Friday, February 7, 2014

Superbowl Coke Ad was "Un-American"? Please Deliver Us from DOLTS!

The latest dust up - or storm in a teacup, issues from the usual knuckle draggers afoot, as they've come down like a ton of bricks on the Superbowl  Coca Cola ad where young singers of different ages and nationalities take turns belting out verses of "America the Beautiful" in seven different languages, including Hindi and Hebrew.

Evidently, an enclave of nationalistic yahoos didn't like it, and are saying, get this: It is "un-American"!  Don't these yokels recall that most of our ancestors came here from other countries? Don't they grasp with their tiny febrile brains, that this nation was founded by immigrants - mainly from ENGLAND? Don't they get that the Statue of Liberty has always beckoned others to come and live here, and it has been the infusion of different nations from around the world that has made this country what it is?

These imbeciles seemingly don't understand that we can't all have hopped off the Mayflower! Yes, one of my own ancestors, Conrad Brumbaugh, did fight in the Revolutionary War, so you could say he is a "real" American. But hold strain, his family - the Brumbaughs- originally arrived from Germany (as my wife's diligent genealogy research has uncovered). The other branch of my family - on the maternal side- originated in Cabuna, Croatia (what was originally the Austro-Hungarian Empire). The image below shows my great -grandfather at left, and it was his son who left for America:

My grandfather immigrated just before World War I erupted and, after passing through Ellis Island, made his way to Wisconsin, where he worked as a cook in a lumber camp. He worked hard for years to save, and eventually had enough money to purchase a grocery store in Milwaukee. Are these yahoos going to call him "un-American"? His is the very core fabric of what Americans are about!

One moron ("Chase Floyd") took to Twitter (another reason it needs to be restricted to adults) to yap:

"This is an outrage. America the Beautiful in foreign languages."

Yeppers, Sparky! You should learn a few! I understand that even one extra language helps to promote brain agility and helps those neurons. Something you clearly need.

Then we heard from some genius with the tag,  'The Kevin',  who yelped on Twitter:

"Never buying coke again....America The Beautiful in a language other than English is just wrong."

  What's the problem, Kev? You don't understand it sung in any other languages despite the fact the musical chords, notes are the same? By the way, I'm sure Coke will regret your audacious,  1-man boycott! I mean, gosh, they might lose $100 a year!

All of this sort of crap, of course, reminded me of a similar  firestorm from the knuckle dragging ilk that erupted after an Indian Miss America was crowned last year, see e.g.

And we read idiocy like:

 If you're #Miss America you should have to be American,"  from  Twitter-ing fools

Thankfully, Coke didn't take this lying down but released a statement - broadcast again this a.m. on ABC Good Morning America:

"'It's Beautiful' provides a snapshot of the real lives of Americans. All those featured in the ad are Americans, and 'America the Beautiful' was sung by bilingual American young women"

One of the young women featured in the ad noted:

"We just have different backgrounds and that's okay. We're all Americans, and can come together."

Of course, the deluded, half-educated homogenizers will never understand that. They believe in their simpleton brains that they just sprang forth from the womb with the red, white and blue engraved on their navels singing 'America the Beautiful' in perfect English.

One commenter (Lisa Granastein)  in the news spot this morning said that:

"Everyone was talking about it. It was really part of the national conversation."

But there shouldn't have been any such conversation framed in such a virulent,  jingoistic and contemptible form. Express opinions on the ad, sure! Maybe one or two singers were off key. But don't fucking attack their American creds or call out the singing as "un-American" just because you believe your people fell off the Mayflower!

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