Friday, June 15, 2018

Righties Need To Get A Grip On DoJ Inspector General Report - I.e. Comey Helped Trump, Not Hillary

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeupFormer FBI director James Comey testifies in front of the Senate intelligence committee Thursday in Washington.
"B-but I duz still believe Rudy, dat FBI and Comey tried to get da Donald! DOH!"

 The just released DOJ Inspector General's report has the Righties twisting themselves into knots along with their panties, as they react without common sense or any insight.  For those who need the proverbial synopsis of the 568 page report by the IG (Michael Horowitz) it was perhaps best done in a text from political journalist John Harwood:

"To sum up, the Justice Dept, Inspector General concluded that bias did not affect Clinton email investigation, that the FBI had PROPER reasons for declining to prosecute here and that the only improper actions influencing the 2015 election were actions that damaged Clinton, not Trump."

  The IG correctly pointed out that James Comey, by coming out barely 10 days before the general election to blab about Hillary's emails,  "operated as not only the FBI Director, but also as the Attorney General". In other words, Comey - in his hyper moralistic, Boy Scout fervor-   usurped the role  of then Attorney General Loretta Lynch.    This intervention almost certainly triggered a 2-3 percent turnout differential in key states, which could have tossed the electoral count to Trump - along with some strategic hacking in the key states.

SO why are the Foxites and Righties going hair -on -fire nuts, as they "shame themselves" - to use Joe Scarborough's words this morning-   in trying to turn it into a plot against Trump?  Well, because these traitor lovers always have to find grievance and ways to slam the Mueller investigation - or undermine it- as they protect their little North Korean General- saluting bastard misfit.

 I told Janice that when the news came over the transom yesterday evening, she could make book on the Righties finding some way to try and twist the IG  report in their favor, as poor little victims of an FBI plot to take down the Dotard. These pseudo-conspiracy mongers never let potential fodder go to waste. And so it was last night we saw the Trumpian vampire known as Rudy Giuliani perform on cue.  The Nosferatu  vampire eery look -alike. e.g.
Image result for Giuliani vampire
 barked and howled on FOX that former FBI agent Peter Strzok needs to "be locked up by the end of the week" and the Mueller probe needs to be halted.

And what, pray tell, was Strzock's crime? Well a text sent to his then girlfriend (and another agent) Lisa Page,  after she texted "Trump isn't going to become president, is he?"  And Strzock replied: "No, he isn't. We'll stop him."

Of course, anyone with sense or an IQ over room temperature digits knows that was just hollow bravado and boasting. Also, the agents' first amendment rights to political speech appear to have been forgotten or ignored (by both the IG and the FOXites. as well as Nosferatu Giuliani and Dotard).  The agents' "sin" was in using email belonging to the department not their own.  But as Jennifer Rubin pointed out last night: "They are allowed to have political views. They are allowed to discuss things with their friends."

 Besides, even the Inspector General found that Strzock's and Page's politically biased texts had absolutely no effect on the professional behavior of either agent.

Indeed,for the benefit of the conspiracy mongers,  the report plainly stated:

"We further found that in some instances Strzock and Page advocated for more aggressive investigative measures in the Midyear (Clinton) investigation,  such as the use of grand jury subpoenas and search warrants to obtain evidence."

Again, this was in connection with Hillary's emails, not  anything to do with Trump.  Hence, the only improper actions taken were those by Comey to discuss the Hillary Clinton  emails publicly.

Despite all this,  our commie-loving, Kim Jong Un - doting traitor resident went on Fox and Friends to insist the FBI was biased against him “at the top level” and was “plotting against my election”.

  Never mind the so-called "plot" - by two agents just blowing off steam (who actually wanted a more robust Clinton email investigation) -  actually catapulted a Russian stooge and traitor into power. A power now that we - real citizens- will have to fight with all our might to reclaim our Republic.  Until we do, I am certain my Revolutionary War ancestor Conrad Brumbaugh will be turning in his grave.

 "You is  a good pal, Donald! Now, I want you to salute my top General to show people you is my lap dog!
"I'm following orders from Mr. Kim, like I am from Mr. Putin, sir!"

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Darrin Rychlak said...

Every action taken by the FBI/DOJ, by republicans Comey and Mccabe, hurt Clinton and helped Trump, as you noted. Fanatics somehow see Trump as a victim. Comey should have been fired for torpedoing Clinton's chances. That was the original reason given by the DOJ until Cossack Don said he fired Comey for the Russher thing on National TV.

The icing certainly is the private email account of Comey. Which isn't a crime. Mishandling classified information requires 'gross negligence' for criminal culpability. That's why Clinton would never be charged by any prosecutor in the land...she showed a modicum of care in choosing a private server...that is not 'gross negligence.' Also, re the deleted personal emails of Clinton...personal emails are not subject to statutory review by Congress or anyone else. These right wing fanatics see conspiracies in their cornflakes.

Copernicus said...

Very good additional points made! I just wish the Righties were able to process them, but maybe that requires a higher collective IQ.