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Now We Know: Benghazi Was Incited by Anti-Muslim Video - NOT Al Qaeda!

It's been over a year for the truth to finally emerge after all the hair-on-fire screeching over Benghazi by the Repukes last year before the general election.  To refresh people's memories, an attack occurred on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11, 2012 - costing the life of Ambassador Christopher J. Stephens. The disgusting Repukes then attempted to turn it into a 9/11 style Al Qaeda terror attack that caught Obama sleeping at the switch as well as Susan Rice. It cost Rice her job at State, and even put Hillary under intense scrutiny with hearings by the eternally outraged Re-punk,. Darryl Issa (CA).

Knowing that a vile anti-Muslim video had surfaced in the days before, I never bought any of this politically inspired bunkum.  Indeed, in my Sept. 14, 2012 blog post ('Getting a Grip on Reality - The Fake Film And Muslim Outrage') I noted:

"Now, as 11 Muslim nations – from the Sudan, to Egypt to Yemen, Pakistan, Iran and Indonesia go up in flames and riots, and 4 Americans have been left dead in Libya (Btw, NO Marines! There were two former Navy Seals killed and a civilian USAID worker apart from Ambassador Stevens). Questions are being asked as to: Who started it?, and What was this film? – what was the nature of it?

Some deluded nabobs have posed the issue as “free speech”, and that the film maker – who until recently remained hidden – had the right to portray what he wanted, without fear of distant uprisings, bloodshed or reprisals. But that specious speech cover does not apply to a film 'maker' who lies about his identity and especially the film title itself (in misrepresenting it and the film's featured characters to the actors), as well as the origins of the financial backers.

In the wake of the investigation by Brian Ross of ABC News, e.g.

we now know this "movie" and its dubious maker add to a steaming pile of vile horse shit. A better characterization might be a 'drive by' on celluloid.) The guy who made the film wasn’t a "Sam Bacile" (the identity he originally gave) or a Jew at all, but a twice- convicted felon (for meth making and financial crimes) and Xtian Egyptian.

This twice-convicted (and until recently, imprisoned) methamphetamine maker and bank fraud perp, Nakoula Basselly Nakoula, adopted the nom-de-plume “Sam Bacile” for the purposes of avoiding responsibility for his disgusting film (which will remain unnamed), and portrayed himself as an “Israeli Jew”, implying Jews were behind the making of the film. All not true! Nakoula was no Jew but a member of the Egyptian Coptic Church. His wife’s Coptic Xtian relatives in Egypt funded this disreputable film.

What of the film itself? As the ABC Ross report notes, the actors-actresses said they were duped and had been told they were to appear in a flick called ‘Desert Warrior’. The scripts given them also were headed by this false title. Meanwhile, the names of the characters in the script were all fake, i.e. they were not the same as what "Bacile" would insert after production. (According to one actress interviewed, the names - of the actually intended characters, were dubbed in, post-production. Can anyone say FRAUD?)

For example in the actors' script the Prophet Mohammed was called “George”. Actress Cindy Garcia , interviewed by Ross, who made script-based (fictional) child molestation accusations against “George” (as she pointed out to Brian Ross) had no remote idea the references were to be later altered. For example, she wasn't aware that whenever she addressed the character "George" in her lines, the name would subsequently be changed (dubbed) to "Mohammed'. In other words, all the actors were lied to by this dirt bag Nakoula, who some rightists now wish to defend – even as he’s caused infernal havoc and bloodshed across the already unstable Middle East. And worse, as they seek to blame Obama for what this effing turd incited!

Let's get this straight once and for all: Any movie made under "bait and switch" false pretenses, to the extent the partaking actors are lied to concerning the film content, characters, is NO work of cinematic art but a TERRORIST act - especially when it incepts the violent reactions it did

In the wake of that, within weeks, the idiot media (most of them) hyped the Al Qaeda connection as assorted Repukes - especially Mittster Romney- screamed and pounded for justice. A question on possible 9/11  Benghazi connections to Al Qaeda was actually asked during the 2nd Presidential debate by Candy Crowley.) Almost every Repuke and lax media nabob - to a man -asserted that saying the video was responsible amounted to foolishness. But I never bought this folderol, nor did I post any blog retractions.

Now, thanks to a New York Times investigation and story ('Deadly Mix In Benghazi, False Allies, Rude Video', December 29) we now know the video WAS responsible, and incited anti-American rage but it wasn't Al Qaeda involved. Rather, it was one of the militias with which the U.S. had made common cause to oust Libyan dictator Muammar el-Qaddafi.  In retrospect, this also shows the wisdom of the U.S. not compounding previous errors by making an alliance with the Syrian rebels to take down Assad, see e.g.

As the Times piece states:

"Months of investigation centered on extensive  interviews with Libyans in Benghazi who had direct knowledge of the attack there and its context, turned up no evidence that Al Qaeda or other international terrorist groups had any role in the assault.

The attack was led, instead, by fighters who had benefitted directly from NATO's extensive air power and logistics support during the uprising against Colonel Qaddafi. And contrary to claims by some members of Congress, it was fueled in part by anger at an American -made video denigrating Islam."

The piece went on to delve into the basis in much more detail while also noting the (usually) garrulous Issa "had no comment" and that the incident "shows the risks of expecting American aid in a time of desperation to buy durable loyalty and the difficulty of discerning friends from allies in convenience in a culture shaped by decades of anti-American sentiment."

This provides the cautionary lesson for the U.S. not to meddle in Middle East affairs or states - whether by indirect interjection (via NATO air attacks and supplying rebels, as in Libya) or direct, as was contemplated months ago when the thought of using Syrian rebels to attack Hafez Assad was bruited in tandem with a cruise missile assault.  It also provides another domestic political lesson, of ignoring political grandstanding by known demagogues such as Darryl Issa, Peter King (R, NY), Lindsey Graham, and their assorted clones.

Will we learn from this? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, the fathead fool and dickhead Peter King (R- NY) has flipped out at the NY Times editorial board calling them "apologists for terrorists"- for calling for clemency for Snowden. See,

This asshole still claims Snowden is a “traitor” -  despite the fact Ed has done more to protect this nation's honor and principles than the fat bag of blowhard gas has done in all his years sitting in congress.  The real traitors are pigs like King, and we need to call them out and say so!

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