Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lying Tea-bagger clown gets away with racial slur

I've just about had it up to my eyeballs with the racist, lying Tea-party clowns now infesting our country. It's bad enough to have to deal with the ordinary, everyday species (where you have to play 'whack-a-mole' every other day) but to behold the Tea Pee stain (strain) in politicos is almost too much to bear. And so we come to the sequel in the pathetic tale of one Marilyn Davenport of Orange County, CA, who sent off a totally outrageous e-mail of President Obama: depicting him as a baby ape in an ape family with the appended blurb: Now you know why no birth certificate.

This lying piece of scum must think we're all idiots like the Birthers and generic tea baggers. In her latest spiel she claims to have "apologized" (according to this morning's AP report) but I found no words to that effect, i.e.: "Dear Mr. President, I am sorry I have portrayed you in such a vile manner. My humblest apologies, sir!". Instead we find this codswallop:

I felt that it was inappropriate and I offended people. I think it's only racist when the intent in my heart is to make it that way, and that was not the intent in my heart"


Only when her execrable email broke (and was outed by an Orange County Indie Weekly) did we find her ripping people at her local Assembly HQ to shreds, demanding the "coward come forward" and make himself known! She also added that "it was an internet joke". Are you effing kidding me? Do you think we're morons like your average Birther Bozos? Let's get this straight: If you had to demand a "coward" come forward, then you were: a) pissed that you were outed, and b) ashamed of it being made public. At no time then could it have been a joke, for which no person in her right mind would have demanded a "coward" to come forward! Indeed, it would have been laughed off! After all, this brilliant joke was now making the wider rounds. That you demanded a "coward" make himself known indicates you didn't want it making any wider rounds. You wanted to keep it an inside, insidious racist "joke" among teepees.

In addition, you were ashamed of what you produced, as you should be. That shame is also laid bare by the demand for the coward to come forward and identify him or herself to you. Thus, your "apology" is bollocks. Hell, it isn't even directed at Mr. Obama - whose visage you defiled and conflated with a standard racist image dating back to the Old Confederacy (where Blacks were often depicted as apes to de-humanize them before hauling them to the slave auctions in North or South Carolina). If you're tendering an apology, nitwit, you tender it to the one offended not generic "people" - which implies this miscreant doesn't even believe Obama would have found it offensive and racist, only the people that actually outed it and complained about it!

As for the claim that "it's only racist when the intent in my heart is to make it that way", save it for the peanut gallery and birther dopes. The fact that you found it necessary in the wake of your email's exposure to demand the "coward" identify himself to you exposes your heart for all the world to see. Had you kept your yap shut then this excuse might fly, but right now, this is tantamount to closing the barn door after all the cows evacuated.

The sad part is, she doesn't even have the decency or character to just resign which would be a sure sign she takes responsibility and is serious with an apology. Instead, she makes transparent excuses and offers them as an apology. Clearly, it will be up to someone else in Orange County Repub Headquarters to send her packing, and I hope they do! NO politician of whatever grade or place in the hierarchy ought to be allowed to get away with this vile BS. And anyone stupid enough not to think an ape portrayal of a black man isn't racist needs to: a) admit an IQ below room temperature, and b) be made to attend racial sensitivity classes at least five times a month. (To which I'd also add a course in the history of the Old Confederacy and its use of ape images in pamphlets to de-humanize African-Americans being readied for auction.)

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