Monday, November 1, 2021

Why Has Biden's Approval Rating Sunk To A New Low (42%)? Blame Politically Naive & Clueless Independents ("Swing Voters")

  • Why has Biden's approval rating- as reported in the network news this a.m. - slipped to 42 percent?  Worse, why have the proportion who believe the U.S. is "going in the wrong direction" risen to 71 percent?  The deep dive by MSNBC's Steve Kornacki explains much of the basis. First, forget the Reepo numbers: 85 % disapproval.  They were always going to be terrible given the Reeps live in another universe where Trump aka Dotard, is still dictator. They subscribe to the Big Lie and that aberration is reflected in the poll numbers. 
  •  No, the real culprits in the Biden low approval appear to be the independents, or more accurately, "swing voters"- also known as low information voters.  They lack any ideological compass or bearing, but also don't read much political fare- preferring to grab "news" off  a Facebook feed, from FOX, or their gym pals.  Because they don't follow politics closely they are at cause-effect disadvantage when it comes to appointing blame for anything.  
  • According to Kornacki's analysis, Biden currently has a 39 percent favorable rating from these voters, and 55 percent unfavorable.  This is almost inverted from what it was barely two months ago.  
  • Most disconcerting, these voters-  according to Kornacki's analysis -  favor Republicans on the economy by 18 %! Eighteen percent!! The same party that has devolved to a Trump cult, and - if they had kept Senate power- would never have allowed more cash to get into the voters' hands-  whether child tax credits, extended unemployment benefits or even a moratorium on rents, mortgage payments due to the pandemic.  So one wonders what universe these folks inhabit.  
  • Well, it's a universe that conflates everything, one unable to discriminate between divergent factors occurring at any given time.  Again, because these swing voters don't read enough, don't penetrate behind the superficial media veil.  For example, much of the problem arises from the swing voters blaming Biden for things that aren't his fault.  The following are not under his control, or the control of any president for that matter:
  • - Gasoline prices (blame the oil companies if you're coughing up $3.50 a gallon!)
  • - Supply chain problems (blame companies for their 'on demand' models  - not stocking any more goods than consumers will purchase by 'x' date - to not lose profits for unsold inventory)
  • - Bad behavior of parents at school board meetings (Blame too many gullible parents who've watched too many anti-vax, anti-mask screeds from Tucker Carlson on FOX)
  • - Inflation. Blame supply side backups at warehouses, their limited storage space, not enough truckers to move goods....Oh, and the Fed.
  • - Shortage of workers.  The media, especially WSJ, tries to blame Biden, but a large number are women who have children they need to care for. (Want it to change? Allow for free child care supported by the government, as in European nations)
  • - Migrants piling up at border.  Blame Trump in first instance for flouting existing laws by his perverse "remain in Mexico" bollocks when anyone coming to the border has the right to appear and ask for asylum  - also to be processed.   Because of Trump's blockages the numbers of asylum seekers piled up over 4 years and we are now seeing them flock toward our southern border in droves. 
  • - The "messy" exit from Afghanistan?  Don't blame Biden.  This was bound to happen given Trump's 2020 deal with the Taliban and other factors, see e.g.

Most galling to me is how these swing voters have totally forgotten the incessant maelstrom of chaos and instability we had under Trump and the GOP.  One insane tweet from the 'dear leader' after another, no mental space apart for most citizens.  One obstructionist blockage of a Senate bill after another by McConnell.  And the swingers really want to return to those days of yore?

Give me a break!


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