Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Angus T. Jones: Another Christian Ingrate!

Angus T. Jones, left, having been harnessed via "baptism" by 7th Day Christers, dumps on 'Two and A Half Men' as "filth" on The Forerunner Chronicles Youtube channel. Maybe the little punk needs to do us all a favor and leave the show if he hates it so much!

Like certain unnamed relations who take, as in TAKE, e.g. money….but offer no appreciation or gratitude in return (biting the hand of the giver), we’ve now beheld the similar case of Angus T. Jones – the young sprat (e.g. the ‘half’) on ’Two and a Half Men’, who had fans doing a double take after he blasted the show as “filth” in a viral Youtube rant for a Seventh Day Adventist outfit.

In his rant, Jones said:

“Please stop watching Two and a Half Men! I’m on Two and a Half Men, and I don’t want to be on it! Please stop watching it! Please stop doing your head with filth!”

Is this punk serious? Has he got any brains or sense? He’s receiving $350k per episode when most people in this country are barely able to compile that much money by saving over a lifetime. Hence, it’s more than most Americans save in a nest egg to live off in retirement! And he spits on his opportunity? He says he “doesn’t want to be on it”! Well, I’m sure there are thousands of unemployed actors right now who’d do anything for the chance!

How about being gracious, young Padewan? How about showing APPRECIATION instead of spitting on the hands of those who have provided you with a precious opportunity to earn a living outside of slinging burgers at Mickey D’s? But this seems to be a recurring trait with many of these “Christians” who I believe, spit on their gifts, assistance or help because they don’t believe it comes directly from another human ---- but some imagined man in the sky! Hence, they feel they can with impunity TAKE the gift, or pay, or help…then spit back into the face of the giver!

At least in the case of Jones, after much blowback he eventually found enough voice to recant somewhat – though he didn’t take back what he already said. He released a statement yesterday saying:

“I apologize if my remarks reflect me showing indifference to and disrespect of my colleagues and a lack of appreciation of the extraordinary opportunity of which I have been blessed. “

The above, in concert with his refusal to retract his earlier slamming the show as “filth” confirms my suspicion that young Jones believes his “extraordinary opportunity” comes from the divine as opposed to the creators and producers, and CBS! Note for example, his use of the phrase “of which I have been BLESSED” – not “of which I have been given”. This elicits the question:

How is it you reckon you can be ‘blessed’ with ‘filth’ ?”

Jones made his rant in a “testimonial- after being baptized this year as a Seventh Dayer- for ‘The Forerunner Chronicles’- a religious website and Youtube channel. In that testimonial he asserted:

“Oh some say you can still be a Christian and be on Two and a Half Men. No you can’t. You can’t be a god—fearing person and be on a television show like that.”

Oh really? Then here’s what you need to do, Angus: You need to QUIT the show forthwith, and further – return all the money you took from it since after all, you dissed the show as “filth” and averred a ‘real Christian’ can’t be such and be a part of it! If you don’t do that you’re a HYPOCRITE! But then we know, among the self –righteous Xtians, hypocrisy is a recurring syndrome.

If Jones can't bring himself to follow his "Christian" principles and leave the show by which he's enriched himself, maybe CBS can do it for him!

Here’s another idea: Given the secessionist movement has now reached 1 million signatures maybe we can pile in all the wannabe Rebs into Tex-ASS with all the self-righteous, hypocrite Christians. Then they can all have at it, and even ….make their own TV shows (say to Angus' elevated moral standards), as they will have to create their own pension plans, medical insurance programs and everything else. The pseudo- Christian takers and Secessionist fakers, deserve each other! Hypocrites and traitors, a perfect match in a Tex-ASS Christian Repub- lic!

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