Monday, April 18, 2011

Time for Anti-Obama Racism to Stop!

Congratulations to at least one California Republican who has a conscience and a sense of honor. That is, Mr. Scott Baugh, Chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County. Mr. Baugh has called on Marilyn Davenport, a low hierarchy committee member to resign after one of her racist anti-Obama emails was exposed by an Orange County Weekly Independent newspaper. This extremist whacko evidently was caught out sending an email that depicted a group of apes with Mr. Obama's visage digitally overlaid on one of the ape faces!

How low can people go? To what extent will these degenerates wallow in the gutter to attack the first ever African-American President? Worse, the text below the altered photo read:"Now you know why no birth certificate". This woman ought to have her head handed to her, but in the interest of national comity, we will accept her apology to Mr. Obama and her formal resignation. As Mr. Baugh himself accurately pointed out:

It's a despicable message. It drips with racism and I think she should step down from the committee"

Incredibly, this nut dismissed it as an "internet joke" then almost in the same breath called on "the coward" who made it public to "come forward". Thus, logically, she's lying through her eye teeth and regarded it shamefully and not a "joke" at all, but rather exposing her latent racism. She's lucky she isn't in Barbados, because such a "joke" directed at a Prime Minister would have earned her 90 days minimum at Glendairy!

Davenport represents the 72nd Assembly district in Orange County (which has always been a Republican bastion and the original site of 'Freedom Communications' which used to publish our local right wing rag). All her constituents ought to renounce this despicable act and demand her exit instantly. It is one thing for ordinary yahoos to put up racist anti-Obama crap on their blogs or whatnot, but it is totally intolerable to have any office holder - irrespective of how low the office- do it, and get away with it.

We need to send a message to all Republicans, now a year and a half before national elections, that this sort of sick behavior is unacceptable and will not be countenanced. Nor is it a matter of 'political correctness' but opposing vile racist hate speech against a sitting President! Maybe the Secret Service can look into this as well!

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