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Trump's 'Meet & Greet' With Kim Was Not "Historic" But Pathetic U.S. Debasement - And Why He Merits No July 4th Celebration

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"I'm a traitor but I'm gonna have the Fourth Of July celebrated in my honor"

"Narcissistic, infantile and heedless of tradition, Trump is now yanking away the one day devoted to celebrating all Americans and rebranding it in his own image. It’s one thing to have the TRUMP sign on a hotel or winery. It’s another to slap it on the face of the nation."  - Maureen Dowd, 

"This is front loaded for Kim. We've given him the benefit of sitting next to a U.S. president and gotten nothing in return. Trump is actually rewarding Kim for behavior we haven't seen yet.  And as for inviting Kim to the White House I would hope you wouldn't see that unless there is an agreement." - Former national security adviser Fran Townsend, on CBS this a.m.

"Trump denounces the press as “the enemy of the people,” derides his critics as treasonous and openly fawns over an autocrat whose modern-day gulags practice extermination, torture and sexual violence. "  Greg Weiner, NY Times today

"This isn’t going to be recorded in North Korea’s history as a benign US ‘invitation’ to a meeting, but rather as Washington trying to curry Pyongyang’s favor to win face-time with the Dear Leader,”"  -  Soo Kim, a policy analyst at Rand Corporation and a former CIA analyst, in The Financial Times.

 One of the hallmarks for treason defined in the Constitution is "giving aid and comfort" to one's enemies. Yesterday, Trump did just that when he stepped over the line - literally- into North Korea and stated openly he was "HONORED" to do so, as he greeted the most bloodthirsty tyrant from the most brutal regime on the planet.   And yet there he was giving aid and comfort to Kim Jong -Un in spades as he drooled over the little butcher making a spectacle in front of the brain -jacked U.S. media.

This odious degenerate, especially after his canoodling with autocrats at the G20,  definitely tried to outdo that prelude by seeking (via tweet) a meet and greet with the biggest murderer on the planet.  The narcissistic, sociopath swine obviously believes he is bigger than the nation.  Indeed, when Janice screeched, "He's winning, you know!" I agreed and replied, "Yep, because our national,  uncritical, fawning media has its collective head all the way up his ass."   As opposed to recoiling in horror at the sorry spectacle, our illustrious, "conscientious"  press covered it as an "historical event" - when it was nothing of the sort. It was pure narcissistic PR showmanship for Trump's ego, and also did not accomplish one damned thing, not one!  Excuse me, it elevated Kim Jong -Un to a stature equal to an American president (so to speak) on the world stage.  In the process, legitimizing a ruthless mass butcher and his malignant regime, while hurling this country under the geopolitical bus.  Giving aid and comfort to an enemy that even now is refining more nuclear materials for its ICBMs - soon to be aimed at U.S. cities.

Hell, even as he sought  bogus "rapprochement" in the form of more ego- stroking from Kim, North Korea has produced enough fuel for a half-dozen additional nuclear weapons, according to one study. In May, it launched short-range missiles in violation of United Nations resolutions.   Meanwhile, by his crossing into North Korea - and asking Kim's permission- he has further debased the U.S. as he elevated the brutal tyrant's standing in the world while getting nothing back.  Oh, other than a faint 'promise' things will lead to a more concrete nuclear deal.  Don't hold your breath! North Korea has no intention of giving up its existing nukes and instead has received cover from Trump to produce even more 

Aid and comfort to an enemy - for which technically hostilities have not abated since the end of the Korean War.   And wait for it, this traitor actually fancies having a 4th of July celebration around him!  As Kamala Harris chided: “I think the president needs to realize it’s America’s birthday, not his birthday.”

Apparently underwhelmed by the way the nation’s Capitol has celebrated in years past — key events are now to include the National Independence Day Parade down Constitution Avenue, a free concert on the West Lawn of the Capitol and fireworks over the National Mall .  And Traitor Trump,  firm pal of the most brutal dictator on the world scene, is injecting himself into the celebration. While details are still being hammered out, the Trumpites have been working for months on plans for the Traitor to deliver an address from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial..Imagine Adolf Hitler coming back from the grave and doing it, that's about how Janice and I feel.

Organizers of the traditional celebration are stressing that Trump's speech will be a separate event that will not interfere with the rest of the party. But back in February, Dotard claimed credit for the entire turbocharged affair in a tweet urging Americans to “HOLD THE DATE” for “one of the biggest gatherings in the history of Washington, DC.”

He is calling this farce “A Salute to America,” featuring a “major fireworks display, entertainment and an address by your favorite President, me!”

Only a turd like Trump would try to steal some of the day’s glory for himself — to make this, at least in part, “A Salute to Donald Trump”.  But in hijacking America’s birthday, Trump is doing more than merely indulging his petty narcissism. He is trampling on a longstanding tradition of keeping these events nonpartisan — apolitical even — and focused on bringing the nation together.  For decades, Washington’s Fourth of July tribute has aimed to play down or paper over political divisions and celebrate America — not any particular leader or party.

Worse, after indulging a brutal mass- murdering dictator,  effectively committing treason in plain view -  like when he begged Russia to hack HRC's emails 3 years ago -  he expects those of us who are sane and really love this nation to partake in this self-serving fiasco.   Which to us amounts to conferring benediction and approval on his every action and word - from honoring the most brutal regime in the world, to validating his caging and maltreatment of migrant kids to his threats against the press - accusing the NY Times (for example) of treason.

No, all the treason is on this sorry SOB whether our own forlorn, blinkered media can see it or not. It seems, alas, bloggers now have to do the critical work once left to the press and media who - as Janice put it - have fallen into  Trump's orbit.

Let us try to grasp how abnormal  this whole planned extravaganza is, recognizing the incipient power to distract, not to mention incite.  And we already know Traitor Trump is capable of doing this because of his very sociopathic nature.  This is also why hitherto our sane previous presidents have opted to absent themselves from the events. They understand the day is for citizens to celebrate their country, not for them to interject themselves to sow divisions and hate.  Hence, they don’t appear on stage at  concerts. They don’t preside over the fireworks. They certainly don’t grab themselves a prime-time speaking slot. Especially they don't on the National Mall, in front of the monument to arguably America’s greatest president. Where the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered the “I Have a Dream” speech.

If we do have to suffer the spectacle of this maggot and his execrable persona it is only fitting we maybe borrow the 'Twitter Troll Trump" balloon from Londoners and fly it wherever Dotard tries to steal the nation's thunder. To remind every citizen what this infant is really about'. Himself, not the country.

Image result for brane space, baby Trump balloon
Trump  baby brat balloon of the type we need for the 4th to counter any Trump celebrations.

Remember his failed efforts to organize a military parade down the streets of Washington? Now we know they've been revived from a story in  today's Washington Post.  Trump is now insisting on having military tanks on the mall for a Fourth of July parade, desecrating the day fully with autocrat insanity. . It appears that the newsreels of Hitler saluting similar Panzer tanks in parade has totally gone to his rotten, orange head.

No question,  traitor Trump loves a good spectacle — the bigger the better-   and he also believes the spectacle will provide cover for him as a traitor and piece of proto-human garbage.. He was clearly thrilled with the elaborate tributes that other nations have paid him on his overseas visits. Now, he has found a way to manufacture a similar tribute here at home, and he’s not going to let a little thing like tradition ruin this priceless branding opportunity, at American taxpayers' expense. (Estimated cost: $18 m)  But in truth his only brand ought to be traitor, e.g.
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Fortunately,  the backlash has begun.  In the words of Representative Gerald Connolly, a Democrat from suburban Virginia.

He can’t resist injecting partisan politics into the most nonpartisan sacred American holiday there is: the Fourth of July,” 

Adding: "It's part of a pattern of driving wedges between Americans and making himself the subject of attention.”

The National Park Service, the Secret Service and local law enforcement are scrambling to work out the security and logistical challenges of a presidential appearance. The fireworks are being moved from the usual location at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool to a local park, to allow for bigger crowds to assemble at the site of the president’s speech. The display is also being extended by a couple of minutes, allowing Trump to brag of the biggest show ever.

And look, while this is far from the most significant political norm that Trump has shattered in the course of his presidency it is depressing nonetheless. The greatness of America does not reside with its president, but with its people.   It is this spirit that the annual celebration in the nation’s capital has endeavored to preserve. Until now.  But see, Trump seeks to subjugate the people like his hero of the moment, Kim Jong Un, does with his - even dispatching them to brutal concentration camps.

We know this is true especially with his cavorting with Kim, Putin and Prince Mohammad bid Salman (Jamal Khashoggi's killer)  In the last case, Trump gushed about the Saudi butcher being "my good friend"  (WSJ today, p. A7) even as other members of the G20 shunned him.

Trump thereby has shown he fancies himself the equal of butchers who have the power to slaughter journalists and protesters at will.  He is a scum and traitor, and as my Revolutionary War ancestor Conrad Brumbaugh would agree, merits a hanging  - at least in effigy on the Washington Mall -  not a parade,  fireworks and  campaign -style speechifying!  This is the only July 4th spectacle I'd look forward to:
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Failing that, I will take a massive thunderstorm of biblical proportions to wipe out all Trump's fireworks, phony pageantry and vanity display --  maybe a few good lightning bolts too - to wake his sorry ass up to his real responsibilities. Which are not displaying tanks and having jet fighter flyovers to make him believe he's the 2nd coming of Adolf Hitler.

After his one hour confab with Kim, Trump blurted to the press (which had earlier been jostled North Korean style by its thug security forces):

“Certainly, this was a great day; this was a very legendary, very historic day"

No, it was one of the saddest, most deplorable days in American history, which will rival Neville Chamberlain's abject kowtowing to Hitler nearly 80 years earlier.  Only a  Trumpie MAGA moron or traitor sympathizer would use the effusive and exaggerated language Traitor Trump did.

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"Home of the free and land of the brave." Does that phrase ring hollow in your ears? It does in mine. Each day for the past 30 months or so, it has felt more and more like I'm a hostage in my own country, like the people in Putin's Russia or Kim's North Korea, or ABM's Saudi Arabia, places that condone the severest restrictions on the press, that rule through intimidation, fear, and brutality, where dissent can get you killed. It might seem an exaggeration to say we're that far gone, but not by much. Trump, Bannon, and an international league of fascists are driving us toward that cliff, and who among us doesn't believe that a purloined and tampered-with election is almost sure to plummet us toward a death dive for democracy, for First Amendment protections of our freedoms, and for the rule of law."




"It is a sad day for our country when comparisons between the leader of Nazi Germany, and the president of the United States, are apt. It is an even sadder day when no one seems to notice."

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