Friday, November 16, 2012

Impeachment: The Worst Mistake the GOP Could Ever Make

Condi Rice: Wasn’t held to account, nor was Bush Jr. impeached, when it was discovered there were no WMD in Iraq and she had “misrepresented” Saddam’s link to al Qaeda. Susan Rice, therefore, is even less to blame given she wasn’t even at State during the Benghazi incident but the UN Ambassador, merely relaying the info she had at the time. Reeps need to lay off Susan and Obama, and drop their feverish impeachment bullshit.

As "the Benghazi brain fever" seems to have infected the Beltway and particularly found a life of its own in the Reeper -led House (aided and abetted by an always distracted corporate media hungry for conflicts), the I-word has indeed come up, as Ed Schulz pointed out last night. A group calling itself  'The Conservative Majority' is actually robo-calling reep imps...errrr...voters across the land (those not taken up by secession) and asking them to harass their GOOpr reps into initiating impeachment proceedings for "high crimes and misdemeanors"  against newly re-elected Barack Obama, starting after his inauguration.

Well, as Ed said, if you can't beat Obama fairly in the election, use dirty tricks and impeachment to try to retroactively repeal the will of the voters, like they tried to do with Bill Clinton.

But this time, the Reepos are making a capital, grade A mistake. Bear in mind this is the same President-elect that tens of millions of Latinos chose, as well as Asian -Americans (as Chris Hayes pointed out on his 'UP' program two weeks ago) as well as young women and African-Americans. These are the same demographics the GOP would LIKE to grab, but which even their most solid supporters have admitted they won't unless they alter their approach. (Former MS governor Hayley Barber yesterday actually suggested the Gooprs submit to a "proctology exam". Hey, Hayley! I don't think any such exam could go 'deep enough' to remove all the backed up shit in Goopr-land!)

Now just days ago we beheld all these constituencies thoroughly dissed by 'Sore Loser in Chief' Mitt Romney when he blamed his defeat to Barack on the federal government "gifts" doled out to young women (contraceptives), young people overall (forgiven interest on college debt), Latinos (allowing young people 18 and under to remain in the U.S., and go on track for citizenship) and African-Americans (provisions of 'Obamacare' so they are not denied health insurance because of pre-existing conditions).

Romney was evidently too dumb to grasp (as many complaining Reepos, e.g. Bobby Jindal,  are in response to his brain fart) that when you dismiss all your potential voters as "takers" you are essentially showing them you have zero respect for them, period. So why the hell would they vote for your sorry lot in the next election cycle?  They'd have to be stupid to even think of wasting a vote on the GOP brand!

Now, with insane Reepos fomenting impeachment, these Teepee Reepo idiots are going one howler further, by alienating the Obama constituencies not only as "takers" but de-legitimizing their choice overall!  How much more will these frothing freaks pile it on? Don't they know when to quit? Don't they know that merely disabling the Obama administration by impeachment proceedings will forever put the GOP in the sights of the Obama constituencies forever?  As consummate sore losers who can't get along, if nothing else? Even if they don't succeed in impeaching Barack, the GOP pursuers will make themselves totally foul to all the Obama constituencies. They will treat the GOP forever as lepers, or harboring some kind of transmittable brain parasites!  Those constituencies will also grasp that any such impeachment is merely a cover for removal of a President they couldn't beat outright in a fair election.

And what exactly is the putative basis for these  "high crimes and misdemeanors"? Evidently it's all about Benghazi and who knew what when. Even former Bushie Condoleeza Rice is getting into the act, commenting on the situation and Susan Rice. This is nothing short of incredible given that Condi was at the very center of the 'Saddam has WMD" and "Saddam is linked to al Qaeda" lies. Which were subsequently found to be all hogwash. Yet was Condi pulled up by her thumbs, as the GOOPS are doing with Susan Rice (who didn't even hold Condi's equivalent post, but rather was UN Ambassador.) Was Condi's boss Bush Dumbya pulled up and over for impeachment proceedings, for lying to Condi, or telling her to sow misinformation on Saddam? No, how could he be, when the REEPs controllled the House which would have been charged with bringing such proceedings!

Rice has apparently chimed in on several fronts, undoubtedly seeking to provide fodder for the investigative morons in the House. A segment of transcript of her remarks reads as follows:

“When you have the ambassador walking off to talk to the Turkish [consul general] in the courtyard on 9/11– something doesn’t seem quite right to me about the level of security preparations at the consulate.

“When you hear Secretary Clinton talk about an Accountability Review Board, that’s what they will look at. It is headed by five retired officers…I think they’ll do a good job, but we need to know, and those decisions– it’s not clear where they were made in the State Department…The regional security officer is the head diplomatic security officer in the consulate. This one had come back in July, he had reportedly asked that some additional security be kept on the ground, so something didn’t get right in terms of the decisions about security on the ground prior to the attack.”

  Of course, all of this is pure speculation, since Condi - not being in any formal loop anymore, has nothing whatever to go by.  It's also incredible she'd read anything sinister into a UN Ambassador talking to the Turkish General Consul. So what? Do you have a worthwhile conspiracy theory? If so, let's hear it.   As far as her babble about the "decisions concerning security" - obviously questioning them, maybe she needs to ask the Reep House why they cut $300 m  for Embassy funding and security across the globe, including in Barbados.

The GOP House budget cuts, however, forced all embassies to cut back, and security is one of the recurring expenses. Don't ask for whom the cuts toll, they toll for thee!  

Condi rambles on:  

"The second big issue is what happened during that eight or nine hours.  And there I think the proper place to understand that has to be the congressional intelligence committees, in Senate and Congress.  There is a lot that has to be understood about what is the role of the CIA was in all of this.  "  

At least here she displays some ballast and sense, although I personally would have preferred a congressional intel committee not headed by a Reepo witch hunter. I am sure Petraeus will be a 'good soldier' and do his duty, even if no longer in any official capacity. Its the Reepo wolves with whom we must concern ourselves and how they will use anything as ammo against our Prez!  

Finally, Condi says: 

 "And the third thing is, okay, so the administration kept shifting its story.  One day it was apparently terror…Susan Rice says it was the video.."  

But this "shifting the story" is the media-REEP byline, and bear in mind they all exhibit the attention span of gnats. 'Shfiting of story' is more likely due to shifting, rapidly paced events happening almost in concert. In logic we refer to a 'disjunctive plurality of causes". In other words, multiple causes at almost the same time as opposed to a linear one-cause to one effect, more agreeable to the simpleton brain.   For example, most genuine conspiracies hitherto exposed (e.g. BCCI, JFK assassination, Iran-Contra) have invariably been molded from a 'disjunctive plurality of causes'. Constructed more as a kind of parallel architecture - or unfolding of parallel and simultaneous operations. This is why most are so difficult to unravel, because they're approached by people -media seeking linear, one cause- to- one effect  connections.  

This Benghazi thing will continue to play out, but the Reeps are well advised not to jump to conclusions, or try to use the impeachment gambit to grab the validity they whiffed on in the recent election.  

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