Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bad News: The 70 -Year Old Infant Trump Is "Bored" With His Job Already

"He's never going to admit he's wrong in front of everyone": President Trump's aides are worried about his behavior
Trump, aka Whiny Little Infant, has become so bored with running the nation after 4 days that he's more interested in watching cable TV. Time to boot this asshole out and get a real Prez in who can fulfill his constitutional obligations.

Now, following Trump’s first days as president, reports are coming out that some White House insiders are troubled by his in-office behavior.  As well they should be, as most of us could see this train wreck of a psychological misfit coming from the proverbial mile away. An overgrown infant, governed by his Id, unable to get control of his impulses and with a Twitter feed he can't detach from. God help us in any national emergency- it will be every citizen for him or herself. (Especially after this fucker signed the old Repuke global gag rule the day after the Women's March, essentially stabbing all of them in the back - in what will now lead to 2 million more abortions around the world, lack of birth control for Africa's exploding billions, and three to four times more Zika cases).

Has this fucker no shame?  No shred of decency or decorum?  Hell no, especially after dispatching a troop of ass-kissing lackeys to the CIA to act as hired cheerleaders when he spoke Saturday, The punk actually had these turds cheering after his insane comments - more about the crowd size at his pathetic inauguration than the fallen 117 on the Agency's Wall of Honor. As former CIA chief John Brennan put it, it was "despicable"  He nailed it.

Anyway, one anonymous insider who frequently talks with Trump told Politico his aides are often afraid of saying no to him due to his notorious unwillingness to look bad.  This is the sure sign of a regressed being, someone more fearful of "looking bad" than doing the work of the nation. Something, as a recent TIME article ('Surviving the White House') noted had Obama and his team working overtime from the instant they entered.  To quote Rahm Emmanuel "There was so much work for all of us to do including the new President we barely knew where to start."  With Trump, not so much.

What about advising the Big Man to toe the line and get to work like Obama did, e.g. reading dozens of briefing papers every day? (Oh wait! Trump's brain can't handle reading more than one page per day!)  What about advocating he put his damned Twitter down and put his fat nose to the grindstone?

You can’t do it in front of everyone,” the insider said. “He’s never going to admit he’s wrong in front of everyone. You have to pull him aside and tell him why he’s wrong, and then you can get him to go along with you. These people don’t know how to get him to do what they need him to do.”

This insider also told Politico that Trump “gets bored and likes to watch TV,” so it’s important for his aides to check his tendency to respond impulsively when angered, as well as control what information reaches him and is taken seriously.

"Gets bored and likes to watch TV"? Are you fucking kidding me? There should be so much work for him to do, as Obama learned in his first days, there isn't enough time to fart far less watch the tube. Can we say again this nitwit narcissist doesn't belong here? Yes, we can, he belongs more in a permanent cage match venue. I am sure that ought to keep his waning interest up!

“The truth of the matter is he had a successful inauguration with a respectful crowd,” presidential historian Douglas Brinkley told Politico. “The transition of power went off without a hitch. His supporters were amiable by and large.”

A mature, adult ego grounded in reality would be satisfied with that assessment but not Trump, who insists on doing everything bigger and better than any other human on Earth. And given that 90 percent of governance  - which is pubic service at the end of the day -doesn't come with huge fanfare, one can grasp why a simpleton carny barker type would find it boring. Especially when the nation's business doesn't revolve around HIM  - but the citizens- including those who voted for him hoping he wouldn't get BORED.

Thus, Brinkley attributed much of the undercurrent of dissatisfaction to the fact that he can never let go and stop watching cable TV. Despite being off to the worst start of a presidency since James Buchanan he can't seem to rein in control of his Id and subject it to positive will for a greater good. He is essentially a temper tantrum toddler locked into the body of a 70 year old, but one with access to the nuclear codes.

But this is the sure sign of an outsized, infantile ego who believes the whole world including media revolves around him and what time of day he takes a crap and whether it's bigger and better than anyone else's. This is a dope that shouldn't be given free rein in a nursery far less the presidency.

Members of President Billionaire Babycakes' inner circle  have urged him not to give in to his resentments, but to no avail according to a Sunday report by The New York Times .  This didn't succeed as Trump - baby that he is  - ultimately allowed the resentment about inauguration coverage to build to the point he even allowed it to be the main talking point when addressing the CIA at their Wall of Honor.  As John Brennan said, this was truly despicable and the sign of a lowlife, morally reprehensible person - no matter how many properties he owns. Team Trump tried to spin the grotesque images from the truth, but they didn't succeed - only in putting their feet in their mouths further with the "alternative facts" bunkum.

Trump is more wedded to them than ever  - including repeating his nonsense claim that he really won the popular vote - than Bill Maher is wedded to his weed stash. But even Maher knows when to give it a rest enough to deliver fantastic comedy stands as well as perform with authority on 'Real Time'.

Make no mistake that this piece of slime merits no respect at all, none - nor does the office of the Presidency until it's given a massive "enema'  - i.e. when Trump and his pile of garbage are finally cleared out and the whole White House fumigated.

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