Tuesday, November 6, 2012

D-Day: Democrats Be WARNED! You may have to CONTEST the Election!

One of the reasons I became an independent (to be specific, a Socialist, like Bernie Sanders) is that I've always doubted Democrats had the 'fire in the belly' especially to fight for their constitutents and demographic constituencies when the time arrived. We beheld this sort of wimpish behavior in both 2000, when Gore conceded too early and didn't demand ALL FLA counties to be recounted, and also in 2004, when obvious chicanery in Ohio to do with provisional ballots and Diebold voting machines went unaddressed by Kerry. Many on the Left, including me, took this to mean that Kerry truly was the wimp (as opposed to real warrior) depicted by the Swift Boaters. The sting of that failure still remains, which is one big reason we don't wish to see the Ds punk out again in arguably the most epochal election in our lifetimes.

Now, fast forward to today - election day, or D-Day for Democrats - demanding every scintilla of moxie and courage they have to fight on, to contest the election - if needed. This applies to four "battleground" states, including Ohio, Virginia, Florida, and Colorado ....where we know Hart Intercivic machines are ensconced, as well as the Diebold and ES&S systems that helped steal Ohio for Bush in '04. Already, massive voter suppression tactics - i.e. scaling back early voting days - have failed to work in Ohio and Florida as judicial rulings have tempered the negative effects. But that means the electronic machines are the last firewall for a Repuke theft, or as I prefer to call it ...a coup.

Don't believe me? I noted in a blog some days ago about Repukes in Colo. beseiging Reep Secretary of State Scott Gessler to "recalibrate" all the electronic machines. This was even before we learned of the so-called  uncertified "computer patch" implemented in Ohio compliments of their Repuke Troglydyte, Jon Husted (who worked with Karl Rove in '04 on the OH theft). See the previous blog for more details on this current "patch", including articles and signed affidavits by computer techs.

Then, at precisely 8.30 Mountain time this morning, wifey and I stared spellbound while watching KOAA-TV, as the newscaster noted two electronic machines in Adams County had 'switched' voters' choices for President - from Barack Obama to Mitt Romney! Like smart citizens who check their grocery receipts for errors after each purchase, the voters checked their paper printouts and sure enough.....there on the paper was 'Mitt Romney (R)- Paul Ryan(VP)' instead of 'Barack Obama(D)- Joe Biden (VP)'. The voters complained and precinct specialists attempted to replicate the errors, but to no avail. However, they then performed the legit fail -safe action (demanded) of taking the machines out of commission. (Btw, to see Machine Vote Switching in action, check out the video at: http://wonkette.com/488754/watch-this-pennsylvania-voting-machine-hilariously-refuse-to-accept-a-vote-for-barack-obama

Three blogs earlier I described how this switching could be done internally via program cards, and even disguised by bogus paper records. In this case, obviously, the machines hadn't been "recalibrated" enough to deliver a bogus paper copy but the switched record - which the voters could then complain to poll workers about. Fortunately, enough voters complained of the switching to take the machines out of service.

But how many thousands of these machines, many of them Romney-based Hart Intercivic,  Diebold, or ES& S remain taking ballots in Colorado, Virginia, Florida and Ohio  to steal votes by switching them from Barack to Romney? How many voters will even check their actually cast votes against the paper records? Or, in how many cases will phony paper duplicates be generated by the machines (i.e. thanks to the new Ohio patch)  which mirror the voters' choice, but which were actually switched internally by the machines' program cards? There would be no way to check in the latter case!

This morning, Obama advisor David Axelrod was almost giddy on 'Morning Joe' when asked about Obama's chances in Virginia and Ohio, and he kept on referring to "increased voter turnout" in both states. But no one on the panel, not even the usually alert Tavis Smiley, asked about how Axelrod would ensure all the votes were correctly and faithfully tallied. No one even addressed the new computer patch in Ohio which will affect tallies in 39 counties. It was evident Axelrod simply assumed they would be, but such an assumption is unwarranted, as seen from the previous blog.

Here's the point: If the election is razor- thin close and Romney "wins" in Ohio, Colorado, Florida and Virginia, but Obama wins in the exit polls - then Obama's legal team has to take this to the next level. They cannot accept the exit polls as "non-conforming" but  have to officially contest the tallied vote counts in all those states and in addition, demand access to the internal program card records of ALL the electronic voting machines- then tally them against the paper records delivered to voters in those states. I don't give a flying fuck if it takes an extra year to get this all done, they have to do it - refusing to concede early - or be declared wimps and washouts like John Kerry in '04.

Just as critical is to ensure ALL provisional ballots are counted, especially in Ohio and Florida. We know in Ohio, for example, Husted the R-punk changed the rules so when one delivers an absentee ballot of any kind he or she now is obliged to fill out a special information and identity sheet which in times past was done by poll workers. If there is even ONE error, no matter how minuscule - the voter will have to cast a provisional ballot instead. Some estimates have been upwards of 200,000 for these ballots - many of which weren't counted in '04 and likely cost Kerry the election...but wouldn't have if he'd had the balls to fight on.

In this case, Obama's margin for victory may be 130,000 or less, and if at least that many provisional ballots are uncounted, he could lose Ohio, and with it the election. What we do know - is that the deadline to tally all the Ohio provisional ballots is Nov. 17th, which means the Ohio results would not be known  - and likely the national result- until early December. This means Obama's team has to have lawyers and others overseeing the critical provisional ballot vote tally to make sure every vote cast for Obama is actually registered.

Now again, efficiency - a typical American syndrome -  isn't the priority here. We do not need to know for sure who the winner is by tonight or even tomorrow morning. Much more important, and to make it emphatically clear this isn't just a media side show, is that EVERY last vote is counted. If it takes until December or longer to get a result, so be it. I'd rather the final reckoning be done slowly, methodically and correctly than with Jack Spradle haste - to suit the race fetish media - with the wrong result.

Unlike in 2004, miillions of Democratic voters - many of whom have waited seven or more hours in lines in Ohio and Florida - want to make damned sure their votes are counted this time. Provisional ballots or not! If they are not, and the Dems punk out of legally pressing a contested election with unseemly haste, then why should anyone bother next time? Answer me that!

As for the other Reepo-Teepee obstructionists, the 'True the Vote' assholes, trying to intimidate voters in key swing states - if any of these fuckers approaches you in line and demands to see Voter ID tell them to STFU, and if they really want a piece of you...you will meet them in the parking lot after wards!

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