Thursday, November 8, 2012

Another Repuke Tea Party Goon Terminated!

Yeppers! I've just received the email from CREDO Action that noisome  Tea Party clown, Uncle Tom and Windbag Alan West - has officially lost his (Florida) seat in the House.  This Uncle Tom (pandering to the REAL Tea Party Massahs and orchestrators, the Koch Bros.)  never should have been elected in the first place, but then it was at a bad time when too many Reepo yahoos and not enough Democrats stepped up to the plate during the 2010 mid terms. (A lesson for ALL Democratic voters to not avoid mid-term elections! They also have consequences, and now we're still stuck with 50 or more of these Teep assholes.)

Seeing West go down was especially pleasing for two reasons: First, because of the disgusting way he yapped at fellow congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, with speech definitely unbecoming of a former service person. Despite the ad hominem attacks on her character, Debbie took them with grace and in stride - using them to make it clear she merits being Dem Minority Whip.

Second, despite this clown's bravado and tough guy image which he tries to project for all his Teepee minions, he's now whining about the election outcome and demanding a "recount" while citing "irregularities". (Unofficial returns early Wednesday, according to a Miami Herald story, disclosed Democrat Patrick Murphy leading West by 2,159 votes or 0.66%. ) Why the need for a recount, Alan? Doesn't every vote count? If it does, you ought to be able to accept a 1-vote win, especially as most of the counting is now being done by "perfect" electronic machines .....according to your Goopr pals.

The Herald points out that thus far the numbers don't conform to recount standards, i.e.:

"Even with the tightening of the race Wednesday, Murphy’s lead remained large enough to avoid an automatic recount, which state law requires for races where the margin is 0.5 percent or smaller."

As usual with Reep whiners, however, they always want to call 'foul' over the slightest suspicion of unfair play....never mind the absence of hard evidence for any. In West's case, his campaign insists that a recount was justified because of the way ballots in St. Lucie county were tallied. According to them, in the course of counting around midnight, a small West lead changed to a Murphy advantage.

Hey! Shit happens, Alan! Why not be a Man, unlike some of your Florida Goopr, Whitebread cracker cheerleaders, and just surrender? Give it up! Face it, your Tea Party days are over. Instead of trying to fight it, go out gracefully, so at least you don't look like a total dick.

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