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Edward Snowden Was Right to Crow!

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As the embedded Neolib hacks and security statists screech in 'hair on fire' form about Edward Snowden's recent WaPo interview (2 days ago) and  his declaring "I have already won", let us bear in mind that he really has - never mind what the Constitutional traitors claim (including that he must return and face prosecution for his "crimes".) No,  he committed no crimes, what he did was to EXPOSE crimes committed by a national security state on combined crack, steroids and PCP!

Judge Richard Leon, in a 68 -page ruling issued in Washington last Monday, vindicated Snowden by arguing that the bulk collection of Americans’ telephone records by the National Security Agency is likely to violate the US constitution,  Judge Leon also declared that the mass collection of metadata probably violates the fourth amendment, which prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures, and was "almost Orwellian" in its scope. In a judgment replete with literary swipes against the NSA, he said James Madison, the architect of the US constitution, would be "aghast" at the scope of the agency’s collection of Americans' communications data.

This remark alone shows Snowden is not the villain the Neolib traitors make him out to be but a fuckin' HERO!  Now, add to that - if that wasn't enough -  the issuance of  a  300-page report  by a commission appointed by Obama himself - not any screwball, terror loving commie symps. The report made 46 recommendations including that the NSA be stripped of its power to collect phone records in bulk.  In addition, the panel advised that the NSA be banned from attempting to undermine the security of the internet- themes pounded by tech companies when they met with Obama on Monday.

Again, does anyone seriously believe we'd even be having this conversation, or know one damned thing about the NSA's run amuck global mass surveillance - extending to the Israeli PM, the German Chancellor as well as charitable aid workers working abroad - had Snowden not performed his constitutional duty and exposed these rats? Think about that!  As even Obama himself proclaimed:

"Just because you CAN do it doesn't mean you should!"

Well, fuckin' DUH! Of course not! The problem with the NSA and its troglodytes is they think that because they have the techno tools to spy into every nook and cranny of the world, they are mandated to do it, 'cause otherwise them 'thar terrorists win! Which is utter horse pockey.  You can't use the terrorist bogeyman as an all encompassing excuse to rob people of their rights. Besides which, the odds of any such attack are slim and none.   Gideon Rachman in a Financial Times piece two years ago, i.e.
observed that the number of Americans killed by terrorists since 1960 is "about the same as the number killed over the same period in deer accidents".

 He also  showed "the average American had only a one in 500,000 chance of being killed in a terrorist attack".  By way of comparison, the chance of dying in an airline crash is one in 346,000 and the chance of being annihilated by a large asteroid (> 0.5 km dia.) in its collision with Earth, is the same, according to Sir Martin Rees ('Our Final Hour').  In other words, we're pouring  tens of BILLIONS each year into bullshit to protect us from a bogeyman while these fuckers rip our rights away! Then add to that Rachel Maddow's analysis (2 yrs. ago)  that disclosed bin Laden's strategy was always to bankrupt us into spending insanity i.e.

So, Snowden was spot on,  and before anyone cites any "oaths" he took,  let us remind people his oath to the Constitution comes first. Even during the Nuremberg War Crimes trials, the Nazi scum were reminded that they had a higher duty to their consciences over and above any "oaths" taken to Hitler or the Reich laws. (This later became part of the Nuremberg Laws.)

Snowden put it supremely well in his WaPo interview:

The oath of allegiance is not an oath of secrecy,” he said. “That is an oath to the Constitution. That is the oath that I kept that Keith Alexander and James Clapper did not.”

Let's also bear in mind it was Clapper who lied before a Senate hearing months before Snowden's leaks, telling everyone - in response to a direct and specific question - there was "no mass eollection of data". So how can we trust this scumball at all?

Snowden noted that those who accuse him of disloyalty, mistake his purpose. He said:

“I am not trying to bring down the NSA, I am working to improve the NSA, I am still working for the NSA right now. They are the only ones who don’t realize it.”

When he was asked who elected him to take on any responsibility he was blunt:

Dianne Feinstein elected me when she asked softball questions( in committee hearings). Mike Rogers elected me when he kept these programs hidden. ... The FISA court elected me when they decided to legislate from the bench on things that were far beyond the mandate of what that court was ever intended to do. The system failed comprehensively, and each level of oversight, each level of responsibility that should have addressed this, abdicated their responsibility.”

Contrary to the NSA's denials and lies,  Snowden,  beginning in October 2012, brought his misgivings to two superiors in the NSA’s Technology Directorate and two more in the NSA Threat Operations Center’s regional base in Hawaii. For each of them, and 15 other co-workers, Snowden said he opened a data query tool called BOUNDLESSINFORMANT, which used color-coded “heat maps” to depict the volume of data ingested by NSA taps.

His colleagues were often “astonished to learn we are collecting more in the United States on Americans than we are on Russians in Russia,”

Snowden elaborated:

“I asked these people, ‘What do you think the public would do if this was on the front page?’

He noted that critics have accused him of bypassing internal channels of dissent. “How is that not reporting it? How is that not raising it?”

NSA spokeswoman Vanee Vines sent a prepared statement to The Post declaring there was no evidence that supported Snowden's contentions about going to higher ups. But WHY would there be? Is she daft enough to believe that the superiors Snowden went to would write up notes about it and file them? Or leave in place any scintilla of a computer file? What planet is she living on? Obviously, to preserve plausible deniability (and their jobs) - and especially if they even remotely suspected Snowden might act on matters himself -  they'd shut the fuck up and also ensure no paper trails existed. Hell, that's basic Spookery 101!

Before anyone castigates Snowden let's also recall how his disclosure of the NSA's  MUSCULAR project enraged and galvanized U.S. technology executives (who went to see Obama last Monday and demanded changes). They believed the NSA had lawful access to their front doors — and had broken down the back doors anyway.

Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith took to his company’s blog and called the NSA an “advanced persistent threat” — the worst of all fighting words in U.S. cybersecurity circles, generally reserved for Chinese state-sponsored hackers and sophisticated criminal enterprises. In other words, Smith portrayed our own spooks as the ENEMY.  They are, in his blog portrayal, the enemy within.
So in so many way, on so many levels, yes Snowden has already won. (In any case, I take his statement to be a direct snub of TIME in not choosing him as 'Person of the Year' as I wrote on in a previous blog post. As charismatic and decent a man as Pope Francis is, he simply didn't have the effect on global events that Snowden has.)
Demonstrators hold placards supporting Edward Snowden 
Most gratifying in Snowden's interview is how he bears no malice toward his peeved asshole detractors In the hope of keeping focus on the NSA, Snowden has ignored attacks on himself. He stated:

Let them say what they want. It’s not about me.”

For example, former NSA and CIA director Michael V. Hayden predicted that Snowden will waste away in Moscow as an alcoholic, "like other defectors.” To this, Snowden shrugged. He does not drink at all. Never has., he said.  In any case, whatever small tribulations Snowden has to endure in Russia are nothing compared to the despicable spectacle he'd face (in a military, Kangaroo-rigged court) if he ever returned to the U.S. He'd also likely be found guilty and suffer an even worse fate than Bradley Manning. They'd probably keep him naked in a solitary cell, fed only bread & water,  and water-boarded every 6 hours-   so enraged they'd be at how he exposed the underbelly of the national security state. (Which recall had no compunctions about blowing JFK's brains out on a Dallas' street.)
We all owe Snowden a debt of gratitude and those who say otherwise have no business calling themselves patriots or Americans. They belong to the same class of vermin as Joseph Goebbels, Herman Goering, and the other Nazi scum who used (via the Gestapo) their own extensive methods to grab up power more than 70 years ago.

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