Saturday, November 17, 2012

Can We Treat 'Obama Derangement Syndrome'?

A sure symptom of Obama Derangement Syndrome is the posting of images such as this one on blogs in which Obama is tied to being “the Antichrist” – despite the fact there has never been any evidence for such an entity!

"Obama Derangement Syndrome", most of us knew, would reach fever pitch if Obama was re-elected. We also understood its intensity would be proportional to the margin of his victory. Given the final electoral tally of  Obama 332 electoral votes to 206 for Mitt Romney, it was a given that the aftermath shock, revulsion and dismay would be ugly, especially since 99% of Repuke Nation had been inhabiting a Fauxian Bubble for over a year. Thus, they imbibed false polls and outliers (like Gallup), disbelieved the most reliable actual polls (like 538 blog's Nate Silver's) and actually accepted the pfolderol spouted by rank lunatics such as Dick Morris and Rush Limbaugh that a Romney blowout of Barack was imminent.

Consequently, the derangement was....well... malignant in scope! We saw Romney, for example, blaming his defeat to Barack on  federal government "gifts" doled out to young women (contraceptives), to young people overall (forgiven interest on college debt), Latinos (allowing young people 18 and under to remain in the U.S., and go on track for citizenship) and African-Americans (provisions of 'Obamacare' so they are not denied health insurance because of pre-existing conditions).

But a sure sign of derangement of Romney's brain was the failure to ask himself why HIS promised gifts to the 'Movers, Plutocrats and Shakers', e.g. $5 trillion in tax cuts, massive deregulation, $2 trillion in increased defense money for defense contractors, didn't get more 'corporate taker' apologists to the polls for him! Could it be they didn't believe he would deliver? Let there be no mistake here that the alleged "gifts" of Obama are chump change compared to what Romney promised to all his would-be Conservo takers!

Then we saw the outbreak of "Benghazi brain fever"  amongst the Tea Bagger set and the Reeper House, who now have such a fixation on Benghazi and terror attacks, that they believe "Obama lied and four died". Meanwhile, a group calling itself  'The Conservative Majority' is actually robo-calling reepers across the country and asking them to harass their Reps into instigating impeachment proceedings.

They point to David Petraeus' closed door testimony yesterday noting that he said "there was no doubt the Benghazi incident was a terror attack" and insist this doesn't mesh with Susan Rice's talking points. But they fail to process as a former Intel operative noted last night on Ed Schultz show, that the intelligence community would never have divulged what they REALLY believed on talking points to a UN Ambassador. Thus, the intelligence community would have massaged the actual facts so that too much was not given away...especially to bloodthirsty witch hunters - who as it was, on account of their obsession, had already exposed details of U.S. Embassy security operations!

But never mind! When your mind is felled by Obama Derangement Syndrome you will latch onto anything and beat it to death, if you think you can grab some kind of political advantage to try to de-legitimize Obama's re -election victory.

What other symptoms are there especially among the general populace? I list a number of the recently beheld signs, symptoms below:

1) You're a blogger who posts an image of Obama as "Antichrist" (see that attached) on almost every blog post you do and maintain that the Obama  re-election is a "sign" we are truly in the end times  - and oh, btw, for confirmation, look at what's going on now in the Middle East with Israel and Gaza!

2) You are also a Reepo blogger who believes all those who voted for Obama are "terrorists" or "heathen" for whom Satan is already stoking the fires of hell.

3) You believe Obama won the election by employing "mind control" of the sort allegedly popular during the Cold War and especially favored by the Red Chinese and North Koreans. (As brought out in a 4 hr. slide show shown to Georgia state congress critters not long ago, highlighted on Rachel Maddow's 11/15 show)

4) You're living in Alabama, but have packed all your belongings and are prepared to move to "The Republic of Texas" if it manages to secede from "Obama's Empire". You want to do this to help set up a nation "dedicated to the Lawd, the holy Bible, keepin' yer guns, and havin' nuff cheap gas for the pickup."

5) You sympathize with the woman who tried to run her hubby down in their driveway because she found out that he voted for Obama.

6) You can mentally put yourself in the place of the pro-Romney guy from Islamorada Key, FLA, who was so distraught after Romney's loss that he took his own life, asserting in a note "There aint nothin to live for now".

7) You perversely sympathize with the 20-year old Westminster, Colorado man who recently averred he wanted to "assassinate" Obama, and will now have all the time in the world to ponder his reckless words.

8) You are one of the High school kids who hurled off nasty, racist anti-Obama rants on Tumblr e.g.

Though here we can likely cite extenuating circumstances by way of the kids contracting the Obama Derangement Syndrome from their parents. Hey, we were all kids once and know how easy it is for the osmosis of parental attitudes to occur. I still recall how my dad lashed out against Nixon during the 1960 presidential campaign, and how I reflected back the lingo to schoolmates and in school assignments. It happens! The thing is, when you grow up you gotta put it away or it'll eat you alive. 

The question remains of whether or not there's any treatment for Obama Derangement Syndrome. The only one I can think of  (apart from maybe electro-convulsive therapy or a diet of Paxil) in the current rancorous atmosphere is 'time'. Time heals all wounds, even those imagined, or it should. Let's hope time heals the wounds of a viciously divided nation and we don't see those wounds exacerbated with an impeachment witch hunt!

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