Thursday, July 9, 2015

"The Donald" Paddles NBC's Katy Tur In Forgettable Interview

Donald Trump's long-overdue flameout: Why did it take so long?
After all the hype about 'the Interview' (with Donald Trump) I decided to tune in to MSNBC's 'All In' to see it in full. I shouldn't have. I expected the NBC interviewer (Katy Tur  -an obvious Millennial) to put Trump on the ropes, but instead it was a blood bath, like watching a Rottweiler rip a hapless pup to shreds, or seeing a cougar devour a fawn. Ugly!

Fragile, doe-eyed, wide eyed Katy was literally "taken to the woodshed" by "Headmaster" Trump, and from the get go. It was almost too much to watch but I forced myself to do so, hoping at some point Katy would find an opening to force Trump to STFU and back off. It never came. At one point, wifey - listening from the next room- asked: "What is wrong with that girl? She sounds like she's out of her depth!"

Indeed, she was. But perhaps it was NBC's aim to send a young, amiable but naïve  sacrificial lamb to the slaughter. Why not send a veteran with some degree of gravitas like Lester Holt, or even Brian Williams (now with MSNBC) ?  But then Holt may well have gotten frustrated on screen while Williams might be further humiliated after his earlier network news faux pas. Why send anyone at all when Trump has already been exposed as a bellicose blowhard who takes no prisoners, distorts facts while not blinking an eye, and actually enjoys turning young, inexperienced reporters into punching bags....or better, media road kill?

Apart from totally dominating the interview,  with Katy looking on half awestruck, half in terror as he barked answers (more like monologues),  Trump aggressively escaped each and every bind she tried to put him in, while coming out on top and making the reporter look like she really needs to complete her Journalism degree - and add some experience to her CV.

At one point 24 minutes in, Katy tried to ask Trump if he "wanted to apologize" for his earlier despicable references to Mexicans as "criminals and rapists" i.e. to his construction workers (many Mexican immigrants) and he blew her down like a tornado might a broken twig,  shouting "There's nothing to apologize for!" then browbeating her to "Read my statement!" as if she were an untutored pupil. Then hectoring her for the next minute and a half.

Trump then doubled down on his earlier crap all about how "the country of Mexico is taking our jobs, they're killing us at the border, they're taking advantage of the fact we have stupid negotiators....blah,. blah"

Dumbfounded by the intensity of the response as well as its length, Katy tried a different ploy concerning trade but was again slapped down when Trump barked:

"You're not bringing up anything new. You're acting like the great reporter" then proceeding to show why she wasn't because she wasn't aware how "China manipulates its currency".

At another point, Katy tried to get Trump to expose himself as another 2nd amendment nut, and after getting him to admit he has a license to possess a gun, then made the mistake  of asking if he had "practiced at a target range". He slapped her down with a savage bark like a daddy Rottweiler  might deliver to an impudent pup nipping at his paws: "It's none of your business!"

She then desperately tried to salvage her already savaged rep by turning the issue to immigration and how Pew Research had shown immigrant crime was down.  Trump stopped her in her tracks with a bombastic:

"Don't be naïve! You're a very naïve person."

She tried a snappy comeback but suddenly got tongue -tied (probably from Trump's blistering glare - like a sidewinder at a small toad about to become a meal) and Trump, not letting her finish,  bellowed  before she could stop stuttering:

"C'mon, try getting it out. Try getting it out. I mean I don't know if you're going to put this on television but you don't even know what you're talking about. Now, try getting it out, go ahead".

Alas, Katy wasn't able to recover from her stumbling and looked the part of a clueless coed trying to outsmart a grumpy professor. It didn't work.

Mercifully, the interview came to an end some eight minutes later, Trump still standing, proud as ever and Katy basically exposed as a cub reporter who perhaps is better at mostly mail room sorting.

If anything, the interview would have increased Trump's poll numbers further, while exposing the "liberal media" as incompetent, palsied and biased.

In the end there's a lesson here that all networks (other than FOX which loves him) would do well to consider: Don't entertain any interviews with this bombastic bully because in the end you will lose and inflate Trump even more than he is.(Though if he somehow ends up the Reepo candidate it ought to be a Dem blowout, even if Bernie Sanders is the nominee.)

Also, if you do schedule an interview, don't toss a naïve, wet behind the ears reporter into the Donald's den.

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(Interesting with the preceding MSNBC interview link, Katy's awestruck visage is nowhere to be seen. Only Trump's blabbering face. Of course, minus her facial reactions, body language there is much less impact and she seems halfway in control. She isn't!)


patG said...

Bully? Had Trump physically assaulted a smaller person, that is bullying. There are NO bullies in the adult world, each person has the equal chance to win an argument. Trump intimidated, he won with being better prepared intellectually..... that is not a bully, that is the art of the deal.

Copernicus said...

Whatever. But when I see and hear bombast substituted for reasoned arguments, and volume for content then I perceive a bully. The art of the deal is one thing, but I suspect the art of the bully isn't needed to make the deal - at least in my humble experience.

Copernicus said...

Btw, one can verbally be a bully with no physical assault. Ask all those kids on FB bullied by classmates, who later committed suicide. Bullying then can ALSO be mental-psychological assault. And as psychologists will also tell you, many parents are guilty of emotional bullying.

Unknown said...

I was already thinking she was pretty stupid, I even googled "Katy Tur is stupid", but I think Trump put it more nicely and kindly - she is "Naive".

Her answers and questions were not only stupid, but unfounded, uneducated, and frankly, based on false premises. Is she even a real journalist?

She is very very gorgeous, stunningly beautiful. However, that is not enough to get over her terrible questions and false information.