Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Taking the 'Rod of Correction' to a Johnny-Reb's Ass

Well, sometimes, there's no choice. I mean, I used to have to beat the crap out of this little turd when we were young 'uns growing up, and one thing about him (which you couldn't take away!) he always kept coming back for more. And so it is, as an adult.

But......Once a Rebel Twerp – always a Johnny Reb Twerp! Once again, Florida Tea –Bag boy tries to respond to my previous blog on confusing free speech and hate speech by way of useless irrelevancies, non-sequiturs and assorted false analogies. One wonders why he doesn’t give up while he’s ahead, but then the treasonous Confederates never did yield even when they had the chance. So, they all had to be taken down …. their asses put in respective slings..whether at Antietam, Gettysburg or in other battles. The creeps that back the ‘Stars n’ Bars’ never learn and haven’t up to now!

He writes:

Brothers and Sisters ; well , just as predicted , our friendly I-net Satan-led , atheist , Dumbocrap libo Socialists has rebutted my last two blog posts ( i.e., http://pastorstahl.blogspot.com/2011/03/awwwdoes-my-speech-offend-youtough.html ; http://pastorstahl.blogspot.com/2011/03/advice-for-democratic-socialists-us-of.html ) , by bringing out ( YAAWWNNN ) the strawman , as well as tossing in the red herring along with , of course , when all else fails...the race card! ALL of which are creating a huge yawn on the face of TRUE AMERICANS"

But of course, real Americans aren’t twerps who still fly the Stars n’ Bars. call their dogs 'Rebel' and wallow in all things Antebellum. And even if their president is black, he’s accepted as THEIR president if properly and legitimately elected- unlike Bushie boy who benefited from his bro and the FLA state secretary helping him steal Florida’s electoral votes in 2000.
And, his dismissive referral to the “race card” shows he lacks even the basic intellectual discrimination to recognize racism when it appears. So let me help his febrile brain:

- Any time a black man is portrayed with huge lips eating chicken – that IS RACISM

- Any time the black man’s wife is portrayed in the same way – that IS RACISM!

- Any time a black man is portrayed as a witch doctor or with a bone through his nose THAT is RACISM!

- Any time a black man is portrayed with a rope around his neck THAT is RACISM!

- Any time a black man is portrayed as a gorilla or ape – THAT is RACISM!

But why the need to explain something any moron ought to know? Well, because those with a Johnny Reb mentality (who still believe Stonewall Jackson was the greatest thing since moonshine and grits) never learned the basics about prejudice in the first place. Which is also why they’re incapable of offering a political argument or justification for their depiction (like HIS of Obama as a witch doctor with bone through his nose).

If this twerp was really incensed at Obama’s Affordable Health plan he could have depicted Obama as an old time Medicine salesman with a wagon full of “medicinals” such as used to appear throughout the west, with their elixirs, oils and remedies. That could have brought his point home – poking fun at the HEALTH PLAN as opposed to the MAN – without resorting to an ugly, detestable racial stereotype. (Which everyone who's sane KNOWS is a racial stereotype!)

And no, you twerp, merely because we complain about this doesn’t make us blind followers of a “Messiah” – like YOU.

He then goes on:

He begins by clouding the issues about Frank Zeidler being the last Socialist Mayor of Milwaukee , Wisconsin . SO? What's his point? Of course he is correct that Zeidler was the LAST Socialist Mayor of Milwaukee ! Zeidler was Mayor from 1948-1960 . Of course , that is probably one of the reasons my late dad ( from the great State of Arkansas ) , picked our family up and moved us all to South Florida in 1956 , when I was three-years old

The point was that Democratic Socialists had been elected to office in the U.S. of A. long before Reaganites, Southern cellar dwellers and Johnny Reb sympathizers like you began complaining about them! In other words, a political base existed so there was nothing “un-American” about them! As for one of the reasons dad left Milwaukee, no – it wasn’t because of Zeidler (whose policies enabled him to secure a decent job and earnings to afford an apartment – that he’d never be able to get in the South (without help from the grandparents) as we soon learned. )

No, he left because he was no longer able to tolerate the snow and cold, which also affected his lungs (emphysema and pleurisy). He made the right move (for his health), but unfortunately it was to the wrong place, economically - for his particular skill set.

He scribbles on obviously bereft of memory:

where my dad , mom , and uncle found employment with good pay and benefits - NEVER to return up yonder!”

This is total horse pockey! (Apart from the fact he forgets the numerous summer vacations taken back 'up yonder') Mom worked at a parochial school, teaching assorted subjects (math, religion, social science) and arriving home each night with piles of papers to mark, for about $3100/ year. The one thing she did garner was decent health benefits (which served her later in retirement) and a small pension ($400/mo.) from the Diocese of Miami.

Meanwhile, dad was out of work more than he was employed. When he did work, the best jobs he could get were at Velda Dairy co. (driving a truck, making deliveries, painting the occasional signs), Pix shoes, Doral Country Club (landscaping) and much later, Jordan Marsh (sign work but the pressure got to him) - but more often than not reduced to doing the odd mural or painting ordinary signs for neighbors. No benefits, and certainly not like the ones he received while working at Schuster’s store in Milwaukee as an advertising sign artist.

All of this shows the inherent problems when one’s memory begins to slip as it does with this guy. In fact, it's a wonder he can even attempt to forge a coherent argument!

Not one to let the prospect of having his ass beaten again phase him, he continues:

Now , what's interesting is notice he uses the exact same words ( "social justice" ) that I used in my blog when stating that is the CHRISTIAN view ( cf. http://pastorstahl.blogspot.com/2011/03/socialism-atheism-and-genocide.html ) , as opposed to him writing , "We who are born here are to leave merely because we happen to see a better and more equitable economic way that is founded on higher values of SOCIALISM." See what I mean about Satan short-circuiting their pea brains and not allowing them to get on one side of the proverbial fence or the other?”

LOL! Can this bozo even read properly? Did he ever learn to, at the community college he went to? Note when I used the term “social justice” it had a specific meaning in context, but to summarize it means enabling an economic system that disallows:

- 1 in 5 children in poverty

- 1 in 6 children malnourished

- 23% of children homeless

Note that this need not require socialism, or even democratic socialism to replace this country’s capitalism, but merely a more equitable tax system (such as existed in the 50s and 60s) so that the richest 2% don’t control 80% of all wealth, while the lower 90% own barely 5% of it! (This is measured by what we call the 'Gini coefficient')

Social justice would start with a living wage as opposed to a minimum wage, and by living wage I mean one that would adequately provide for the necessities of a family (say of 4) in the particular community in which they live – so the bread winner doesn’t have to work three jobs, or both husband and wife don't have to work and then pay $1000 a month for child care.

As for socialism it does have higher innate values, because it nationalizes those societal resources most critical to a nation’s long term welfare, including its health. This is exactly why nations like Norway, Denmark and Canada have better health statistics than the U.S.: lower infant mortality, lower rates for calamitous health impacts – such as bankruptcies for receiving care, and better quality of life overall with less obesity, less diabetes, and so on.

Meanwhile, what does his “Christian answer” propose? Wading through all the gobbledegook (on his blog link)we find:

Further, it is God who gives a person skill at labor and the wealth that comes from it, not the government:”

Which is utter bullshit. God gives a person no such thing, else all those skilled men and women shown in the ’60 Minutes’ segment Sunday night would have easily been able to provide because they were all firm believers, who prayed every night. So why didn’t God answer them?
Instead, no one (HUMAN) wanted the skills they offered, and they were left to live in motels, if they could afford them, or rooming houses, and in all cases their kids complained of not being able to sleep because of their stomachs growling all night long.

So, didn’t God hear their pleas?

What we do know, as James Medoff and Andrew Harless (The Indebted Society) noted, is that when government tax policies provide revenue and a basis to encourage personal and business savings (as opposed to speculation in the equities markets) then JOBS do appear! NOT from the government per se, but as a result of job beneficial public policy.

As the authors found (p. 87) : "high tax rates are associated with higher productivity growth" There is a consistent and strong relationship. "

Meanwhile, we find under Reagan and the Senior Bush:(ibid.)

"In 1981, the year Reagan took office, the public debt was 26.5 % of the gross domestic product (GDP)....In 1993, the year that Bush left office, the public debt was a staggering 51.9 percent of the GDP."

Thus, the inception of those very "supply side" tax policies spawned the beginnings of the monster deficit we behold now. Trickle down" therefore doesn't work, because as Medoff and Harless note, in a tax cut environment, the wealthy don't create jobs- they plow more and more money into speculative ventures to enhance their own personal portfolios, such as hedge funds.

All social justice means in this context, is that tax cuts are tempered so that they can't gut the resources needed for basic domestic stability, including repairing infrastructure. (U.S. infrastructure now ranks 26th amongst advanced nations, which is near to dead last...a disgrace).

Thus, when Clinton came in, ca. 1992, and raised taxes even minimally (to 39.5% at the highest marginal rate) 20 million jobs were the result. When Bush came in, and severely cut taxes, a total loss of over 9 million jobs was the result, in addition to a wild climate of bond speculation that led directly to the financial collapse of 2008 and the Great recession.

Impervious to reason or humility, but drugged on hubris, he plods on:

In the next paragraph , he again rhetorically asks , "So why should We Democratic Socialists leave?" Here , he "jumps" back to the "other side of the fence" by NOW using the words "We Democratic Socialists." JEEZ! This guy does so much back-peddling that he puts old Bill "Slick Willie" Clinton to shame !”

Actually, I think this guy’s brain is no longer firing on all cylinders! No where did I ‘back peddle’ I simply processed the words of one of his blog header’s “Love the U.S. of A. or Leave it!’ which referred to Democratic Socialists, and then asked WHY? When this country is as much ours as rank capitalists. So, how is this the “other” side of the fence? It’s always been on one side!
When I said “we who are born here are to leave” I merely meant that ACCORDING TO HIM we are to leave! Not that WE actually wanted to! Again, the guy can’t read which maybe explains 90% of his problems.

Splatter Brain again:

He then goes on to write about my tongue-in-cheek depictions of Obama by stating ; "in Barbados he'd get five to ten at Glendairy for his depiction of Obama (or any black man) because it is RACIST." Well , uhhh..NO! my friend , it isn't "racist"!

Of course it’s racist! To refresh your lapsed memory of what qualifies as racist:

- Any time a black man is portrayed with huge lips eating chicken – that IS RACISM
- Any time the black man’s wife is portrayed in the same way – that IS RACISM!
- Any time a black man is portrayed as a witch doctor or with a bone through his nose THAT is RACISM!

- Any time a black man is portrayed with a rope around his neck THAT is RACISM!
- Any time a black man is portrayed as a gorilla or ape – THAT is RACISM!

The very fact he merely SHOWED the vile image and didn’t even make a vague or remote effort to justify it politically, shows it’s racist through and through and was INTENDED to be, and I know the Bajan authorities would agree.

More ass-wollop:

What's RACIST is what I posted in my previous blogs as referenced in this blog about : Margaret Sanger

Typical detestable right wing racist spin and puke about Sanger which I already demolished in an earlier blog:


Typical of his ‘can’t make up his mind who’s evil’ mentality he then quotes – get this – a MUSLIM blog by a guy named "Samir Shabazz". But wait, I thought this Florida joker believed ALL Muslims were hell bound and as “Satanic” as atheists! That their words weren't to be trusted because they were "diabolical"? So what’s he doing quoting a Muslim blog to attack Sanger? IS he that fucking desperate he can’t find a nice White Christian blog to denounce her? Oh wait, at least the white Christians probably have better sense than to go off half-whacked!

And I won’t even dignify the tripe Shabazz claims that is attributed to Sanger, which we already know was a smear job crafted by Anthony Comstock, legendary anti-porn crusader and anti-birth control pseudo-moralist. See:

The moron then goes off half-cocked, squawking:

that you so conveniently ignore because you and your ilk don't have the guts and are not man enough to denounce THEM!! WHY? Myself and my visitors are STILL waiting to see if you will !”

Er…no, bozo. I only conveniently ignore obvious and already disproven tripe, hogswill and trash. We don’t need "guts" to denounce it because we have the brains to recognize those aren’t her words but Anthony Comstock’s. But hey, maybe you can find another Muslim blog which denounces this Muslim’s blog! Heh, heh!

And lastly, he leaves the best for last as usual:

As for…. Barbados if I expressed the TRUTH via FREEDOM OF SPEECH , well , duhhh that's why I wouldn't NEVER go to ANY Socialist AND Communist totalitarian Country to even visit , much less live there ! You stated you lived there for over 20-years , yet you are NOW here ! Why? To denigrate the very Country that allows you domestic verbal terrorists to enjoy the very freedoms that you reject? “

Again, he displays his vast ignorance since Barbados (called “Little England” because of its English ways, retained even after its independence from Britain) is no more totalitarian than Canada! But this shows how much the little twerp knows: nothing. Then he expresses amazement that I am now “here” in the U.S. Of A. Well, hello, fuckwit, because it’s the country I was born in (have a birth certificate for, like you....dohh!) and of which I'm a citizen- and have as much a right to be here as YOU, dill-weed!

Denigrate? “Domestic Terrorist”? Take your meds, Mr. Reb-tard. I am entitled to exercise my rights to free speech and if it doesn’t agree or sit well with your idiotic notions, tough shit! Deal with it! Think I’d leave here and not pick on your miserable little Rebel ass any more? Think again! Even if I were in Barbados I’d do it. So, even if you could get me to leave, it wouldn't do you any good!

And last:

Read my lips here , and I'll even say it slowly this time :AMERICA - LOVE IT... OR LEAVE IT ON THE NEXT PLANE TO BARBADOS , IRAQ , NORTH KOREA , IRAN ETC..!!!”

Now read mine, and I’ll say it even slower: Bite my ass you traitorous Johny Reb- loving, tea bagging racist.. And take the Stars 'n Bars and shove it where the sun don't shine!


Caleb Shay said...

Wow! You really popped his bullshit! What a great takedown! I never knew Mikey (which is gotta be who this is about) is a Confederate backer but it makes sense. All the Bible Belt BS, and Tea Party junk.

Your recounting of your family history shows me you have it much more documented than he does or maybe he just doesn't care.

It is sad you have to have a brother that's such a total jackass. Sad that he uses his blog to trash people, family and issues he knows nothing about.

As for taking the rod of correction to his behind, I image that by now he won't be able to sit for a month!

Caleb Shay said...

You really nailed that brother of yours but good! Talk about a total demolition job! You not only applied a rod of correction, you did it so he won't sit for a month maybe.

But with a dope like him you'll never get anywhere. He has such a racist trash mentality that I sometimes wonder if taking him on is merely descending to his level.

Wait, no one could descend to that level....what am I thinking!