Friday, December 11, 2015

Right Wing Terrorist Robert Lewis Dear Admits Guilt In Court: He's A "Warrior For Babies"

Robert Dear Jr. talks directly to Judge Gilbert Martinez during a court appearance December 09, 2015 where El Paso County prosecutors filed formal charges
Right Wing terrorist Robert Dear blurts out his guilt in court on Tuesday.

How stupid do you have to be to admit openly in court your guilt in shooting to death three Planned Parenthood clients? Pretty damned stupid! But that's exactly what Robert Lewis Dear did during his hearing on Tuesday at the court house  in Colorado Springs.

Less than four minutes into the hearing, Dear actually interrupted his public defender Daniel King. King, was part of the team that represented Aurora theater shooter James Holmes,  and cleverly did not acknowledge his current client's outbursts.  One can speculate why he didn't, but a good bet is he wanted to try to show his client was really a garden variety psycho and not a stone killer with full possession of his faculties. I ain't buying it, but that's me. If that is the strategy it might be a clever one, because as it turns out Dear will be checked for competency to stand  trial. And then, who knows?

"I am guilty, there's no trial. I am a warrior for the babies!" Dear shouted at King.

Looking again at his public defender, Dear screamed:

 "Do you know who this lawyer is? He's the lawyer for the Batman shooter that drugged him all up, and that's what they want to do to me."

Read that again. It may well be this character is not as stupid as he appears and there might be a method to his madness. What's next? Will he be spouting paranoid screeds about aliens from Tau Ceti implanting tiny transmitters in his teeth - what he has left?

Incredibly, as Chief District Court Judge Gilbert Martinez was issuing a gag order for law enforcement and attorneys, Dear accused defense attorneys of hiding the "truth." What is this "truth"?  Well, he bellowed loudly:

"The babies that were supposed to be aborted that day, could you add them to that list?"

In fact, this guy has a low I.Q. as well as nursing paranoid ideations. There are no "babies" that have had any harm come to them at the PP clinic.  Thus, it's clear his terrorist motive is bound up with the rhetoric used by assorted Reepos over the past two months regarding "baby parts"  - based on a bogus, edited video circulated by a bunch of minor Nazis.

At this juncture, two other assistant public defenders Kristen Nelson and Rosalie Roy,  leaned toward Dear during his outbursts. At one point, a sheriff's deputy had to place his hand on Dear's shoulder and calm him down.

It didn't do much good, as the fool resumed his outbursts:

"You'll never know what I saw in that clinic! The atrocities! That's what they want to seal! The babies!"

"Babies" again! Someone needs to educate him on the differences between fetal tissue and babies, but somehow I doubt it'd do any good.
Finally, King asked the judge to order prosecutors to promptly provide them with evidence so the defense team can "learn the depth of Mr. Dear's mental illness."

King told the judge, "I think the problem is obvious, Your Honor."

Because  Dear's trio of defense attorneys have "serious concerns about competency," King asked the judge to delay setting a preliminary hearing. During the preliminary hearing, prosecutors will present evidence they believe support the charges in the case.

Predictably, King said he was not confident that Dear was competent to make decisions about his rights. Neither prosecutors nor defense attorneys requested a competency evaluation on Wednesday.
But 4th Judicial District Attorney Dan May asked Martinez to move forward and either require Dear to waive his right to have a preliminary hearing in 35 days or set the hearing.

Some of us believe this is just a contrived dog and pony show to distract attention from the central issue of Dear's right wing terror assault and playing the fool to get off.

Frankly, this is an escapade that should not be lost on those who,  on the one hand, assert Lee Oswald had this enormous ego and "arrogance" to catapult himself to 'giant killer' in the Kennedy assassination, but on the other hand never once made any admission he did it. He always insisted he was a "patsy". If he had this sense of grandiosity why didn't he admit to the crime of the century?  Hell, even brag about it. At least with Dear we have a true "lone nut" but one who is guilty as all hell of the brutal crime he committed! He was on a real ego trip to "gain fame" as a perennial loser,  and he didn't shy away from the open admission even in court.

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