Thursday, February 13, 2020

As Trump Weaponizes The Presidency Citizens Must Be Ready To Weaponize The Elections Against Him!

Only a citizen living under a rock or inside a self-confected bubble (or FAUX News brain  silo) could be ignorant of how the orange pestilence Trump has become unbound since his acquittal in the Senate.  "Unbound" barely qualifies to describe how this cockroach has now seized on his top toady Bill Barr to desecrate the Justice Department in his specious service, and in the process defile the rule of law in leading us toward a fascist dictatorship. After all we are seeing Trump fellow criminals being treated with kid gloves as prosecutors and investigators into Trump criminal enterprises are being rendered the 'bad guys' subject to AG Barr's own scrutiny.

In what one pundit (former acting Solicitor General Walter Dellinger) has called "Seven Days In February", we've seen Trump fire Gordon Sondland  and both Vindman brothers (in a bid to make sure to "get the right one" - since they're twins) as well as now recruiting Barr to intervene to lessen a prison sentencing recommendation for Trump pal Roger Stone.   Which elicits the question of what the latter crook has on Dotard that another criminal (Paul Manafort) doesn't.  Also, why is Trump such a craven asswipe that he needs Barr to run  interference for him, instead of just pardoning Stone outright? 

Well, like the classic con man he wants to give the light sentence a touch of official flavor.  Meanwhile, Trump is now seeking to undermine the federal judge in the case, attempting to try to intimidate her as well. No, folks, there is no end to what this foul maggot will try to do in the wake of his bogus acquittal, and if you think this is bad just think of how really awful things will get if he is reelected.

Most pundits, ok - many, have described Trump's slamming and overturning of judicial norms as the most severe transgressions since Nixon dispatched then AG John Mitchell to carry out a political conspiracy for political ends. (NY Times today, p. 1A).   In this new series of assaults on an independent judiciary, we've already seen four career prosecutors handling the Stone case resign.  Not because they no longer believe Stone is guilty, but because the measure of Trump and toady Barr's judicial interference is intolerable - and they're unable to do much so long as a Trump toady like Barr heads the DOJ.

We also learn (Ibid.):

"To career prosecutors around the country, the Stone case raised new fears of what is to some. Until now, according to conversations with more than a dozen career lawyers in some of the 94 U.S. attorney's offices, they had watched other divisions in the Justice Department execute significant shifts in response to Mr. Trump while the work of prosecuting crimes was largely unaffected by the politics of the moment.  Now career prosecutors said they worried they might face more pressure."

   In other words,  as Trump has become unbound he's become even more unencumbered by established rules and norms - flouting  every judicial principle in the books against political interference. Feeling he's been "exonerated" - which he absolutely has not been-  indeed Rep. Eric Swallwell is now talking about new articles of impeachment (including for Barr) he's acting the part of a brazen third world dictator on a mix of coke and opioids.

It will also become unbelievably worse if this criminal puissant gets re-elected.  This is why all sane citizens must now band together to weaponize this 2020 election against the arch criminal in the White House.  What exactly do I mean by weaponize the election?  I mean each of the following must become cornerstones of the electorate in facing its decision on whether to entrust their future to this madman, Hitler wannabe and grifter, who will be on a rampage if he succeeds:

1) STOP being mesmerized by your 401(k) balance and using it as a litmus test as to whether to vote for Trump.  The nation and its laws, indeed the rule of law, is one million times more important than whatever the stock market is doing to boost or add to your  retirement accounts.  Hence, what the market is doing cannot be used or invoked as any reason to keep Trump in office.    I look on such a warped decision as akin to a homeowner whose upper floors are in tip top, fantastic condition - but whose basement is being engulfed in stachybotrys (black mold).  He is bedazzled by his upper floors so opts to keep the home while his very life quality is being destroyed by the black mold below.  In this case, the black mold is like Trump and keeping the mold-fested home is like keeping Trump in office.

2) STOP being rendered insensible and mindless by corporate scare stories about Bernie Sanders and "socialism" and be mindful enough to know and grasp that democratic socialism is not to be conflated with communism or Marxism - which many pundits as well as Trump's cabal will try to do.  IF Bernie is the eventual nominee then we all need to get behind him and support him - that goes for the "Bernie Bros" (already there),  the college-educated females, the non-college educated females, as well as all sentient and sane males - college educated or not.  That also includes oldsters, all African -Americans (who stand to lose the most under a new Trump term) and any voting age Millennial.

3) Whoever the nominee is, including billionaire Michael Bloomberg (still a long shot - though rising in the polls) we must get foursquare behind him, no stupid "purity"  tests, and no voting for any 3rd party candidate.  What is supremely applicable is getting rid of Trump so when crunch time cones we all must coalesce around that one Dem nominee, like him or not.

4) Women voters need to put the priority of a female president behind them.  If a female candidate does emerge and get the nomination, fine and dandy, but if not then they need to get behind the male nominee.   As one pundit put it, this doesn't mean a female president is forever unattainable, only that it remains for now "aspirational."

Getting rid of Trump must top everyone's list of priorities.  As for health care, Trump again - given his budget vows to dismantle all health care (including Medicaid - a huge basis for the ACA, and cutting $465 b from Medicare PROVIDERS),  that again clearly takes 2nd place to ending Trump's reign or terror.

Trump has weaponized his office of the presidency against us, now we the citizens must weaponize this next election against him- meaning getting his fat ass out once and for all!

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