Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trump Goes Ballistic Tweeting He's Not A Russian Stooge

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'The Donald' goes ballistic (again) denying he's a Manchurian candidate.

All hell broke loose yesterday, as a breaking news item on CNN, disclosed the Trump campaign had used surrogates to remain in communication with the Russkies, and also that Trump himself was compromised by salacious material they had on him.   This, of course, was the very thing the Founders most worried about: a chief executive compromised by a foreign power.  The signs were all there earlier (based on Trump's numerous business entanglements)  which is why we literally begged electors to do the right thing and deny Trump the presidency. Now, we may have a compromised Russian stooge in office by inauguration day - next Friday.

Of course Trump,  in a tweet storm,  denied it all.

In a series of four tweets on Wednesday, Mr. Trump denounced the report as “A COMPLETE AND TOTAL FABRICATION, UTTER NONSENSE,” adding: “Russia has never tried to use leverage over me. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA — NO DEALS, NO LOANS, NO NOTHING!”

Notice here all the caps, the equivalent of shouting, the sure sign of a three year old's temper tantrum . Also, methinks he doth protest too much. Further question: WHY didn't this jackass stooge not respond when the intelligence agencies released its report to him last Friday and included the latest findings (made possible by a Brit MI-6 agent) in an appendix.

As per a NY Times report from yesterday:

"The chiefs of America’s intelligence agencies last week presented President Obama and President-elect Donald J. Trump with a summary of unsubstantiated reports that Russia had collected compromising and salacious personal information about Mr. Trump, two officials with knowledge of the briefing said."

In a real stroke of irony, Trump also said on Twitter that the report was “fake news” leveled by “crooked opponents” who were trying to belittle his victory.  Not even realizing he's already belittled (as well as delegitimized)  his presidency by refusing to accept the original  intelligence agencies' report on  Russian hacking of the recent election.

In an even more classic case of irony Trump likened the report — a summary of which was presented to him, to President Obama and to congressional leaders — to a smear campaign, asking, “Are we living in Nazi Germany?”

Are you shitting me? Seriously? A guy with all the personality hallmarks of Adolf Hitler (authoritarian narcissist, necrotic) is asking if we are living in Nazi Germany? Well, uh no, at least not yet. But we may soon be living in a new Reich if Trump and his cohort succeed in implementing their brand of fascism on us all. (As a first warning look for any repeal of habeas corpus via the 2006 Military Commissions Act).
As I noted the appended report was compiled mainly by a retired British intelligence operative who received information from Russian informants and others.  This MI-6 operative, by the way, had always proven credible in his earlier contacts with U.S. intelligence so there is no reason to doubt him now.

It is true it was prepared for a Washington political and corporate research firm, and was paid for by Mr. Trump’s political rivals- including in his own Republican Party. But let's be quite clear here: merely because an "oppo" research contribution was made doesn't mean it was fallacious, fabricated  or illegitimate.

What we need to do now is wait as the assorted U.S. intelligence sources, as well as the FBI, vet the information and hopefully in an expeditious manner. One thing we cannot afford is having a compromised stooge occupying the most powerful position in the world.  That would be one shade worse than an unhinged, mentally unbalanced narcissist with the proclivities of a 3- year old.

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