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Obama Haters Need to Grow Up! AND 10 Takeaways from Election Night

Images on a Right whacko's blog.  (TOP: After the election was called for Obama, BOTTOM - just before). He is going into mental meltdown mode after Obama's win last night. Maybe he needs some MJ cookies.

As readers can see from the attached images, the Obama hating assholes haven’t relented despite a decisive electoral win over the lying, job-dismantling, petulant in defeat,  former BAIN CEO Mittens Romney. Can Obama expect cooperation from these fools? Don’t bet on it! The same blogger that posted the attached top and bottom images also had the temerity to scrawl on his blog:

“I wonder if Obummer really "won." Reports are coming in that (biased?) pollworkers in several states were giving ballots to individuals with no photo IDs. Which is why the Left has always opposed them. And...I wonder how many of those who voted (with no IDs) were even in this country legally!

No matter. " sure your sin will find you out" ( Numbers 32:23). As an evangelical Christian, I have personally seen and experienced much tragedy, hate, etc., and, although I may not understand at the time why things sometimes go the way they do, I put my faith in God, as opposed to confidence in man. In other words, I "walk by faith, not by sight" ( 2 Cor. 5:7 )."

  The last line was especially amusing as he had total faith the Mittster would win – and in a LANDSLIDE! How much dumbass faith is that? Maybe what we need to do is to get this hater into a nice video – DANCING with Obama – instead of hating on him.

But in my takeaways I will show why this nut is off his rocker. If ANY votes were “stolen” it was by the other side – likely in VA, FL and OH – making those states much closer by electronically switching votes (see two blogs ago – the link showing a machine vote switch in action)

The TEN Takeaways:

1- Nate Silver (538 blog) is a freaking pollster GURU! With a 90 % probability he basically nailed the result for Obama electorally – while taking all kinds of venom from Mittens’ Repuke Goon Gallery. The latter, as I noted before, simply couldn’t tolerate the nature of statistical reality and opted to diss it rather than accept it.

2- Willard Mitt was in the end his own worst enemy, as even assorted earlier defenders acknowledge this morning. No one in the end knew where this shapeshifter stood – he was a hard core Tea Bagger puppet in the REEP debates then morphed into a wannabe “moderate” during the presidential debates. In the end most intelligent people couldn’t reconcile his changes to who he really was,  or accept that what he said truly mattered to him - or to them!

3- Superstorm Sandy was indeed the ‘black Swan’ embodiment I noted earlier in a previous blog, and showed that indeed people need government when the going gets tough – while showing (with images of Gov. Chris Christie) Obama could work across the aisle and was indeed the grown up here.

4- The White Evangelical Cracker votes Mittens and his campaign kept insisting would arrive with “passion” (defeating or denying the polls like Nate Silver’s) didn’t emerge. The total white vote proportion was 72% and needed to be at least 74% for the Mittster to have a chance. The white cracker votes were at least cancelled out in Florida and Colorado by a 70%+ Hispanic turnout in those states. THAT turnout plausibly neutralized electronic vote thefts in those states. (Making the election close enough to toss to Willard Mitt, but now - thanks to the huge Puerto Rican Dem turnout in the I-94 central Florida corridor that state will likely have its 29 electoral votes for Obama.)

5- Obama took the Rust Belt states of Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin by finally giving a full throated defense of the auto bailout that people in those states could understand, especially using the ‘spokes on a bicycle wheel’ analogy of how jobs spread from Detroit outwards to other states which manufacture tires, auto parts, etc. This ensured large union turnout and likely neutralized the effort to electronically steal (switch) votes using a recently installed, uncertified electronic computer “patch”. (Union households went 60% to 38% for Obama, according to a CBS News poll this morning).

6- Virginia and Ohio going for Obama was also helped by a large women’s vote, for example in Ohio going to Obama by 56% to 40%. In Virginia women in Loudon County were appalled at their governor’s efforts to demand invasive ultrasound probes before allowing an abortion. Threats against contraception and hence increased health costs also caused women in Ohio to vote for Obama far more than their non-unon working class hubbies.

7- “The War on Women” coming to the fore, compliments of firebrand Christian idiots like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock, assured at least six Senate seats going to the Dems including Clare McCaskill’s in Missouri and Joe Donnelly’s in Indiana. As even conservo Joe Scarborough observed this morning, this issue was one of idiocy,  not conservative identity.

8- The Youth vote in Colorado, coming out by nearly 60%-38% for Obama also hinged on the vote for Amendment 64 to make marijuana in small amounts legal for recreational use for all citizens 21 yrs. and older. This is another reason, as I will show below, Obama needs to get control of his agency – the DEA- to get them to back off State’s prerogatives as reflected in citizen initiatives. The alternative is to stir anti-government sentiment among youth in key states (like Colorado and Washington) which could be catastrophic for Dems.

9- The demographic reflected in the election disclosed whites no longer “control” the nation’s electoral map. Whites have continually been hard-assed against Obama in this cycle from the get go, with white men going for Mittens by nearly 66% to 34% and white women not much better at 56% to 38%. This racial split is deplorable and leads the impartial observer to at least suspect some racial motivation.

10. Obama Earned at least Political Capital He Can USE:

Obama will be told by the Extreme Reepos (like Mitch McConnell who delivered a most ungracious response last night) that he has no “mandate” because of the close popular vote, about 50%-49%, but by a large electoral win (likely with 332 final) he has at least political capital. How to use it?


The “fiscal cliff” as I have pointed out before, is largely a confection invented by a certain Washington Neoliberal Elite to justify severe “entitlement” cuts down the road. They figure if they can get the Bush tax cuts to be retained for all now – yelping about a “massive recession” if we don’t- that they can use that as leverage to cut domestic benefits programs later. This is all so much HORSE SHIT! There is no fiscal cliff, and in fact DIVING over it is the best way to solve an otherwise intractable deficit problem (as even fiscal hawk David Walker would agree).

According to William Gale, an economist at the Brookings Institute and former adviser to George H.W. Bush:

“It will be much easier to negotiate a budget deal going over the cliff. It seems to be the only way we can boost revenues.”

Adds Matt McAlvanah, a spokesman for Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), the fourth-ranking Democrat:

“The willingness to go over the cliff is a means to force a deal,”

This is the point! The Repukes and Mitch McConnell, Eric Kantor and Weepy eyed Johnno Boehner, will make no “grand deal” on their own that includes ANY significant revenues no matter how much Obama may want them. Why would they? Their agenda now is to deny the Prez a Legacy, as opposed to being a one –termer.

The best means to attain deficit control and sobriety is therefore to go OVER the alleged “cliff” and in the process solve the problem without any need for Reepo cooperation or agreement to higher revenues. The revenues come automatically! By merely passively allowing ALL tax cuts to expire – the payroll tax cuts (which never should have been there in the first place since they FUND Social Security which the Reeps want to cut) as well as the Bush tax cuts for all classes, enormous deficit reduction is attained – without the bullshit and rigamorole to pander to the Reepos.

In fact, $500b would be saved the next fiscal year, and $3.7 trillion over ten years – with NO Bush tax cuts. The supposed consequences would not be catastrophic at all but only incrementally crimp some wanton consumption. (Most people never even noticed the payroll tax cuts coming into their pay packets each week!) . In large measure, the fantasy of the horrendous results of "diving" are based on the myth that tax cuts energize the economy and create jobs. But the opposite is true, as a Financial Times analysis of the Bush tax cuts showed (FT, 9/15/10) People – the Middle class- meanwhile, can then be told that this is a small price to pay to retain their government benefits which otherwise would require draconian cuts down the line.

B) Get Control of your Agencies and DEMAND the Reepos Finally Complete the Remaining Federal Office Picks from Last Term

Both are important and run in tandem. The REEPS must be made to understand that they cannot continue to hold up key picks for federal agencies, offices – and need to pay a price if they do. One method is a tack used several times by JFK, cut defense spending, contracts in their districts if they fail to cooperate.

It is also important Obama gain control of his federal agencies overall, instead of “letting the inmates run the asylum”, so to speak. A case in point is the DEA, which has been running amuck with raids on medical marijuana (MJ) dispensaries in CA, CO the last two years, despite Obama stating clearly in 2009 this sort of thing would not be a priority. Then WHY are they doing it?

According to author Rob Kampia (‘Legalize It!’, Playboy, November, p. 56):

“The federal attacks on medical marijuana aren’t driven by calculated politics ….Rather the attacks are the result of Obama being a bad manager. ….

In 2009 and 2010 the Department of Justice followed the president’s lead – just as any staff with a new boss would – and let medical marijuana flourish across the country. Unfortunately, over time the staff noticed that Obama, his Chief of Staff and other White House bosses weren’t holding the DOJ accountable. DOJ staffers started doing what most other unsupervised employees would do: They followed their own agendas.”

Obama, now that two states (WA, CO) have legalized pot for recreational use, needs to respect citizen voter rights for those amendments to constitutions in those states and tell the DEA hotshots to back off. Order them to follow his lead, not engage in their own freelancing. If not, and the feds continue intervening and impeding, this could cost the Dems the MJ states in future elections – and this may be critical in tight future elections (See also my takeaway #8)

C) Pull out of Afghanistan SOONER, instead of waiting until 2014. You will be able to save at least $550 b more in squandered treasure, not to mention dozens more American lives, and you don’t need to put on the bravado military posture any more to show voters how tough you are. In other words, you will now finally earn your Nobel Peace Prize in the eyes of many!

D) Don’t appease the Reepos or believe they will make nicey now with you. These are the same jackwads that obstructed everything in your first term. Make them come to you…..don’t offer any peace pipes to them! This is the least your voters expect after waiting in line for hours – for many of them – in key battleground states.

There! 'Nuff Said!

As for the asshole blogger that thinks Obama is an “Evil King” – take a look at your own side for once, friend, and maybe pull yourself away from the computer and help out the less fortunate instead of pissing on them all the time.

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