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Women's March Trumps Trump Inauguration - And Trumpies Go Ape Shit

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Don't you dare believe your lyin' eyes! You believe what my Twitter feed tells you! Or Sean Spicer, my chief , ass-kissing lackey!

The scenes from the Women's March yesterday in  Denver  as well as Washington, D.C. were captivating to behold. So many women taking to the streets to make their voices heard from every walk of life. The Washington  march wasn't the only one held in the US, however. From Atlanta to Phoenix, from Boston to Sacramento, “sister marches” staged a show of defiance by ordinary citizens determined to rebuke Trump’s values.  In addition, one beheld similar scenes from cities around the world, from London, to Prague, to Berlin. Organizers in London said 80,000 had taken part in an event there. In Prague, hundreds gathered in Wenceslas Square, waving portraits of Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin.

These images and others warmed the cockles of our hearts, especially Janice's. She had been on a downer since Friday, unable to watch anything pertaining to the Liar-in- Chief's installation. This, even as we were having breakfast at a hotel in Aurora, getting ready to leave after my 3D biopsy.

So yesterday's magnificent scenes of the estimated 500,000 women on the march had the equivalent effect of a nice psychological balm - scenes which we will put on a DVD to remind us how many oppose this clown in office. Did I say clown? Uh, yes, indeed I did. Especially after this walking talking turd had ambled to CIA HQ in Langley, VA and actually stood at the site of their Memorial Wall - honoring 117 of the fallen - over decades.

He delivered a 16 minute spiel, about the same as his Inaugural PR piece, and used nine full minutes to whine about the media instigating the "feud" with the CIA (no, we have his Twitter feed records to show this fucker did it all by his lonesome) and then also whined about the media "lying" over the women's march crowds compared to those for his inauguration.

My thoughts on seeing a replay of his remarks on CNN were actually embodied in a question:

"Has this deplorable excuse for a human  no decency, no shame?  Has he no recognition of where he is? Has he not even the perceptual fine tuning to pay homage to the shrine whereupon he stands? Not even for five minutes? Are his petulant complaints worth more than those 117 lives?"

And today I stand by those words even more than yesterday. As one media commentator put it, "Is this going to be how it is? Complaining about every little perceived slight each day? What about running the country?"

Well, I am afraid this POS will leave that to his basket of despicables being streamlined to take over a number of agencies and run them into the ground.

Anyway, it evidently wasn't enough for Trump to spew his lies, he had to get his ass licking toady press imp Sean Spicer to pile on too (with uh, "alternative facts" to use the euphemism of Bimbo Troll Kellyanne Conway) . It seems the stark images of the Friday fiasco being outdrawn by the women's march as well as Obama's previous inaugurations caused the Trumpies' heads to explode.

In case you missed it, Spicer actually accused journalists of reporting inaccurate crowd numbers and using misrepresentative photographs to "minimize enormous support" for Trump. Which is a pile of horse merde.  In fact, actual dated images of the National Mall on Friday contradicted Spicer's assertions especially compared to Obama's two previous inaugurations..  Indeed, a time lapse video produced by PBS showed the National Mall was never full at any time on Friday.  Meanwhile, photographs show the National Mall packed with crowds just before Obama’s inauguration in 2009 – but much more sparsely covered with people just before Trump’s ceremony.

Spicer also claimed there's never been the white ground coverings on the National Mall before. But in fact photos from 2013 clearly shows National Park Service workers unloading them  for the Obama inauguration.  Spicer also lied by saying that hundreds of magnetometers prevented many more thousands from getting through to the event. But the Secret Service in fact noted there were no such devices for screening at all.

Spicer also tossed out lies to do with Metro Ridership numbers, inflating the numbers for Friday. The actual numbers were:

570,557  for Jan. 20, 2017

782,000 for Jan. 20, 2013

1.1 million for Jan. 20, 2009

Thus, Spicer's claim that the Trump numbers were the "largest ever" was another bald-faced lie, similar to Trump's that he actually won the popular vote.

As one media commentator put it:  "I just can't understand why he (Trump) decides to get up in the morning and go on these rants".

But we do KNOW why! Because we have a guy as leader of the free world who is chronologically 70 years of age, but emotionally at the level of a dyspeptic three year old who just soiled his pampers and wants them changed.

CNN's Jim Sciutto perhaps put the most somber perspective on the issues last night. He said that ultimately these numbers - of whose crowd was biggest' will not matter, and indeed fall into a memory hole. But what will matter are those like U.S. soldiers killed in the Middle East, North Korean missiles fired, or terror cells in the U.S. Will the Trump bunch lie (offer "alternative facts")  about all these too, if they can so easily do so about meaningless crowd numbers for events?

As Sciutto put it:

"When those facts and numbers matter, that have a real effect on our lives and national security are you going to trust the words coming from the president and the podium?"

Historian Douglas Brinkley's take is also germane,  referencing how LBJ and Nixon fudged the numbers on Vietnam war casualties:

"So Donald Trump has a sacred obligation to tell the truth."

But will he? I doubt it, because this is part and parcel of Trump's premoral character, e.g.

As I noted in my Jan. 13  post:

"While diehard Trumpsters may love this sort of reactionary behavior, it doesn't comport with strength especially in a President. What it shows is that any twerp, misfit, or non-political person (without political power) can get under the big man's skin and make him freak out. In other words, it shows he is hostage to any insult that comes down the pike and from any direction."

In other words, Trump's compulsive lies are driven by his thin skin syndrome. Because he has no tolerance for criticism and the facts to support him are few or non-existent, he must conjure up pseudo-facts, fake news and lies. The greater the truth and facts cast in his path, the greater his need to summon lies, fake news to try to try to counter them. In the end, it's a losing wicket which will ultimately undermine Trump's time in office because his credibility will be destroyed. Indeed, it already has been his stream of stupid, reckless tweets.

Without credibility no president has a leg to stand on, and certainly no moral character to either unite or summon the nation to common action.

Buckle your seat belts as it will be an intriguing 4 years indeed. Trump and his minions need to be on notice that they will be called on their lies and bullshit every time they spew it.

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