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WaPo Discredits Itself Comparing Refusal Of Dinner Service For Sarah Sanders To Right Wing Terror!

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"I didn't get me food and I am damn mad!"

It is a sad but true fact we live in unhinged times.  Civility has essentially gone the way of street cars and you can blame Trump for that. His shadow over the presidency casts a mean spirited, chaotic and tyrannical pall over the whole nation, all its institutions and is especially hard for those in civil society to tolerate, given the level of destruction.

At the heart of this destruction are not only Trump but his purveyors of hate as well as his lies.  That must include Sarah Huckleberry Sanders who has been no innocent in all this. Sanders, already rightfully roasted by comic Michelle Wolf, e.g.


is infamous in the circles of civil society for her flagrant lying to the public especially via White House press conferences  - which now rival Nazi Joseph Goebbels' propaganda screeds and rants.  This Trumpie harridan has also been called for incessant gaslighting. for fudging facts, and for refusing to address any of the administration's ongoing scandals (including, it should be noted, the investigation into whether the staff of the current president conspired with a foreign nation to commit a treasonous act).

So why show her any quarter? I am not saying she or her family ought to be harmed physically in any way, but they sure as hell can be protested against and as private interlopers  in the public sphere. This includes by a proprietor who is sick and tired of the ghastly D.C. spectacle and now has made a statement where protest interjects into the private lives of the Trumpie  trash.  That refers to Sanders and her brood denied dinner service by the proprietor of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, VA on Saturday.

That proprietor had the right to do that in exercise her first amendment franchise, and be damned any Trumpie fascists who want to take that away.  That includes the false erudites at the Post, who over think it all and end up chastising bad manners while our democracy circles the drain. In the words of smirkingchimp.com contributor Will Bunch:

"The editorial board of the Washington Post — the John Facenda-like voice of the corrupt and contented capital gang — is aghast that people who look like them and who went to the same elite universities might experience a moment of discomfort in an upscale dining establishment. In promoting its editorial, the Post described “incivility” as “a slippery slope.” But the only slippery slope that I see — and the only one that editorial writers truly should be worried about — is America’s current slide into a modern form of fascism."


Sadly, The Washington Post, after doing some stellar reporting on the Trump Imperium, has reverted to its Neoliberal roots in trying to place the Red Hen's treatment of Sanders on the same spectrum as right wing terror. Is this what we've come to? Has the level of Trumpian false equivalence insanity now reached into the fourth estate?  We suspected that one or more media might be suffering from numbness and outrage fatigue - as evidenced by recent calls for "more civility". Transl. Go easy on the Trump criminals, even if they're tearing everything down.

The WaPo's collapse to the Trump Fascists was evident in its editorial  "Let the Trump team eat in peace."  demanding an end to the ostracism of the little shit "mechanics" that inhabit Trumpdom - specifically the White House.  That includes all the key staff - like Sanders, Nazi swine Stephen Miller and DHS liar Kristjen Nielsen, who are all part of the Trumpie Imperium and intent on tearing down all constitutional protections. (Miller himself initiated the child separation tactics and for that merits special opprobrium and calling out, oh  and 24/7 harassment.)

The weepy Post bemoaned that "strong political feelings have spilled into what used to be considered the private sphere." 

Well, WTF do you idiots expect? Especially when there has been NOT a scintilla of effort in congress to check Trump's powers, or his transgressions? (See also the just released Supreme Court ruling upholding Trump's Muslim travel ban).  Will Bunch nails it again:

"People are shouting at government officials in Mexican restaurants because it’s the only way to get “you people” to listen — in an era when a majority of Congress can’t be bothered to pass a simple bill that would ban government agents from ripping toddlers out of their mothers’ arms, and when the editor of the New York Times seems to be less offended by a president who lies dozens of times than by his readers who can’t understand why his newspaper won’t call them “lies.

If there is NO hint of separation of powers, certainly from the GOP minions, did you really,  truly believe civil rage would not finally spill into the private sphere?  And I myself have four square been for protests carried out in front of the n'er do wells homes including those of proto -Nazi Stephen Miller  - who essentially formulated and pushed the odious zero tolerance policy.

Again, these protests are protected by the first amendment, including restaurant proprietors turning away those deemed moral cesspools who  - for whatever reason - follow Trump's abominations and commands.  It is also outrageous to compare refusal of service protests to right wing "terror" such as shooting and killing doctors and nurses at abortion clinics, as happened here in COS several years ago. Not to mention burning crosses on the lawns of African Americans, or hanging black dolls with small ropes in school lavatories to terrorize minority kids.  The same way the Trump Nazis were locking kids, toddlers into detention centers.

So I have to question whether the Post's editors have lost their minds if they are unable to see the differences. Or, maybe they have finally been numbed into submission by the incessant attacks on civil society by the Trumpies.  Talk about waving the proverbial white flag!

The WaPo editors also grumbled that "social media have blurred the line between work hours and private time." It pouted, in an odd little aside, how ubiquitous cellphone cameras "make it ever easier to intrude."

Sorry, Posties, but that's the way it is, and those same cameras you so self righteously deplore have also been key in exposing over the top cop behavior like shooting people in the back, and punching out young mothers on beaches.  But don't compare using a camera for first amendment protests to hanging black dolls in school rest rooms to terrify black kids, or killing abortion providers.

Meanwhile, as the overpaid pundits of the Post whine, piss and moan about a rightful action by the Red Hen Owner,  Trumpies  are allowed to parade around with rifles attached to their backs; and hang out racial hate signs, or portray their public hate via Nazi graffiti.e.g.
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Why isn't the Post taking issue with this extreme hate?   But evidently these transgressions warrant no editorial mention. Republican rallies continue to lead the assembled crowds in chants demanding Trump's one-time opponent be "locked up"—with no alleged crime is specified. The White House is also cribbing language from neo-Nazi theories of "invading" refugees, and is borrowing the language of dehumanization from those that advocate for ethnic cleansing. (Trump himself used the term "infestation"  sending more racist fodder to his base of numskull deplorables.)

Can the Post's resident editors not process that all this hate, this vile policy making - with so much attendant pain and grief-   is bound to elicit blowback in the sentient and morally "woke"?   But the Post's disgusting message is loud and clear: We are all to stand by, zip our lips and actions  if the architects of the horrific current  policies show up in our private businesses, We may not even refuse them service. Other patrons may not make their own displeasure known, either:

 For the enablers of human rights abuses, this is their down time. And the media weenies like The Post, and the mawkish Gayle King (on CBS Early Show) want to ensure it continues. The latter crying about Sanders' "terrible treatment" yesterday morning and then pissing and pouting again this a.m.  about "both sides" needing a lesson and "two wrongs don't make a right".. NO you stupid,  airhead moron ONE side - the fascists  - need the lesson!

Here's the message for these whining fascist miscreants like  Sarah Sanders, Stephen Miller, and Kirisjten Nielsen - who are not simply "political opponents" - like my neighbor down the road with his Trump Forever signs. No, they are the actual architects of Trump's despicable policies, helping to carry them out - like the S.S. helped Hitler carry out his.  All of these vermin working inside a loathsome cabal dedicated to destroying all democratic norms and values. Here is the message of Maxine Waters and others for them:

When you go outside your protective fascist bubble, you cannot expect continued anonymity or zero public focus or harassment. That includes rightful refusal of service, i.e.  like the Supreme Court allowed in the Masterpiece Cake case. Only that was based on religious justification, while the Red Hen refusal of dinner service is based on moral rejection of a hideous, inhuman regime.  If you don't fucking like it, then LEAVE the frigging cesspool.

And by the way, Rep. Maxine Waters is absolutely correct this is all Trump's doing!  Want the source of all the hideous incivility overtaking this nation? Look at the  2-legged, orange-hued pestilence infesting the White House!  See e,g.


See also:

We Have a Crisis of Democracy, Not Manners


A Washington Post editorial urged the protesters to think about the precedent they are setting. “How hard is it to imagine, for example, people who strongly believe that abortion is murder deciding that judges or other officials who protect abortion rights should not be able to live peaceably with their families?” it asked.

Of course, this is not hard to imagine at all, since abortion opponents have assassinated abortion providers in their homes and churches, firebombed their clinics and protested at their children’s schools. The Roman Catholic Church has shamed politicians who support abortion rights by denying them communion. The failure to acknowledge this history is a sign of the reflexive false balance that makes it hard for the mainstream media to grapple with the asymmetric extremism of the Republican Party...

Whether or not you think public shaming should be happening, it’s important to understand why it’s happening. It’s less a result of a breakdown in civility than a breakdown of democracy

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