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Rep. John Lewis - A True Hero For MLK Day- Trump, Not So Much

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A Civil Rights icon vs. a Twitter Troll and likely traitor - not even close to an even match, despite the traitor getting shoehorned into the White House..

"High from his gilded throne room in midtown Manhattan — like Zeus from Mt. Olympus — Donald Trump has been hurling tweeted spitballs at Rep. John Lewis of Georgia. He’s a man ofno action,” typed Trump with his tiny (manicured) fingers, of one of America’s true heroes of the modern age — a man so brutally assaulted by state troopers during the l965 march from Selma to Montgomery that he nearly died from a fractured skull.

Time and again Lewis was on the front line of the fight for civil rights, spat upon, insulted and vilified, while far to the north, Donald Trump was using the fortune handed him by his father to launch a real estate empire without ever getting his fingernails dirty."   Bill Moyers, 'John Lewis Is A True American Profile In Courage' on

Let us agree to the proposition that if one is a compulsive, unapologetic liar - who lies about everything (including whether he mocked a disabled reporter when a video clearly shows it), even knowing people can check his claims - then he cannot be a legitimate leader or leader -elect. In this case "President - elect " Donald Trump. The reason is that a nation's citizens must be able to trust a would- be leader especially if he calls on them to make sacrifices. In the case of Trump, we can't trust anything he's said, and the additional fact he was helped into power by a  foreign entity confirms he cannot be legitimate.

I previously noted Trump's bare faced lie that James Clapper "denounced" the recent explosive dossier (on Trump's alleged salacious activities in a Moscow hotel)  when Clapper's own statement refuted the claim. In a statement released after their conversation the director of national intelligence actually said: “The IC [intelligence community] has not made any judgement that the information in this document is reliable, and we did not rely upon it in any way for our conclusions.”

In other words, Trump blurted out his lie  knowing full well people could check the statements of the DNI  for themselves, already in the public record, In other words, the bastard Trump didn't care that citizens could learn he was outright LYING. Worse, he believed most sane citizens worthy of the name wouldn't care.  Such a person is by definition untrustworthy and cannot be a legitimate leader if he despises citizens to this extent.  The People must be able to depend upon a leader's words, for example, if and when he insists there is cause for war - including a nuclear war. If they can't trust his words they can't trust the legitimacy of the leadership. This ought not be rocket science.

Thus, Rep. John Lewis didn't mince words on Friday when he told Chuck Todd of NBC that he couldn't support a president-elect he regarded as illegitimate. This based on the accumulated facts exposing a conspiracy involving the Russians to catapult Trump and his bunch into the seat of power. Of course, the Trumpies took to using the N-word on Lewis, as well as invoking the hackneyed "sour grapes" BS which no longer holds traction given the dossier compiled by MI6 spy Christopher Steele.

What Steele uncovered was a conspired plot to torpedo the 2016 general election using dsinformation as well as outright hacking of both parties' computers, although only using the gathered material against one. In addition, an annex to the released intelligence report disclosed high level conspiratorial shenanigans involving the Trump team and Russian counterparts as well as compromising material collected on Trump when he was in Moscow in 2013 for a "Miss Universe" beauty pageant.

As revealed by Mr. Steele in his last interview (with David Corn, published in 'Mother Jones') before going underground, the material gathered in memos was considered so explosive that he turned it over to contacts he had in the FBI last summer. This was without informing the opposition research group for which he'd initially begun his project. The FBI, despite this explosive stuff sitting on its shelves, chose instead to go after Hillary Clinton with damning insinuations of guilt over her email server, as opposed to parsing and exposing the Steele material.

This is important to note, given that over the weekend CIA chief John Brennan openly declared to Twitter fiend Trump that his accusations against the agency were misplaced. He said Trump  ought to really be taking up matters with the FBI who remain sitting on the Steele dossier. Brennan (on FOX News Sunday) warned Trump about flights of temper on his Twitter as well as snap judgments, noting:

"Spontaneity is not something that protects national security interests. Therefore when he speaks or when he reacts he has to make sure he understands the implications which impact the United States could be profound".

But, if a person is a consummate liar, only concerned with spinning his version of reality to his 46 million equally deluded Twitter followers, this wouldn't matter. He would be more occupied with blasting out tweets - lying tweets - than protecting national security Just as his campaign was more obsessed with colluding with the Russians to get him elected than national interest. Traitors all, but now about to take power - unless some forthright FBI whistle blower comes out with the truth of what that Steele dossier on the Trumpistas  revealed.

While the intelligence community and FBI has been playing it coy saying they can't substantiate what's in the dossier. or that it is "raw intelligence" and doesn't "prove" anything, others have recognized that where there's smoke there's fire. In particularl, contrary to a dopey Trump tweet that Steele is a "failed spy" he was actually one of the UK's best on Russian matters. A highly regarded and respective intelligence operative who doesn't make shit up like Trump, or pull it out of his ass.

According to an AP report yesterday in the Denver Post (p. 12A, 'Ex Spy Regarded as Dependable') :

"Three British intelligence agents interviewed by the Associated Press described Steele as well regarded in the intelligence community, with excellent Russian skills and high level sources."

According to one Financial Times account, Steele was the "UK intelligence expert on Russia".

James Nixey, the head of Chatham House's Russia and Eurasia program, informed the AP that sections of the dossier document created by Steele "read exactly as reports from the secret services"

In other words, professional through and through, no exaggerations and no fillers that hadn't been  sourced.  While many critics in the West have complained the "sources haven't been vetted or questioned" they seem to forget that's because they likely went underground running for their lives, like Steele currently is.  As Exhibit A for what happens to whistle blowers in Russia they need only pull up the file released (only a year ago) on the Alexander Litvinenko Inquiry which showed that ex-KGB officer who defected to the UK was assassinated in 2006 using Polonium 206 dropped into his tea.

Look, if what's in that dosser is even partially true, the risk to Trump (and Putin) must be terrifying. Think about it. If any of that material is true, i.e. Steele was able to get real information from the Russian government about what they have on Donald Trump, how they got it, and how they were planning on using it, then the Russians right now would be going all out to root out Steele's sources. This would include who inside the Russian government had access to that true information and gave it lock, stock and barrel to Christopher Steele. From the FSB perspective, they're now working overtime to figure out who are the traitors, who are the leakers.

What about Russian denials? As Nixey also noted (ibid.) the Russian denials were "part of a Cold war pattern in which the Kremlin 'would deny something which is quite plainly true'"

Hence, those more in the know concerning the integrity of sources and what the intel really shows, acknowledge that what Steele compiled is very likely true, at least in part.  In addition to which the whole shtick fits the modus operandi of videoing any one who comes to Moscow and stays at a hotel- perhaps to engage in illicit sexual activities.  More worrying even than a possibly Trump tryst with a Russkie "honey pot" is that his campaign had continuous contact with the Russians all during the campaign to bring down Hillary Clinton.

All the preceding is important to process in order to show that Rep. John Lewis has good reason to suspect a conspiracy involving Trump, his surrogates and the Russian branch that wanted him in power and not Hillary. Rep. Lewis therefore had absolute justification for calling out Trump as illegitimate, and it is passing strange more elected officials don't. But then there has never been an abundance of courage amongst Washington's poltroons.

What else could- besides illegitimate- could Trump  be given that he lies compulsively, and even puts national security at risk by his impulsive, hare brained tweets, not to mention the explosive material the FBI is still keeping under wraps from the Steele dossier. Material that, if ever delivered to daylight,  would show Trump is a turned asset for a foreign power.

Trump, impulsive asshole that he is, couldn't resist Twitter push back to Lewis' comment, grabbing his dumb phone and tweeting on Saturday: "Congressman Lewis should spend more time on fixing his district rather than falsely complaining about the election results...all talk, talk, talk and no action. Sad" when Lewis actually had his skull fractured during a civil rights march, something a pussy like Trump would never have ventured forth to engage in. (Also, as reported on CBS News Sunday, Lewis' district is among the most crime- free in Georgia, and includes the CDC and the Georgia Institute of Technology. Again, the lying fuck Trump doesn't know what he's yapping about nor does he care other citizens can find out his lies).

Imagine then, the sheer folly of this abject, arrogant pretender and likely traitor calling out a civil rights icon for his principled stance - when Trump doesn't even know the meaning of principle.

The entire nation, as opposed to partaking in any celebration  Friday, ought to declare a national day of mourning when this misfit and illegitimate clown- traitor assumes office. No one with a grain of principle or integrity ought to attend his fiasco, or even remotely try to dignify it in any way. It is a fucking national tragedy!

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