Tuesday, February 25, 2020

OK, Dems, Let's Have No Circular Firing Squads In Tonight's Debate!

Well, tonight is the last Dem debate before the Super Tuesday contest next week and the question of the moment is whether the Democrats will again put on a circular firing squad. Effectively, they need to cease giving free propaganda and advertising material to the Repukes (RNC) and Trumpists.

In the Denver Post yesterday (p. 10A) we learned the moderates in the field are in a near frenzy, obsessed with trying to stop Bernie's march to the nomination.  They also praise their own modes of centrism and non-radicalism as the only way for the party to regain executive power. Interesting, yet if they sincerely believed that Sanders is the purported threat they claim - to the nation and the party - you'd think they'd know enough to apply game theory to the situation.  That would mean, as one Third Way Pooh- Bah (Jonathan Cowan) recently put it: "Consolidating support behind a single moderate candidate, and quickly.  By April it's too late."

But have they? Hell no!

If they did the basic math they'd see - from their respective numbers, percentages - they are continuing to divide their moderate vote thereby enabling Bernie to have a free ride (in one single lane) to the D-nomination.  So, as they whine about Bernie's alleged threats they really are doing nothing to stop him given they are not allowing any one centrist standard bearer to take over.  Each is too prideful and egoistic to bow out, especially the low rankers like Amy Klobuchar, to really enable a DNC-brand moderate to prevail. 

Tonight these losers could nearly torch any Dem chances to prevail in November if they all try to roast Sanders as expected (especially over his Castro comment,  forgetting all of Trump's reckless nonsense).  What else could they do,  take the high road and focus firepower on the REAL  threat, Trump?  Not bloody likely. They're all severely behind,  desperate and could be totally in the rear view mirror by next Wednesday. Yet by doing such torching they could well be destroying their own opportunities - say as a potential Sanders Veep pick  - as well as providing free ad fodder for the odious Trump campaign.

We also know the moderate antagonists will be egged on by a  corporate media that's doubled down on its attacks on Sanders, ever since his 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper on Sunday.  Therein, he made mention of Fidel Castro's literacy program in Cuba which helped nearly a million Cubans to read and write.  And they all went batshit nuts, as on CBS this morning- when Nora O'Donnell and Gayle King expressed horror (that in a CNN town meet) he even "doubled down" on the Castro comments.

They surely didn't read yesterday's WSJ op-ed by Terry Sullivan (p. A17) who noted this about Sanders:

"It's exactly his passionate willingness to defend the crazy things he says that draws broad support. If I had a dollar for every voter I'd heard say 'I don't agree with everything Donald Trump says but I like that he has the guts to say it' I could buy Trump Tower."

But make no mistake here, this is not to conflate Trump's 'crazy' statements e.g. 'I could shoot somebody on 5th Avenue and no one would care", and "Me and Kim Jong Un are in love"  with Bernie's.  Because Bernie's remarks at least embody more than a grain of sense, for example given that literacy is a good thing, even in Cuba.

So much of the media's game, while they typically go easy on Trump and treat him as just a showman or reality TV guy, is red baiting of Bernie.  As noted by blogger Paul Street, e.g.

Some examples given by Mr. Street from the above:"

"The Atlantic, recently gave space for the right-wing pundit David Frump to call Sanders a “Marxist of the old school of dialectical materialism” for whom “class relations are foundational” and “everything else is epiphenomenon.”

At ”liberal” broadcast media’s central Stop Sanders headquarters MSNBC (hereafter “MSDNC”), veteran political talk-show host Chris Matthews channeled Joe McCarthy before the New Hampshire Democratic Primary in a bizarre tirade linking the “socialist Sanders” to the supposed threat of “executions in Central Park” if “Castro and the Reds” had “won the Cold War.”

Last week, three days before the Nevada Caucus, MSDNC’s Stephanie Ruhle had on an old friend, former Diamond Resorts CEO Stephen Cloobeck, a major Democratic Party funder, to speak from Las Vegas. Asked about one of Ruhle’s favorite topics, the menace of “socialist Bernie Sanders,” Cloobeck called Sandersan anarchist” who “would love to burn down the United States”

No, folks, you can't make this shit up.  These are our "friends" in the so -called "Left bubble", supposedly the mirror image of FOX News.  And watch to see tonight how many of the losers will try to use these tropes against Bernie. And in the same process provide  tape for Trump campaign ads, and from the mouths of fellow Dems.

Pathetic.  But that's how the Dems often tend to roll, an uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. As in 2016 when I warned that Hillary picking Tim Kaine as VP would seal her fate and the party's,  e.g.

That sealed her fate, as well as the corporo-media's singular fixation on her emails.  In this cycle we have to expect they will do the same with Bernie's Castro remarks- putting in a false equivalence to all of Trump's batshit crazy twaddle, such as claiming we are "on top of the coronavirus"  pandemic.  Oh,  and "everything will be just fine".   Which  I want to see him repeat when the DOW is in the toilet by June, thanks to the COVID-19 spreading.  Mainly because Trump hasn't done dick shit to prepare the country for what's coming - even cutting CDC funding for pandemicss.

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