Friday, June 22, 2018

Melania's 'I Don't Care' Jacket Proves She's A Clueless Tool & Airhead - OR A Closet Trumpie

The First Lady wore the $39 green, hooded military jacket from Zara that read 'I really don't care, do u?' when she left for Texas and then returned to Washington on Thursday 
Airhead Melania with her crossed message, military style jacket leaving border visit. Or, maybe she just believes the 'fake news' trope like hubby Dotard.

"She could as well have come out and said, 'let them eat cake'" - guest commentator on CNN

Sometimes a jacket is just a jacket....but sometimes not. The 'not' factors in when one is attempting to convey a deeper message of compassion, empathy and sincere interest in the plight of besieged child refugees.   Say when a first lady is on public display and via a public optics visit to a child detention camp at the border.  IF one is sincerely invested in transmitting a message of care, then only the most debased moron or imbecile would deliberately don any kind of apparel that says "I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?"

The bejabber from her defenders, e.g. Stephanie Grisham - who chastised reporters that "there was no hidden message" and "it's just a jacket", doesn't prove diddly squat and falls flat.

If accepted it would mean Melania  - on a much publicized visit with 55  children at a detention center in Texas, trying to show her compassion and interest - really didn't give two shits about the crossed message  communicated by her jacket.   This despite her spokeswoman's declarations of "no message".

As Ruth Graham, writing on put it:

"It’s a jacket,” the spokeswoman said. “There was no hidden message.” This one little stupid moment in the midst of a humanitarian crisis somehow feels like the apotheosis of the “words don’t matter” presidency. Bragging about grabbing women’s genitals without permission? “It’s just words, folks. It’s just words,” Trump told us. “That was locker-room talk.”

His tweets? We’ve been told to ignore them. And now, the first lady wears a jacket emblazoned in huge letters with the words “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” and we are told we are foolish or disingenuous for reading and interpreting those words. Haven’t we learned by now? If someone tells you who they are, believe them. "        

This is spot on accurate and insightful, because words DO matter so Ms. Graham's take is more valuable than many mainstream  media takes of bemused indifference. As Lawrence O'Donnell put it on 'Last Word' last night:

"This was the least expensive ($39)  garment the first lady  has ever been seen wearing. And she had to know millions of people would be wondering what she was trying to communicate with he words written on her back 'I Really Don't Care, Do U?".  She's never been seen before wearing clothes with dialogue, a statement and a question.

And on a day designed to show how much she cares"

More to the point, O'Donnell pointed out that once back at Andrews AFB after the flight, and doubtless seeing the internet reaction, Melania put the jacket back on again, in self-evident defiance. Indeed, she wore it in 80 degree weather while returning to the White House with hubby. A good, submissive little wifey she is indeed!  OR - perhaps a closet Trumpie and foot soldier, committed to supporting hubby's evil acts. And let's face it,  neither image supports her photo op as a caring person. She and her assistant also had to know it would become "the most controversial garment any first lady in history had ever worn".

The (more generous) take on Melania, i.e. as a simple tool and bimbo, really the classic trophy wife (called "furniture" in the terrific sci fi movie 'Soylent Green') was at least partially  contradicted when hubby Dotard tweeted:

"I REALLY DON'T CARE DO U? written on the back of Melania's jacket, refers to the Fake News Media. Melania had learned how dishonest they are and she truly no longer cared".

Oh really?  Then she KNEW what she was doing, what the inherent message was and didn't care? So, she really  cared nothing about Rachel Maddow's breakdown on MSNBC the other night , believing it to be "fake news",
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while trying to report an AP story about child detention centers, called "tender age shelters" e.g.

Apart from the fact this tweeted outburst contradicted Melania's spokeswoman's claim there was no hidden message it showed Melania to be just as bad as hubby Trump if she accepted it.   Though perhaps in a more passive aggressive way -or as my newly minted Ph.D. in psychology niece Shayle put it. (I.e. "She really hates it but has to play along for her own sanity.")  Maybe, but maybe not, and perhaps she really loves it!

What about Melania's expressions of care, the specific words she imparted during her visit? Anything pithy, worthy of remembering? All she offered us was a standard platitude, more in the way of feel goo posturing:

"The children were eager to learn, and were kind and in good spirits."

Wow! Pithy plus!  How long did it take her to figure out how to say that?  For  sure, Prof. Michael Eric Dyson, author of the new book, 'What Truth Sounds Like'  wasn't having any of the balderdash peddled by Melania's dopey defenders. Responding  on 'Last Word', to Melania's words and O'Donnell's question "Is that what truth sounds like?":

"Not at all. It sounds like anesthesia. That sounds like addiction to forgetfulness. That sounds like trying to paper over a volcano of hurt and pain and trauma that these children are enduring. Can she imagine her own beloved son being subjected to forcible separation from his mother or his father.

This is the politics of un-empathy. This is the politics of denial of the humanity that binds us together. And to have such a statement emerging from a woman who we've come to expect - at least - to be sensitive to the needs of the vulnerable. This is a repudiation of every good instinct we might nurture in our own hearts when we think about our own children. And it's a devastating rejection of the common decency all of us should share."

And, hence, the wearing of that jacket multiplied the indecency effect a hundredfold.

The takeaway here? Even if we are generous enough to assert or insist Melania isn't a genuine 'fake news' Trumpie pushing the debased agenda of hubby Dotard, then she must be at least a tool and airhead - oblivious to public optics, indeed dismissive of them- and willing to carry 'water' for him.  Above all, she is no innocent player!

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Darrin Rychlak said...

It gets old fast, but always run the hypothetical of what would the demented right wing do if Obama or his family pulled the same stunt. We'd never hear the end of it. These moron believe that "You can keep your doctor" was a lie for the ages. It wasn't. The Cruz amendment and Republicon Governors denying federal assistance made it a reality. "Better healthcare coverage for everyone at a fraction of the cost of ObamaCare." Still waiting on that one.

"Grab them by the pussies"..."Mexicans are rapists"..."Muslims are terrorists"..."I don't know Putin"..."I have a great relationship with Putin"..."I have no business interests in Russia"....and on and on.

I believe the Mueller work product will implicate many people, a party, and party boosters. I also believe that history will repeat itself in a fashion and most of the crimes will be recorded in the Congressional record and nothing will be done...just like with the Business Plot against FDR. That was an attempted coup, this will be an accomplished coup (Trump 'won' with the help of Russia and the FBI...which he calls the Deep State in an adversarial manner to rope in the support of paranoid suckers).

What do you see happening with the Russia investigation?

With the facts we know, Trump JR conspired with the Russians to defraud the election ("I love it") and Trump's lawyers admitted that Trump himself crafted the adoption coverup story...that's aiding and abetting the conspiracy...Trump Sr. is a co-conspirator in that respect. Judging by the money laundering experts on Mueller's team, I'd say there are a lot of bank fraud charges to be made as well.