. And so in Wisconsin may have played a role for many in "marching over ice and snow to vote in Madison and Milwaukee."

The Right knows that  WSJ - as well as Scott Walker's take - is at least partly true, which is why it's quaking now especially after Rebecca Dallet's terrific win. But this is just one of many to come - compliments of  aroused citizens ready to take back their nation from the barbarian hordes and enemies of the Constitution.  And most especially from the ignorant, authoritarian buffoon defecating all over the highest office in the land, leaving it without a  scintilla of dignity or respect. As Charles Blow put it in his NY Times column today:

"Trump isn’t smart, savvy or sophisticated enough to run this country. He has a skill for demagogy and emotional manipulation, and he exercised that skill in its full power at precisely the right time to convince enough of America that he should be president.

But Trump has only one mode — inferno. He starts fires, fans flames and also throws them.
At the risk of laboring the metaphor, burnout is inevitable.

Not even the most ardent Trumpsters can maintain their enthusiasm, even if they maintain their support. There is just too much chaos, too much noise, too much lying, too little coherence."

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