Thursday, March 31, 2011

Demos, DO NOT Appease the Repukes!!

Well, it's getting down to crunch time once more, what with a possible federal government shutdown eight days away, and you can tell the politicos are getting anzty. At least the D-prefixed ones, who - from the latest news- appear just about ready to sell out their balls, brains, spines (what's left of them) and remaining nerves, to try and appease the Repukes so that the latter won't demand too much more budget cutting into the federal bone...or, god forbid...risk a full shutdown. Good luck on that, you wussies and suckers!

Bottom line here is these bastards don't care. As we saw with Obama's earlier efforts (in 2009) to appease them and win some friends on the other side, all they do is take and never give. The word "cooperation" simply isn't in their lexicon. So why be prepared to sacrifice the store for them? A man, or MEN, would instead let the government shut down, that is - play the game of 'chicken' all the way through to the end. The reason? The re-piggies are betting their asses off that the Dems will fold like cheap tents instead of going to the mat!

What do we find on tap from these latter day Caspar Milquetoasts? According to the news, based on "secret talks" held between Sen. Harry Reid (aka, 'Dirty Harry II', minus the .44 magnum) and John Boner, Boehner, the Senate Dems are prepared to:

- Accept Republican-backed curbs on the Environmental Protection Agency to disallow them from applying greenhouse gas controlling regs

- Accept similar Republican-backed limits on new FDA food safety oversight (so you don't have to consume too much E.Coli or rat turds in your burgers)

The first appeasement on the EPA issue will also block that agency from issuing or enforcing new regs on the emission of mercury from cement factories, or limiting pollution into Chesapeake Bay, as well as overseeing surface coal mining (which contaminates water with carcinogens) and runoff of chemical crap into Florida waters.

Note here that enforcing the food safety regs (to make sure we all don't get salmonella from the next peanut, spinach or tomato, doesn't even come to 75 million bucks. But rather than protect the public, and eliminate a stupid costly "Air Brigade" (to cost $0.75 BILLION) at Ft. Carson, CO, they'd rather be penny -wise and pound foolish. Put the entire U.S. population at risk for food illness, rather than have the gumption, balls and guts to pull the plug on a chopper brigade that will benefit only one community (a mainly repuke one at that!). Yet the two CO state Demo Senators, Mark Udall and Michael Bennett, are all for it!

It is sad, terribly sad, when politics trumps the general welfare to this extent. This, however, is exactly why this country is quickly becoming totally ungovernable. Everything is about party and the consolidation of party politics over national interest. Even the Dems, so cowardly in their moves, aren't aware of what they're doing nor do they realize that what they're giving away is but one step in further appeasement!

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