Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Inter-Blog Peace Agreement signed

Well, after months of internecine conflict between Pastor Mike's blog and my own, in which the content became increasingly personal and laced with invective and personal putdowns (including insulting images)- we decided to sign our own inter- blog "peace agreement". This agreement covers the past two months of blog-posted material and entails the following:

- no more photo-shopped or modified images posted on each other's blog, depicting the other in a disparaging, denigrating or disgusting way

- no more personal references or content that disparages the other

- no more use of friends' images to disparage or insult them via getting back at the other

To effect these a number of my past blog pieces have been deleted (as have Pastor Mike's) some of which would have had comments appended, and hence deleted with the articles. Thus, people who posted comments (such as "Secular Humanism") may well see nothing there now, but this was unavoidable. Comity trumps comments in this case!

In other cases, I will go back and re-edit some blogs I prefer not to just simply delete -such as the multi-part set on Quantum Mechanics. The re-editing will take the form of removing all references to my brother. He is doing the same on his blog.

These moves, it is to be understood, don't mean we will no longer be discussing religion, or unbelief or criticizing it- as that would be censorship. What we do vow in future, is to make such criticisms generic with no personal references therein.

Neither of us either, is claiming this is the basis of some new found friendship, but perhaps it is a "baby step" toward a more civil relationship between our blogs, and by extension between the two of us.

Who knows?

We will see!

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