Friday, June 29, 2018

Grandstanding Gowdy Needs To Just Shut The Hell Up - And Let Mueller Investigation Finish

"You all gotta either give us what yuh got or else!"

I told Janice less than a month ago that Trey Gowdy would soon become Trump's top attack dog and quisling again, rivaling Devin Nunes for that honor.  She retorted: "But he said barely a week ago there was no 'spygate' conspiracy as the other Reeps had believed, and the FBI acted with propriety! He also said the Mueller probe shouldn't be shut down!"

Yeah, well that was a while ago and before he took heat from Rush Limbaugh, the Foxites, and other far right media goons.  Now, yesterday, at the House Judiciary hearing grilling of Chris Wray and Rod Rosenstein, we saw the new, brash and bullying edition of grandstanding Gowdy - challenging the Deputy AG to either deliver the goods, or shut the Mueller investigation down.  This South Calinky Trump lackey's exact words?

There’s an old saying that justice delayed is justice denied. I think right now all of us are being denied.  Whatever you got — finish it the hell up, because this country is being torn apart.”

It's pretty choice that  Gowdy  is so exercised about the country  being  "torn apart"  when the GOP  and Trumpie fascists  are  doing  a damned  good job of that on  their own.   The Trump cabal via their  fascist  policies and the GOP for  defending them  and  the pro-  Russian  traitor  occupying  1600  Pennsylvania  Avenue.  So why the 180 degree change?  First, let's recognize the towering hypocrisy given this same goober spent years investigating Benghazi and wasting millions of taxpayer bucks in the process. In addition, some may recall it was during that grandstanding that he accidentally leaked the name of an intelligence source.  But Trey Gowdy obviously has no shame, or sense of irony.

Second, recall at the time of the Benghazi circus, Gowdy told The Washington Post he had "no qualms about how long the investigation dragged on"  because his job was to "report the facts".  Well, what the hell does he think Mueller has done with 4 guilty pleas and 19 indictments? 

The real reason Gowdy is doing his about face is that he knows he's leaving congress and has to make things right with the Radical Right given he is angling for a judicial post.  Having been roasted alive for his "no Spygate" comments, as I told Janice, he now has to go to the other end - and with the other Reepo quislings, order Rosenstein to "finish the investigation" (forgetting it is Mueller's to run, not Rod's) and threatening impeachment or other punishments if the Deputy AG doesn't deliver millions of pages more documents to these assholes.

As one legal specialist put it on CNN this morning, there is no legal basis for this at all, no legal teeth and it's mostly for "political show".  The most these Trump tools in the House will be able to get is a "contempt"  citation, like they did with then AG Eric Holder during Obama's  last term. This prompted blonde bimbo Poppy Harlow to respond: "Yes, a political show which is done on both sides."  Huh? Yet another babbling airhead, who likely thinks or believes the images and audio sounds of kids locked up in Trump's child detention centers ("tender age shelters")  were played by Dems as a "political show".  Which again proves my point that certain media niches, including the WaPo now, are finding it more and more difficult to cover this loathsome administration with a proper perspective.

Too many media nabobs now seem to have fallen to the same blind and shallow standards as Dan Henninger of the WSJ who wrote yesterday ('Teeing Off On Trump', p. A15):

"Psychologists will study for years how a candidate and now president  - whose substantive threat to 'our democracy'  consists mainly of unprecedented boorishness -  drove normally temperate people into a frenzy."

Seriously?  Unprecedented boorishness?  Fracturing families.  Locking toddlers up in cages.  Cheering on Nazis that ran over and killed a demonstrator in Charlottesville, Virginia last year. These qualify as mere "boorishness"?  Clearly, Henninger fails to see how noisome an op-ed writer he is to defend a traitor put into power by a hostile foreign power. Also one who is arguably at least partly responsible for the slaughter that occurred yesterday at the Annapolis Capital Gazette, given his incessant attacks on the press.  What fucking planet is Henninger living on? Surely not this one.   As I wrote in previous posts, anyone, any American,  not outraged at this ongoing political abomination is not paying attention. I will go further, and assert they don't merit being called Americans or citizens. They more qualify as passive zombies, with the moral percipience of slugs -- like Poppy Harlow.

Confirming his outlandish and deformed perspective Henninger actually had the nerve to write that while the "left" devolves into "frenzies that turn ugly when politics doesn't go their way", the Right  "mostly gets grouchy defining people out of conservatism."

Oh really?   Just grouchy?  Guess you conveniently forgot about all the assassination efforts at abortion clinics, e.g.

 As well as running down progressive protesters (like Heather D. Heyer)  with an automobile in Charlottesville last year, e.g.
Rescue workers assist people who were injured when a car drove through a group of people in Charlottesville.Some of the injured tended to after one of the racists rammed them with a car in Charlottesville, VA last August.

Yeah, the Right's minions are just "grouches" when things get testy in the political sphere.   But Henninger's PR piffle, and Poppy Harlow's "two sides" bunkum,  shows what happens when the moral compass of too many gets blunted and desensitized, for whatever reason.  This is what's happening now and the deluge of morally corrupt or despicable acts is not going to halt, certainly not until some form of political balance is restored and we emerge from being a one party state wherein separation of powers is rapidly vanishing.  As I told Janice, we need to toughen up and fight until the bitter end, whatever that might be. We cannot and must not devolve to mere weeping and gnashing of teeth over what this parade of foul vermin is doing to our nation and its reputation.

Gowdy's performance yesterday is but one example, and we can't expect the Right to stop their efforts to torpedo justice or attempt to blunt the moral perspectives of millions.   This is why - in terms of the House Judiciary hearings - it is well to bear in mind Rep. Jerrold  Nadler's words:

"What is really going on here is a bad-faith effort by the majority to interfere in an ongoing investigation."

Time will tell whether we are still a nation of laws and justice, or whether one narcissistic egomaniac can turn the country into his personal fascist fiefdom, to do with as he damned well pleases.

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"This week, in a 5-4 ruling of the conservative majority, the Supreme Court dealt a stinging, bigoted blow to justice and equality, ruling for President Donald Trump’s travel ban ― a ban that lower courts ruled unconstitutional by virtue of Trump’s repeated hateful and discriminatory statements against Muslims. A 5-4 anti-abortion ruling came the same day, one day after a ruling allowing racial gerrymandering of congressional districts. And then came Wednesday’s stunning attack on public sector labor unions, another 5-4 ruling.

As if all that isn’t horrifying enough, Justice Anthony Kennedy ― the swing vote on so many issues, including marriage equality and LGBTQ rights ― announced he is retiring, handing Trump the opportunity to put another hard-right justice on the court.

If you care about America and its future, your blood should be boiling."

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